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A can of worms I probably shouldn't open. (1/11)

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  • A can of worms I probably shouldn't open. (1/11)

    Left Behind is a Christian-themed RTS for the PC based on the novels (of the same name) authored by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. In recent months, the game has come under fire from several organizations, both Christian and Islamic, for "promoting intolerance and violence against different faiths". Despite the discourse, the game's publisher, Left Behind Games, recently released a statement noting the "accolades" they'd received from "a large coalition of church and ministry leaders" and the "numerous ministries" that have "endorsed" the game.
    Source: Gamespot [ more info ]
    If there is a God, I realize that it's most likely blasphemous for me, of all people, to put words in His mouth. But the way I see it, if he could voice his non-association with a religously themed game, he would likely do so via the vocal outcry of religious leaders, groups, organizations, individuals, etc. I just drew a more direct line.

    To be clear: the intention of the comic is not to show God disassociating Himself from the game because of it's religious direction or violence, but rather because it is, by all accounts, a terrible game.

    Go gently with the hate mail please.

    Please Note:
    Left Behind Games' CEO, Troy Lyndon, has not directly thanked any of the "numerous ministries" or God. And, the quote in the first bubble is actually from one of the co-authors (Tim LaHaye). But, I wanted to put a face on the comic more directly associated with the game.

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    Oh my, a Left Behind game great I do agree with you though Woody that I think God would probably disallow affiliation with its creation. Btw, is the lead played by Kirk Cameron? >.>


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      Meh i figure if god is eternal he'd have smited you by now for it or he probably won't get around to it what with infinity and all. BEsides you've done so much good making people laugh and all that.

      I'll be intrested to see how many marches we get and protests blah blah blah and they always do in lovly rainy and very windy today UK.

      Syill great work woody love the work as alwsy and pritty sure one of the peanuts came back out through my nose laughing at the idea of the heavenly voice coming down on this one.


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        I still want the religious fighting game. Just imagine the fatalities.



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          I expected God saying "I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!" was an implication that the game was lousy :-)


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            "You just winged him. Now he's a Unitarian." - Rod & Todd Flanders, 'The Simpsons'

            So, if we get Jack Thompson to go after these folks, any chance they'll both vanish in a puff of logic and make the world a better place for all?
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              LOL! Good one, Woody.

              I personally believe that there has been enough fighting in the real world "in the name of God" to make God sick over it Himself, but I don't think a video game can be blamed for this one, no matter how much the anti-gaming arm of the community tries...

              LOL what am I saying? People never want to take responsibility for their own prejudices...
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                I was highly amused

                God probably wouldn't have anything to do with any video games as I see it..
                but then, of course, Noah's Arch was probably just a beta for "Destroy all Humans"


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                  Hopefully I'm owning my prejudices here. Though it might not be exactly clear from reading the writeup, the intention of the comic is that God is disassociating himself from the game, not for any religious reason, but because the game is, from all accounts, terrible.


                  And please, let's not make this an overly religious-based discussion. Unfortunately, those tend to end badly here.


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                    A repeated theme / saying from entertainers anyways. 'I'd also finally like to Thank God for helping me' Which could also why other religions dislike the "western" culture so.


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                      Hmmm, it's about time the christians enterd the playing field... I mean it's all been led by an ungodly league of gamemakers like ID Software and such!!! Finally a company that makes games that shows the true nature of God and his creation... (sorry for the sarcasm folks, it's not all bad, as it seems...)

                      No, honestly, I think its nice that someone on the other end finally puts out something instead of complaing about everyone else... Now they can see how hard it is to actually release a game... How much flak they can muster... And it seems someone has found "ye-ol'-flak-cannon" and started pumping shots already...

                      I have only one thing to say and that is: Good luck... and gods speed!
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                        Originally posted by Vuther
                        I would of expected God saying "I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!" was an implication that the game was lousy :/

                        Follow woody's link to the gamespot article and check out the screenshots.


                        Im pretty sure it does suck.


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                          Just who is one supposed to thank if they don't want to look like total jerks by taking all the credit themselves? I mean, besides all the developers and other sundry underlings who should never be given credit for anything...ever.


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                            Originally posted by Woody
                            ...Christian and Islamic, for "promoting intolerance and violence against different faiths"...
                            Not to be cynical(ok, that is a lie), but this seems to be a religious community that has been silent until now, most vocal western religious people tend to think very lowly of anyone who isn't a part of their religion and end up being a bit intolerant, but maybe that is just me and how I view anyone with an opinion.
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                              How do you know that god did not use you to get his true message out.