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How does he have EVERYONE's mailing address? (1/30)

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  • How does he have EVERYONE's mailing address? (1/30)

    I don't want to revisit yesterday's thread because the things I was accused of still make me angry. And quite frankly you should know me and the comic well enough to realize that this comic was coming. I won't say anymore about the issue because I'm likely to break my own forum rules. And we wouldn't want me to suspend my own account. I will instead jump right into answering the innevitable questions.


    I have no idea how Ted knows all the people he does. Venturing guesses only leads to more questions. So why would the Pope sign the letter "Bingo"? The way I figure it, it's his game handle. Saying Pope Benedict XVI over XBox Live would be tough so it would likely be shortened to B16. And clever gamers would most likely take it one step farther.

    I have to say, if the Pope was ever a gamer, it'd probably be an incredibly entertaining game session: blessing the controller, throwing holy water at the screen, making bets that if he loses he'll eat his hat. You know... the usual. And that notion lead me to ask myself: if you could pick one famous individual to play video games with who would it be and what game? This is tough for me because there are so many famous people I'd like to meet. In the end I decided that I'd play Sir Ian McKellan in any kind of racing game. That way every time he fended me off from getting in front of him he could shout "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

    The coffers of my geekdom would be immediately filled, and I could die happy.

    Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing a "Pet Octopus" shirt from Threadless.Com

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    I think I'd like to play some games with the developers of those games. I don't know if that qualifies as famous, I guess it depends on the developer. And mostly so I could see if a complete knowledge of every aspect of the game gives you any kind of advantage when playing, or if you need mad skillz.


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      Whoa . . . Ted must have an address book the size of the DAOC Epic Edition Prima guide.

      "All the world is a song. Too bad I can't sing."


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        The Pope plays Mario Kart? 8O

        Scandal !
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          Wow, Ted just beat another limit of my "unexpectancy" levels.

          Have the people from Guiness book called him already? Or are they also on Ted's address book, under a "don't call me, I'll call you" policy?
          Blame violence on video games? What are you, stupid?!


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            I think I would have to play Toejam and Earl with the 3 stooges. If I had the choice.


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              Wouldn't it be easier to call him Papa B?
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                I dunno, PapaB is 3 syllables. Bingo is only 2. Not speaking for anyone else, but of the two options, I'd likely pick Bingo myself. It's more unexpected. Though... I'm probably biased since I called him that in the first place.


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                  Nice one Woody (thou shall not pass..) The write up was classic.

                  Oh the whole pope thing..I think everyone should try something before they pass judgement. So lets send hima Wii

                  and as for me.. I got into MMORPG because of an artical about Doug Glanville being ticked at Curt Schilling, cause he was training him in EQ. Wow long time ago. I would like to play (I assume a version of Poker with Kate Beckensdale or Kelly Brook doesn't count) so.. um... a shoot up game with ANULD.. maybe he can get one liners and of course, he would also have invincability on.
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                    I could picture the Pope playing Mario DDR. Now that brings a funny visual to mind.


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                      As to whom I would love to play a game with. Wow..... Ted would deffinately be the top of my list, with hopes that he kept his pants on...


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                        I'm a bit amazed at how fast Trans-Atlantic mail has gotten for the reply to have gotten to Ted by the next day.

                        Hmm, the iPhone's gonna have 4Gigs... Ted may need 2 to keep his address books in it.

                        PS: Bingo's a good handle, but to be specific, B-16 is not a valid Bingo number; the B's only go up to 15 then you get I-16 to I-30. But I still agree, Bingo's a good nick for him and close enough to the right Bingo numbers to let it slide.
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                          En Domnio Sanctus...All your bases are belong to us....AaAaMen!!!! :-)
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                            Originally posted by Woody
                            I have no idea how Ted knows all the people he does.
                            This brought to mind an old joke I heard many years ago when JP2 was still the Pope, and Bob Hope was still alive, so I'll tell it from that perspective, since it makes a better joke. And yes, it's clean.

                            Two rich men were having an argument at a party.
                            "I know everybody," claimed Schwartz. "and I can prove it."
                            "OK OK," says the other man. "You might know a lot of people, but you can't know EVERYBODY." So they decide to bet $1 Million on it. So Schwartz thinks of who he can show the man, and since they're in New York, they go see David Letterman. Schwartz and his friend are immediately let in to warm greetings from David, and they are entertained by him for the evening. After they're done, outside they talk again.

                            "See?" says Schwartz. "I know everybody."
                            "OK," says the other man. "It's pretty impressive that you know David Letterman, but that doesn't mean you know EVERYBODY."

                            Schwartz thinks some more, then they hop a plane to L.A. and go to Bob Hope's house. They are again immediately let in and greeted by Bob Hope himself, and entertained in his home for the day. The man is again very impressed, but after they're done, he reiterates that just because Schwartz knows Bob Hope, that doesn't mean he knows everybody. Schwartz thinks for a minute, and then they go on a plane to Rome, and drive to the Vatican.

                            Schwartz gets out and says, "Now I probably can't get you in to see the Pope, but I'll go out on the balcony with him as he delivers his Service, and you'll see me up there with him." The man says OK, and joins the crowd beneath the balcony. Schwartz goes inside and is immediately admitted to the Pope's chambers, who greets him warmly, and agrees to let Schwartz out on the balcony with him.

                            Down below, the friend sees Schwartz emerge on the balcony with the Pope and is quite impressed. "That really is amazing that he knows the Pope so well he can get on the balcony with him," he thinks, "but that still doesn't mean he knows EVERYBODY." Just then a little Italian guy in the crowd taps him on the arm.

                            The man looks down, and the Italian guy asks him: "Hey buddy? Who's that guy up there on the balcony with Schwartz?"

                            I've always loved that one.


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                              A few points of order, just because the comics are one day apart does mean the events necessarily have to be. Both the Pope's message and the Gamespot news item were poster January 24th. This is what I refer to as "Comic Continuity".

                              The response from the Pope could very will have been faxed. The comic and the writeup only indicate that Ted's letter was mailed not the Pope's. Though I admit in my mind they were both physically mailed.

                              I don't exactly think that most gamers would care that B-16 is not an actual Bingo number. Nicknames aren't necessarily beholden to literal fact. Like calling a big man Tiny, a bald man Curly. Thanks for the clarification though. Now we know, and knowing is half the battle.