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  • Vanguard Release Date Set

    This just in

    January 30, 2007, Vanguard: SoH will be released!

    I had, until today, resisted the hype. but for some reason decided to look at some of the FAQs on Vanguard, and found this official press release. Downloaded a movie from E3 and now I can't wait!
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    yaaa about that

    Before you get all hyped up over it...take a look at beta testers have been saying about it or try out beta 5 of it.

    What people were paid to show/see and what beta testers are seeing as a product aren't jiving. Perhaps in a year of subcriptions after it's release they'll have enough money/time to finish Brad's Vision.


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      Yeah. Lots of the things promised in the FAQ (like player-crafted boats or an engaging combat system) simply aren't there. And some of the things which are there (Fellowships) were added as recently as last week and are still quite buggy and unreliable. The servers are also quite unstable.

      If you can get into the Open Beta right now, give it a shot and see if it's your cup of tea, but don't buy into the hype - Vanguard does not live up to its hype by any stretch. Give it a few months, then it might meet expectations.


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        See ya in the game.

        For those of you still not sure what class to play here's some class data I collected.

        Most Popular Class: Ranger
        Least Popular Class: Disciple

        Most Popular Defensive Tank: Warrior
        Most Popular Offensive Tank: Ranger
        Most Popular Healer: Cleric
        Most Popular Caster: Necromancer

        07.8% Warrior
        04.4% Paladin
        07.5% Dread Knight

        06.4% Rogue
        11.5% Ranger
        07.0% Bard
        07.0% Monk

        06.0% Shaman
        07.0% Cleric
        05.8% Blood Mage
        02.4% Disciple

        08.2% Necromancer
        06.9% Sorcerer
        06.1% Druid
        05.0% Psionicist
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          Hehehe, I'm actually planning on playing the Disciple class. Not sure why, I just like the write up on it. As for the hype, well, it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but thats for each and everyone to try on their own.

          I'll be there loaded to bear from the 27th on. I'm going to love that 3-day advance access (preorder users) just so I can explore without tripping over everyone. Hopefully, I'll still be playing the game six months from now but that's up to Brad and the gang to make sure they live up to their end of the bargain.


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            Won't be long now. I'm going to try a cleric on release.


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              Most Popular Class: Ranger
              Wasn't that Brad's calss from EQ as well?

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                Yup. They're pretty fun in Vanguard, though a lot of people are annoyed that they changed bows to instant shot attacks instead of a draw/aim/fire method. They're really nice DPS and have some good utility as well.


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                  I am trying all healer classes until level 15 because I want to write a Beginner's Healer Guide. But I really like disciple, I think I will try one at launch. My second option is shaman.

                  I too tryed almost all classes, at least to level 3. The only classes I don't saw were psionist and rogue. Ranger is popular because it is a very good dps class, dual wield weapons, and ranger have all that ranged special attacks (yes, ranger is an archer...). Rangers don't have problems soloing at the first 10 levels.

                  The races I am thinking to play at launch are raki, goblin or orc. No humans for me. Dark elf can be an option, but after beta 3 I don't want see Qalia for a long time, too much sand there and no rain. Wood elf too can be an option, because I like wood elf tree city. But if I can play raki I can go see the tree city, so why play a wood elf.

                  But problably I will go deep at diplomacy, so I don't think I will go up levels as disciple. Remember, diplomacy rules!
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                    Well, after a bit of effort I finally got Vanguard to install. Did the digital preorder.. That way I can do the beta, plus get in 3 days early if I still like it. From all I have seen and read, it does appear to be somethign i would enjoy.

                    I looked at many of the comments the Beta Testers were saying. It seems its a love it or hate it game for sure. Many of the people that love it stated some of the same things I did about other games, espically WoW. So I am hoping I fall into the love it catagory. Hell I stuck with SWG forever because I loved a few features of the game. (Features that VG seems to have improved on)
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                      Have been in the beta since Beta 2 and will only say I hope you enjoy it my friend. I won't be playing and won't go into details here. You can find out for yourself on your own dime why so many testers have left including ones that were very "uber" for lack of a better word.


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                        "Uber" means different things to different people. It doesn't necessarily mean that someone likes slower or faster play, it tends to refer to people that are versatile in their ability to min-max an environment to the nth degree.

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                          So Far I have just preordered.. and that didnt cost me a dime.. so I will figure it out on their dime so to speak.. will say that I started a goblin warrior at lunch today and man i loved i realize im not even out of the newbie start area yet, but so far so good..

                          From what I hear, and from my experience. Games change alot from beta 2 and open beta. And Vanguard is no different.
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                            Reading about/watching gameplay movies is one thing, seeing it first hand is another.

                            I do agree with others that VG will be for it's own niche. Some people will love it, some people will hate it...for it's gameplay concepts. Others will hate it/love it for other reasons. I like the gameplay concepts, slower leveling than WoW is well desired to me. Some of those things that I won't mention are the reasons I won't be seeing you in game.

                            Brad's vision of the game I do like, but IMHO VG isn't yet what his vision is. Alot may change in the time between now and the 30th...but I'm putting my money on that it'll be more along the lines of complete come the end of this year. "Complete" meaning of what was originally touted. I would have been happier if it had stayed in beta for a few more months until all was ready to release in it's full glorey.

                            Money finite.


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                              And atleast they are being honest about it... First MMO so far that I have seen release, actually say.. hey we have to do it now, the finances are getting tight.

                              Currently I am not playing an MMO, so its not like I am switching. I got way to bored with WOW, went Back to EQ1 and was still too bored there as well. Even tried the D&DO open beta.. but that game didnt even make sense to me. Some how I managed to create a caster, that would never have mana to cast spells. I logged in once, and never logged it in again. So my prespective will be a bit skewed in favor of this game, even if its not what was promised. Which is what did originally made me start looking at it.

                              Theres only one deal breaker in whether I play it or not.. and that is if my wifes machine won't play it well enough to her taste.. I will have to cancel both preorders. Cause if mama ain't playin, ain't nobody playin'
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