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Take that stupid mosquito! BWONG! (3/5)

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  • Take that stupid mosquito! BWONG! (3/5)

    If the comic doesn't speak for itself, this weekend was a Double Experience Weekend in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and I took full advantage it.
    Source: VGPlayers [ more info ]

    Being a staunch soloer and diplomacy junky, I don't really get many opportunities to pile on experience. But when offered double experience for every kill I tally, it's not really something I can ignore. So, after spending most of Saturday morning securing new diplomacy cards and gear, I set off to gain a level. Through the rest of Saturday and up until Sunday afternoon, I plodded about laying waste to anything that crossed my path and netted me XP. When I finally logged off to watch Bill Mahr, Rome etc. I'd gained 3 levels. Sure it was only to 18, but for me that was significant.

    Playing that much in just a couple of days exposed a lot of glitches in the game. Sure, I expected and forgave it, but that doesn't mean I wasn't as frustrated with them as everyone else seems to be.

    I find myself in an odd position however. I realize the game had to be released because Sigil was out of development capitol, and that meant release a buggy game or no game at all. (Given the two I strongly support the former.) At the same time though, I'm a gamer and I don't like struggling through something I'm supposed to be using as an escape. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy Vanguard, moreso than any MMOG I've played in a long time. But, there's room for improvement to be sure.

    Luckily, the Sigil staff seems to be working really hard to whip the game into shape.

    [ "former" typo corrected, thanks Akherat, Kaev, and RevMrBlack ]

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    I loved the double xp weekend! However I was only able to go from lvl 4 to lvl 8 with my Dread Knight. At lvl 8 I think I died 6 times in a row. Two deaths were falling off cliffs. Lesson learned, don't blindly follow the red dot on your compass. The other 4 deaths were just bad pulls or not watching for adds. I guess not having to worry about death in [certain other MMOGs] has made me sloppy again.

    I guess the bugs are not bothering me. They were MUCH worse in beta and the game was almost unplayable. So when bugs come up now i have that perspective and they don't bother me. To be honest i have not ran into many during live. I have ran into things that I want to see improved, like the Exchange search window. I would love to be able to search for the stat I want. But these are things I am confident that Sigil will fix down the road.


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      The problem with releasing a buggy game is it can doom the game from the start. Anarchy Online was supposed to be a great game and a lot of folks liked the beta. But when the bugs carried over from the beta to the released product, the game died shortly after that. Vanguard will have to work like crazy to fix the bugs. The longer they, the more folks they will lose.

      Funny comic though. Raising any sort of weapon skill would be tough if you were just killing flies though.


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        Maybe so, but my "Awareness" jumped up in no time flat.


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          Hehe, I enjoyed the comic .

          RL kept me away from double xp weekend until Sunday night, but then I went hunting with my Orc Shaman alt and piled on 3 levels, taking him up to 7. Very satisfying!


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            Two deaths were falling off cliffs.
            Ohh, to fall off a cliff again. It certainly made me cautious of them in EQ, but there is no such thing in SWG (Whaddaya mean, I can't jump over it?!?!)


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              Double exp weekend was a blast. Unless you're a crafting addict. I was all happy to go and find a nice area with lots of stuff to kill and whap away.

              And then......................

              TREES!!! Glorious trees everywhere! YAY I finally found a nice concentration of the barbed timber that has held up my carpentry for so long. I even managed to find 2 thorn timber trees!

              So after spending 6 hours cutting down trees I made it from 15 to 16 simply because the ghost wolves kept biting me in the ass while I was trying to cut down more trees. All in all a blast of a weekend. I even got almost 200 barbed timber out of it. Now to make stuff....muwahaha
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                The funny thing for me is that I didn't really feel a strong pull to do any leveling on my adventurer sphere this weekend. I spent maybe 2 hours doing some quests around Themnwar's(sp?) Shield, but that was the limit of my leveling and I don't even think the quest exp was doubled, just the adventure exp. Spent the weekend doing the last few diplo quests for cards(got 40 now) and then harvesting to get my quarry up.

                I'm kind of mixed about the double exp weekend. On one hand, I fully understand how some of the glitches have caused people to lose exp without compensation, so it was good that they actually had a chance to 'catch up'. On the other hand, I have been enjoying how challenging the game is in terms of slow, meaningful leveling. I hope this isn't a common occurence. I hear they are thinking of adding a diplomacy and a crafting double exp weekend and I hope they actually do not do this(good thing I'm not on a PVP server, I'm sure I just would have made the kill list for quite a few people :P ). I'll be there to take advantage of it if I feel like partaking in those activities that weekend, but it's all up to what I feel like doing. It's kind of nice to still have a million things that I want to do at once in that game.


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                  Everquest I has several "double xp" periods lately. Everyone gets excited about it and grinds away in xp groups.

                  A lot of the casual players seem to think "Hey, now is a good time to catch up". But it never works that way, quite the oppisite actually.

                  The power gamers will play 30 hours over the 3-day weekend, while I'll play 3. They will get 100 AAs done, while I'll get 10.

                  The end result is they get further ahead than ever!


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                    What I do not not understand is if the game is unfinished why leave in broken quests and mobs? I do not know of Vanguard but Burning Crusade expansion did look by far rushed in comparison to the original when it comes to bugs.

                    They could have taken out bugged quests til they fixed it, as well as mobs and let's not get into the infamous sitting issue with Blood elves that have gave Kudos to Star Wars Galaxies and their inability to simply 'sit' right.
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                      There are so many quests, mobs, eventualities and conditions, it would be nearly impossible to take "broken quests and mobs" out of a game.


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                        I played waaaay too much this weekend and I went from lvl 28 to lvl 32. Managed to knock off around 15 quests or so and had a blast. All I heard saturday and sunday in guild chat was "Ding!". From what I hear they are planning on doing a Crafting double exp weekend sometime.. I hope this rumor comes true.

                        Great comic btw!


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                          I recently stopped playing WoW and will be buying my new PC soon, (depending on if I have a job after tomorrow). And then I will be starting my Vanguard experience. Looking forward to it. Until then, keep find and reporting those bugs so I don't have to.
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                            Woot! It was something like that too. The wife and I gained 5 levels in about 16 hours of playing on Saturday. Something like this is really nice, for reasons besides the extra XP, it gets people out in droves and makes getting a group super easy.

                            We only found one broken quest and we just moved along - but other then that it wasn't much different then any other day in VG, bug wise (for us).


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                              The only issue I have with bug related issues to many of these MMO's is that they have found the fix and will wait a good few weeks to release the whole bundle in a patch. I really wish there was some way for them to convey bug fixes like this more quickly especially if they have already found the solution or the solution is easily doable.