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Served over a warm bed of hickory seasoned white rice. (3/6)

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  • Served over a warm bed of hickory seasoned white rice. (3/6)

    As many of you already know1, Sony has plans to increase the monthly Station Pass cost to $29.99.
    Source: MMORPG.Com [ more info ]

    And where it's still a deal to get what? 7 MMOGs for the monthly cost of two, I think the pricing is getting a touch out of hand. If the price is going to be raised $5 every time a new game is added, then what exactly is the point? I thought the idea was to let us play all the SOE games without breaking our piggy banks, to encourage us to feel like we're getting our money's worth. But, here we are paying half the price of a new game every month.

    I'm not overly inclined to play devil's advocate here; but, for the potential amount of entertainment you could get, $30 is a bargain. From a "dammit, I thought I was getting over on the man" standpoint, this gloss is starting to rub off.

    Now, I dig Smed, and hate that these kind of comics single him out. But, he's an FPS fan; he can handle the occassional comedic frag... I hope.

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    Not bad. If only they had an all-inclusive card for all of the MMOs out right now at once... World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, Everquest, Lineage II, etc...

    Then maybe I could afford to play more than one or two of them each month!

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      Wow.. looks like its time for me to cancel the All Access pass. I pretty much just play EQ2 only anymore. I was able to deal with the the last couple of price jumps, but now it is getting out of hand.



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        Is that the same Smed charicature you have used in the past?? Seems like he looked quite different back in the early days of EQ Comics.....and $29 a month for 7 MMO's??? Who has the time to play 7 different MMO's effectivly??


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          I agree with jpshufelt, I have 2 acounts and now I cant take this.


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            Would be nice if they came out with a station pass where you can select what games you want to pay for and get a discount on them instead of the whole thing.
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              I use to want to get the All-Access pass, waiting until I got an income. However, I think $29.99 a month is a little too much for me, so I'll probably just focus on one game now. Quite a shame as I had interest in other SoE games.


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                I've drawn Smed a little differently each time I've drawn him. Typical of political cartooning. I used to draw him with a peanut head (another slight), now I'm trying to fit his epiction within my current style.


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                  << Unsurprised by this move. SOE's known for its ability to milk it like a cow. Besides... you may have access to 7 MMOs but they're still SOE MMOs. XD

                  P.S. Today's comic makes me hungry for chicken.
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                    And how many of those MMOs are actually playable?
                    Never rush a miracle worker. You get rotten miracles.


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                      See, my problem is this:

                      I'm gonna pay my $15 a month for my main SOE game. And I kinda like the rest of them, but I don't know that I like the rest of them enough to pay for the full price.

                      Because here's my thing: I'll pay up to $40-45 a month for MMOs. Currently, I pay $25 for the Station Pass and $15 for WoW. I swap WoW or SOE for CoH from time to time (usually CoH for WoW).

                      I primarily enjoy one SOE game and WoW. I play a couple other SOE games from time to time, enough to spend $10 a month on it. I don't mind dropping a little bit of extra cash to be able to log in to MxO if I want to, or play old EQ.

                      But now, SOE is $30. It's just $5, but it makes that critical jump from "A bit extra" to "The cost of another MMO."

                      So now, I'm paying $45 a month any way you slice it. So I want to play WoW. I want to play my SOE game. I want to play CoH. I kinda like playing the extra SOE games.

                      So what do you think gets cut? CoH, an mmo I really like, or MxO and old EQ, which I play because I can?

                      I'm about to cut my payments to SOE by $10 a month because of it.

                      If Vanguard had been a WoW killer, I'd have supported this well enough. But it wasn't - I see SOE as one good game, and a handful of okay ones.


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                        In relation to this, I read that they're raising the price of Planetside and Everquest: Online Adventures to $14.99 a month now to get in tune with the new Access Pass pricing. Seems to me that it's a better deal just to subscribe to two games than the Access Pass, IMO.


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                          They're also about to end the Planetside Reserves program, which let you play a level limited version of the game for free.

                          I worry about Planetside's future.


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                            At first i thought this was not a bad thing, since it IS still a hell of a deal for the amount of games you get access to, but then i started thinking that most people that join the all access plan do so to play two games, not 3 or more. For all these people, the purpose of the plan is defeated (unless one of these games is EQ2 witch get neat extras with the all access)

                            So I can see people that had this so they were able to play one main SOE game and one secondary in casual fashion, quiting their secondary game altogether.

                            Also I see the increase of Planetside and EQOA as a wrong thing, both are games that may be good, but dont seem to be worth as much as other MMOs in my eyes. It seems the reason these got increased is that "if the two mmos you play are EQOA and Planetside, or if one of these is your secondary game, it does not turn to be cheaper to just quit the Stationpass and go for individual billing.


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                              What's missing here is the fact that if you play a game like EQ2 and want to have more than 6 characters, you have to buy the Station Access. If you have 2 accounts, and aren't interested in playing the other games, and would like to keep access to all your characters, guess what? You're not getting additional value, you're being told (a) if you're a customer thinking about coming back, don't bother (b) you only really want to play one game (c) you're forced to decide which characters you really want to play (it picks the 6 most recently played)... you can't even tell indicate which ones.

                              Hooking in the additional character slots is a big part of the issue.

                              If it was a move to get more people involved with Vanguard, it failed. There are players who are cancelling their Station Access. I feel very bad for the one father who just had to tell his kid, sorry you can't play anymore, I'm eliminating the least played characters on our account: yours.

                              I believe SOE just figured out for the industry, what the maximum price players are willing to pay for an monthly fee.