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Tabletop RPG's and the internet

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  • Tabletop RPG's and the internet

    I was wondering if anyone has some advice on tools and/or websites about hosting traditional rpg(aka D&D etc.) on the internet.

    It's been ten years since I've played a traditional rpg. I tried check all the stores I used to go to here in Orange County, California. I found out they all went out of business. I guess between Amazon, Card Games and Computer Games really killed em off.

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    I go to for my fix. They have pretty good online resources, too.
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      You could also try Myth-Weavers, the site that split itself from the above site. It has more neat features, but the community is rather small. I game at both sites, but prefer the latter.
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        Don't fret too much Stagecoach, there are a few of us left who prefer to get together and chum or game in person instead of sitting in front of a computer, which can be done most any old time. Sadly, finding the time, other players, or even an affordable and interesting game is indeed getting difficult.

        I've tried MUD, MOO, MMOG, Gamespy, Kali, etc myself.

        Also, I can't say I ever really enjoyed the actual p&p *games* so much as simply getting together with friends or casual acquaintences and sadistic GMs (rofl). And the miniatures are ever so costly hehe.

        Let's face it, how much actual gaming time was spent gaming instead of goofing off or spending two hours to make a character for a game you played once or that died ten minutes in? Or multiple times, ala Paranoia.

        But oh, the memories...

        Enough rambling though, to answer your question I would suggest taking a look at how MUDS & MOOS are structured. Something like that with some graphics thrown in are probably your best bet. According to some it isn't hard to code if you have basic knowledge of programming languages.

        Also, handy hex map maker;
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          My ideal "internet" pen and paper experience would be combining teamspeak or text chat, with a die roller, and the clincher for me...some sort of easy to use scribble mapping program(i.e. draw a box using the mouse to make a room to help out combat situations).

          Why I'm sad about the game shops closing in my area is that they were a good place to play a game with a bunch of folks. After a while(weeks), I would invite folks whom I thought weren't weirdos to my place to game. I meet a quite a few good people doing this and avoided a bunch of wackos. The problems is most of my players are now married and have children. Rightly so, they had to move on.


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            Well, you probably won't get that from myth-weavers. It's mainly post by post for people that don't have the free time to do sessions, from what I've seen. While the posts are of high quality, there are only about 2-3 posts per day from most people.
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              Thanks for the website Gondi, It was on hapstance that the webring from your site took me to an online resouce that had exactly what I wanted...actually two competing programs...have to decide which works better.



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                irc is a good place to do table top type RPG's

                i used to play AD&D on Undernet for a while. was fun. roll up a char. get into the game. the DM would have die and stuff you type in what you need
                2d4 or whathave you. and the bot would pop up 2d4 = 6 or something like that. there were other combinations you could do aswell. was good fun. cuz you could have your nick the name of your char and such


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                  I need to get a group to play something with. I don't even care what. Just something.
                  Awesome book!


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                    move to Texas, I need more players to tormen.... err.... run games for, yeah!


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                      LOL Brean! If you've read my "gonna cry" post, you know that the only place I'll be moving to is Florida.
                      Awesome book!