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Gone is the ending cutsceen?

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  • Gone is the ending cutsceen?

    is it just me or have I noticed an alarming trend, ninty nine nights, splintercell double agent, dark messiah of might and magic, and many other games I have picked up lack something I love. After hours on hours of game play I liked to be treated to an ending cutsceen that in someway summed up my adventure and made me feel like I did something. Lately games have started to go to either no ending sceen or some short 30 second one that leaves the ending so open you would think they wanted you to write your own story about what happened. I guess I am just old fashioned and miss rpgs I understood because I really do miss my 2 minute or more final cinamatic.
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    I figure it is all about money. If they have a closed ending and the game is a hit, they can't make a second one without people going, "What the hell I thought this ended, this is retarded"


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      I too am a fan of the ending scene, and hope to see more in the future.
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        It also depends on the game and how the cut scene is rendered. For me, I like to see developers take the time to do the cutscenes in the actual game engine, as opposed to packaging them up seperately and playing an avi.

        And it doesn't just apply to the ending, I enjoy it if they can be worked in throughout the game at key plot points.

        The catch is, I wonder if they've done studies on how many people skip all the cutscenes, and that's why we see less games that have them?

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          Xenosaga episode 3 had over a 30 minute ending cutscene. It was impressive.

          But I agree, most games are lacking in the cutcene department. (Working on FF 12 now, so who knows how it will be)
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            30 minutes, huh?

            The longest one I was witness to was the end of Homeworld. Having an ending cut scene makes you feel like you've just watched a movie, which is a good thing to me.

            I can see why they would not have one. Its extra work for a part of the game that will not be seen but maybe once.
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              Titan Quest has not ending cut scene (I've beaten it twice now), I was pretty disappointed. There was a five minute (or so) opening scene that was really nice. I agree completely with the OP, it is very anti-climatic and sorely missed. I'd trade the opening sequence for an ending one any day.


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                I also prefer opening and ending cut scenes. Whether they use the ingame engine or something other more "pretty" is fine with me. Gives you a sense of wrap up. I recall Vampire, and you fight and fight, and there are some in game cut scenes, and when you kill the final boss... it takes 5 seconds and the game was over.. credits.. I was kind of.. um.. At least if you want me to glance at the credits maybe put them to the side of the ending..
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                  I'm a big fan of cut scenes, where appropriate.

                  I've been known to watch cutscenes I've watched before just because I thought they lent a lot of atmosphere to the game in question.

                  I'd be really disappointed if I got to the end of a game that had scenes at the beginning and/or middle, then the end was just credits.

                  .... of course, I'd have to actually manage to finish a game in the first place, but that's a different story...

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                    FEAR had one of the best endings in a game that I've seen in months. Not only do you have to watch the ending, but after the end of the credits - you get a bit more.

                    I totally agree with you tho; I was REALLY pissed off at the ending of KOTOR2 - and a lot of game companies have gone down hill from there with thier endings.

                    Playing NWN2 right now; if they (Obsidian) did it again with the ending (like they did (didn't do?) with the end of KOTOR2) - I'm gonna be pissed.


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                      I can understand it in some games that are designed to be open sandboxes with plot campaigns (like Grand Theft Auto) but last I checked those games listed by the OP were not sandbox games...

                      Yea it really annoys me not to have an ending, lets hope I do get an ending once I finish up FF12...


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                        I have to tell you... my biggest gaming disapointment EVER is from playing the old NES version of Rampage. I spent hours on this game with no save feature what so ever taking down state after state from the big map. Some of them twice. What did I get when I finally finished the game? "Congratulations". That was it. It sucked then... and.. it still does now.

                        I myself always load up a game, and let all the splash screens, movies, and intros play the first time. I also always watch all the way to the end of the credits.. so.. yes... I love it when game makers put something fitting at the end. They don't always have to, but if it fits.. they certainly should.
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                          Jade favorite game of all time...suffers from this.
                          Granted with all the factors going into each 'ending' (the text at the very end, after you either kill the final boss and bestow goodness, or murder him and take your seat as Supreme Overgod of All that is Uber) i can sort of understand.
                          Watching Sky become the next Death's Hand or Death's Hand 'evolving' would have been cool though...