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  • Vanguard Next Month or Tomorrow?

    Granted I really want to play this game, and due to my computer completely conking out I had to wait, but I think I'm glad I did and I may be able to wait another month depending on your guys' opinion.

    The game is going under a little heat for having a pre-mature release, if that sounds familiar it may mean that you have played other mmo's at release dates, but what I'm wondering is Vanguard worth it to get now or should I wait a good month for them to hammer some more bugs out? I realize everyone has had different gaming experiences, some people say it is bugged as heck and others say they haven't had any problems, though I haven't asked the GU community, which seems to be more reputable than gamespot trolls.

    Wait a month or indulge now? Is it ready for Ronjob to play, heh.

    Thanks in advance for anyone willing to comment, nicely.
    Watch out for the ones you love. Because you need it and so do they.

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    Absolutely indulge now. The game is not going to change in a month or two to the point of changing the core systems. Yes there are tweaks coming and yes bug fixes and yes features added but what you get now in the 'core game play' element is Vanguard.

    As long as you know a few things about the game. Leveling 30+ is hard, expect to take 20-30 played days to get max adventure level. Also understand that if you solo, xp comes very slowly. This game is not designed to be 'friendly' to those who prefer to be by themselves, kinda funny people like that even want to play a multiplayer game. If you do prefer to solo, Diplomacy and Crafting are a good focus once you get 'up there' in adventuring. VG is going to bring back the 'wowow' of seeing high level char's and a true feeling of accomplishment, simply because it takes a long time to get anything but you have fun while your doing it.
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      I feel foolish for asking the question now, because I know that what you said rang completely true, not much is going to happen in a month, but if anyone else begs to differ please do.

      Other than that.

      Watch out for the ones you love. Because you need it and so do they.


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        Mechanics may not change, but there will be a lot more content and bug fixes.

        Personally, whilst I am paying, I'm not playing, not until they've added a respectable amount of diplomacy.


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          I also left with the intent to return. The frustration is too high with all the bugs currently. I would wait a month at least maybe 2 and ask again then.

          Its a great game but a bit too broken at the moment. So in order that I dont burn out entirely I just put it down for now.
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            I played in the beta up until release and I encountered very few bugs, especially few if any that would make me consider not playing. So I don't understand what people are complaining about.
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              I started on release day as a bard (I duo with my wife, who is a druid).

              I would recommend starting tomorrow if you really want to play a great MMO and (this is the important part) don't get overly attached to your toons and their class. Things are changing (weekly, on Thursdays it seems ) and if you can handle getting tweaked and nerked for the sake of a better game then go for it. In my experience it seems the tweaking is PvE based and not PvP based (thank god!) and they are just trying to give everyone they same experience (as far a ease of leveling and getting loot).

              Now if you can't handle being nerfed I would suggest waiting (at least a few months...2 or 3 perhaps) or focusing on Dip or Crafting instead of adventuring .... that isn't to say they aren't getting nerfs/tweaked but it is easier to look the other way (at least for me).

              As far as the bugs...
              . I am on the lower end of the recommended specs so I'm playing with almost no graphics and am still laggy at times. So that kind of gets annoying and it only gets more so when you lag and your inventory disappears.
              . That being said, they fixed a bunch of the major bugs yesterday so over the next few days I'll get a better sense of the bugs in game (but I don't think there are many major fun stopping bugs left, if any at all ~ again my experience and I'm not counting missing content as bugs).


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                I think the post above summarize the situation:
                1- if you like a great game and don't care about some annoying bugs and the fact that the game need polishment, start tomorrow;
                2- if you care about annoying bugs and that they need make the performance better and that the game need polishment and that diplomacy sphere need have all content implemented, wait one or two months.

                The core game will not change at the next two months (or at the next two years...):
                1- no instancing;
                2- the game is more group friend than solo friend;
                3- slow grind.

                If you like the core game as described above, VSoH is the game for you.
                I am from Brazil, sorry the bad english....


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                  Aye, it's not a slight on the game, if you like adventuring or crafting it is quite playable, the bugs aren't bad there are just a few too many, most being performance related. The big issue for me remains diplomacy, it's the newest sphere, but it's not evenly done across all races, it's not a nice progression to it atm, they are working on higher level content and ignoring a huge gap in the mid-level content, and quite frankly sometimes it just downright cheats.

                  When they've eliminated that horrible grind from 50-150, I will play it every second of my life for the next three or four years. Not until then.


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                    They've added several lvl50 (or so) dip quests in the last two patches. I'm 70 something at the moment and I haven't had a problem. The big issue for we was getting started after the introduction quests stopped around 50. You have to grind civic dip a bit to get gear (from turning in information) to do the 50+ quests that are out there. I'd say that it is a slow process and from what I've read one that gets faster in the mid 100s, as Darkov said, but it isn't a grind for me.

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                      I have absolutely no regrets about buying the pre-order and starting first day of early launch. The bugs are there, they are annoying, and when I get hit with one, I /bug it, and move on. I haven't enjoyed a game this much in years.

                      Diplomacy *is* probably the most frustrating aspect since it's still being implemented and balanced in a live game environment.


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                        If you are going to participate in all 3 spheres evenly, I suggest picking it up now. If you are just going to do one sphere, I suggest picking it up depending on how often you will be playing.

                        I've played since pre-release pretty frequently(I'm sure I have 8 or 9 played days now since I took a week off to play during pre-launch) and I am continuously moving to the other spheres because I'm cursed with wanting to do something in at least 2 spheres at once most of the time. I am currently level 15 psi, 17 carpenter, 201 diplomat, and 400ish harvesting. Sigil has patched at least once a week since launch and the game is improving by leaps and bounds. I haven't yet run into any place where there wasn't content except for diplomacy, but it is still being worked on(and the stuff coming down the pipeline sounds awesome). The grind right now for diplomacy could probably be equated to doing solo grinding in adventuring, except there is no risk of dying(unless you lose a TON of parleys and go KoS in the area, or if you take certain quests and lose the parley or are found out). If you are going to be playing all 3 spheres at once(I recommend it highly, it still doesn't feel like I'm grinding when I can change drastically what I am doing at any given time), then I suggest picking up the game now. If you are going to adventure for 25 hours a week, get the game now. If however you are going to try to powerlevel through to level 50 adventuring, crafting, or 500 diplomacy, you may want to wait a month.


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                          I would say it depends on what kind of player you are. If the thrill of jumping in at the start of a new game is what turns you on, this is the time to play. If you are easily annoyed by bugs of various kinds and balancing still in the works, give it a few months.

                          To me, the bugs are a mild annoyance, and small price to pay for being here at the beginning. The diplomacy grind post 50 is a pain but not enough for me to hang it up. Personally I get a big kick out of the little tiny details of the game, like the bird calls in the background, and the stunning beauty of the vistas and cities.


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                            Alright guys I made my choice yesterday and I can't put it down yet. Seriously I'm having an absolute blast with it. Guess why. Because its hard (relatively). I just feel like I'm back to the good 'ol eq days exploring and not knowing what is in store for me, and everything seems to be going just fine with the exception of bugs here and there. Love it, it just feels like the game I've been looking for after EQ. Look me up, Ronjob on Flamehammer server.
                            Watch out for the ones you love. Because you need it and so do they.


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                              Ron, thanks for the post... and all thos who answered.. I am buying my PC tonight.. Look out Vanguard here I come.
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