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Are you SURE you want to play Freebird? (11/8)

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  • Are you SURE you want to play Freebird? (11/8)

    For those of you that have encored the "Face-Melters" set at Stonehenge, know what this comic is all about.

    For everyone else... the following is littered with spoilers.
    Read at your own risk.


    One of the new additions to Guitar Hero is the crowd request for an encore when you've successfully completed a set. During the encore something special always happens on stage. So, when I tore through Hangar 18 in the Face-Melters set, I knew something special was coming, I was playing in Stonehenge after all.

    I knew what song was coming; I'd seen it on the Guitar Hero website. And, I couldn't resist a laugh as the game asked me over and over again if I was sure I wanted to play on. When I clicked yes the final time the cutscene started. From the heavens came a UFO. Apparently they wanted the hear Freebird too. (Thus the comic.)

    I have to say, I'm really enjoying Guitar Hero II. More than I thought I would, which is saying a LOT. I played until my fingers hurt... then Taks got home, and we played Co-Op until I couldn't feel my fingers at all. I had been playing the game so long that when I looked away from the TV, everything in the living room seemed to "levitate". (Not a new effect, I've done that more than once on Guitar Hero I.)

    Sure some of the vocalists are terrible. But the songs are fun to play none the less. I'll have to play through a few more times before I can tell you guys what my favorite solo song is. But, without question, my favorite co-op song is Thunder Horse from Adult Swim faux-band Deathlok. The lead and rythm sections just seem to cater to Taks and my preferred playing styles respectively.

    In short, I love this game. Now, if The Ant Commandos follow up my suggestion for how to handle Star Power... it will be even better. **crosses fingers**

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    Play it pretty for Atlanta!!


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      Hey aliens like music too!

      Very cool Woody! If I ever decide to invest in a gaming system outside my computer again, I'll have to give Guitar Hero a try.
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          As someone said on yesterday's's hoping for Stairway to Heaven in GH3!! :-)

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            That Stonehenge venue is pretty cool. I too was very excited to play freebird for the obvious reason. Though I'm not a great GH player I did manage to beat it on hard. And even though it started to sound more like morse code (sp?) during one of the 100 solo sections, it was worth it. I must say that Misirlou is probably my favorite song to play. I always like to play instrumentals

            Spoiler - I like when the drummer POOFs at the end of the first encore
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              Currently, my favorite song is Rock this Town, by Stray Cats... it's just really fun to play! I also just love the little sound effects when the cars move around on the map between venues. "Vrroooom... Screech!" Hehe...


              My favorite part was the drummer exploding at the end of Spinal Tap's song.
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                Gratz to Woody for having the dedication to turn out a cartoon today, even with all the finger/hand/wrist/arm pain I'm sure he's enduring today.


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                  I loved Guitar Hero 1, however it didnt love me. Thats not to say it isnt a great game because it is. I cant wait to get GH2. BTW what do you guys think of FFXII?


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                    I can almost hear the little buggers...

                    "ET phone home? Screw that, I want Freebird!"
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                      An alien cheering gives funny a new meaning.


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                        Wow a UFO, wouldn't have expected that to happen lol.


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                          I don't know about Stairway to Heaven. I grew up in L.A. during the hair band time. I remember all the local music stores having a sign up that said "salesperson reserves the right to shoot you if you play Stairway to have been warned". I don't think they were kidding either..they usually hung a shotgun over the sign.

                          Having said that, if I was ever tempted to sink some money into a console, this would be the one. I was a major headbanger in my day, and this game appeals to the unfullfilled part of me that never got to be on stage.

                          hmm...I wonder where I put my Zepplin cd.


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                            I was 20 minutes late returning to work at lunch, from coming home just to play Guitar Hero II.




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                              The comic was great. You two are making me want to try this game.
                              I have nothing useful to say, really.