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Not a threat so much as a promise. (1/17)

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  • Not a threat so much as a promise. (1/17)

    It would seem that Neversoft Entertainment, the company responsible for Gun and Tony Hawk's Project 8, has been handed the reigns to Guitar Hero III.
    Source: Game Daily Biz [ more info ]
    The article, cited as source, seems to indicate that the reporter is unclear as to why why Red Octane would move development duties from Harmonix to Neversoft. It's unclear to me how the reporter could miss the obvious, Neversoft is owned by Activision. And with Activision's proclaimations that they would basically milk Guitar Hero for all it's worth, it should come as no suprise that they would use a developer they own rather than having to pay the staff at a studio they do not.

    Me? I'm concerned. I do realize that Neversoft has some experience creating reasonably successful games. But, this is Guitar Hero, one of the most popular franchises in the last few years. It has a proven formula for success. A new developer, trying to use a popular title to lauch their dev house out of the quagmire of video game "standard fare", is unlikely to leave well enough alone.

    So yeah, nothing personal folks at Neversoft; but, don't screw up on this one huh? We just want new songs maybe a couple of fun new twists in the form of rocker-esque features. It's just a shame we'll be losing Harmonix's database of musical talent.

    Example Illustration

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    Threats from the get-go always get the point across.

    Can't hurt, right Woody?


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      let's hope =)
      Boris Poletaev


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        Ive only played the game a few times at my friends. But it has gotten me hooked.

        Heres a question: When was the last time a hot tittle game changed companys. An became better for it? An vice versa.

        None really come to mind right now. But I would be fearing what will happen to GHIII...

        Edit: lol, just saw the little scetch. An it got me to thinkin a little...

        Price of Failure

        Always enjoy scetching others posibel demise....though it got me in trouble once in high school lol.


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          Warhammer Online


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            I'm definitely afraid. When it comes to something like this, change is a very *bad* thing. I can only pray that they stick with the formula.


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              Another possibility that I didn't mention for the sake of brevity and to limit my own subconcious directive to follow tangents... is that ActiVision may not be handing over the reigns entirely. They could be splitting duties between Harmonix and Neversoft. This particular scenario seems highly unlikely to me. But it is a possibility, and doesn't change the "promise".

              If this possibility proves to be true, I blame GameDaily for not providing a detailed enough piece of news.
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                I wonder what Woody would do if they screwed it up? :-)


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                  Please see the "example illustration" link at the bottom of the writeup.


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                    i wonder how hard it would be to code up a version of this to work on any song from PC just load up an mp3 you own sample it run it with your controller ...... *runs to the patent office*


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                      I'm a bad person to comment, as I've never played any of the Guitar Hero games, its not really my thing, but from what I hear, playing this game does not remotely, in any fashion, qualify you to play an actual guitar. Because of this fact, transferring an MP3 to this platform would be impossible, because it couldn't possibly understand how to simplify the notes and simulate the rhythm.

                      I did get into the Dance, Dance Revolution craze a while back, and I can definitely see that it wouldn't be possible to do that by importing music. You can't associate a certain beat with a certain movement, its all situational for the game.


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                        If transferring songs directly from an MP3 to a PC version of the game was next to impossible, it would not be because of any relationship to playing an actual guitar.

                        If the application could interpret songs well enough to determine tempo, specific notes, and their relevance in a song's note progression, it is feasible that a predetermined database of note to button combinations be used to dynamically translate the imported music. The issue is getting a reasonable interpretation of the mp3 music.

                        Being that there are tone evaluating videogames, and programs for the PC that can interpret a persons singing to help them learn to sing better, I don't see it as a complete impossibility.


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                          A grand idea!

                          Once such a thing is available there is no more in order to milk this product such a thing will not come from the GH line of games I'd wager.


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                            Aaaaaaaaaaaaah the fear of pain is infinitely worse than pain itself!

                            The imagination can do so many wonderful things to those forced to wait and wonder at the depths that await them should they take a false step... *snicker* MUAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA!!!
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                              Originally posted by Woody
                              What, just that? You know, after seeing how creative Woody is I would expect something a little more... imaginative. Like ripping out the guts of the guys at Neversoft and use it to strangle them!

                              Or maybe it's not such a matter of Woody lacking creativity, but rather that I'm just a sadistic psychopath. Yeah, I guess that's the latter…
                              Blame violence on video games? What are you, stupid?!