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Serious Chat Window Problems (BUG)

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  • Serious Chat Window Problems (BUG)

    I originally posted this over on Silkyvenom, but given Woody's post on focus, it really is quite appropriate here, as it's a major bug IMO. And yes it's been /bug'd already. I've edited it slightly to take out some of my extreme frustration in the original post.

    I can't get these chat windows to do what I want. All I want to do is change the name of the default window to "Main" and then make a new window called "Chat" and put all of the "human-generated" channels in there, and leave the rest in main with combat as the alternate tab in main's window. So on the UI I'll have two separate chat windows, one with a single "chat" tab that'll be the default place to talk into, and one with two tabs, Main and Combat. Pretty simple right?


    Vanguard simply refuses to save it. If you make the changes, they have a "fair" chance of working, though your new window's tab name will disappear (maybe a feature of when there's only one tab in a window), but otherwise fine. Then you log out. And exit VG. And log back in. TADA you have "chat" and "combat" back in your original window, the second window is ALSO named "chat" but unfortunately you have ZERO channels appearing. Oh, and remember the chat channels you took away from the "Main" window (since that was the old chat) before? They're nowhere at all.

    I even went into VGSettings.xml and tried to hack it to exactly what I want. Let's just say that weirdness resulted, and it STILL didn't work. One theory I had is that it MIGHT have something to do with the 'chatRecreateOverride="1"' field, but considering it was present for both windows, and I didn't screw with it, I highly doubt that's it.

    I've deleted my settings file, worked completely cleanly, closed EVERY "chat settings" window before modifying them, and even made sure I NEVER doubled-up on names of tabs between logging in/out, and it STILL will not behave.

    This is game-breaking for me. Your chat bars is where you get a LOT of your relavent information, and I'm forced to have all of my chat in a window that gets spammed by other info that I WANT to see, just not THERE, and I don't want to click to other tabs either. I want two fully-functional chat windows for displaying information (though not interfering with each other), with some extra tabs behind to check only when I need to.

    You guys may not have a perfect interface for chat options (EQ2's is near-perfect IMO, with categories, and it "just works"), but at least make what you have WORK! Right now it is VERY broken even for the features it DOES have.

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    I believe they have a tech forum on the VG website. That might be an even better place to post this.

    Isn't there some sort of /saveUI command? I thought I saw something like that in the motd back in beta, but I wasn't really paying attention to what it was. Maybe it was something different. >.>

    Erm, anyway, have you considered trying a player-made UI instead? I dunno if it'd be more agreeable to saving that way or if it'd still have the same bugs, but it seems like it'd be worth a try. =)

    Those are the best suggestions I can think of at the moment. =)


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      Strange, I had that same problem in EQ2. Every time I logged in my new windows were empty, renamed windows had their default names restored, and any channel turned off in the main window was still off. I'm gonna go test this out in VG and see if it's the same for me.