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  • Eve Online @ GDC'07

    I know Eve stuff is kinda off limits here, but I thought this looked interesting:

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    about bloody time. I got bored with Eve because of the lack of "face-to-face" interaction. It basically became a ship shoot-em-up game with a chatroom attached to it. This could radically change that depending on how they impliment it.


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      **raises and eyebrow** Eve isn't off limits here.


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        Its about time. One of my biggest complaints about Eve was that the wonderful, indepth character creation system was practically wasted because you never saw them any larger than a couple inch high pic in spacial chat.


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          Eve offered to let me come back for a week or a discount on the signup fee. I couldn't justify it for a couple of reasons.

          1) just not enough time in the day for a life and two mmogs.
          2) while it looked pretty, I often played alone and that meant it consisted of much *not* playing. IE: afk mining and such. Its really much better in groups.

          Still, that looks very cool.
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            Meh Not going back til they do better. Point and click is ridiculous in a space mmo put some actual skill into it


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              same old eve. just a new coat of paint. it is still boring untill the put in a new flight system. Till then go play space cowboy. free to download, free to play. also if they have the time to put in all this new junk into the game, why can't they put in a way not to get eve-mail messages that your skill training is done.


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                as an aside,
                Originally posted by Woody
                **raises and eyebrow** Eve isn't off limits here.
                he might be thinking of this post?

                still not sure what that's about, but I'll contain my curiosity and instead focus on that video with the following comment:
                Darn that's hot!
                can't really see how that's in-game footage though... would have been more interesting to see them moving a character in-game. both to get a feel for the interface and it would've removed the doubt I just mentioned
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