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A Part of Something Larger... (3/12)

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  • A Part of Something Larger... (3/12)

    With all the cut and paste GDC news there wasn't really anything that interested me enough to convince me to waste time drawing a forced comic about it. Lucky for me Curtis sent in a guest strip. Here's part of what he had to say:

    I drew a guest strip about the World of Warcraft. After a spell of lore reading, I read about the Burning Legion and the demonic corruption of the Orcs. The Burning Legion is evil and what not, but every demonic cloud of impending doom has a silver lining, right? Well, if not, the Orc in the comic certainly thinks so.

    -Curtis Brownlee II

    Curtis also has some works available over at Deviant:

    Thanks for the submission Curtis.

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    I never thought about it like that.. then again I never really read the lore.

    Great comic Curtis! Even if you're not reading this. I lol'd.


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      I lol'd. Hey, way to look at the bright side of things, right?
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        The Burning legion is not evil. They are just misunderstood XD


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          The little gnome holding up the mic is SO cute!
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            Great send in comic, Gnomes are NOT cute =D
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              My congratulations to Curtis, that was really good .
              Blame violence on video games? What are you, stupid?!


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                I always wonder what the "bad" guys are thinking.. Now I know.. It's all about the benefits.
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                  Originally posted by Tyrondus
                  The Burning legion is not evil. They are just misunderstood XD

                  Lol, the Burning Legion is not evil. They are just a large raid guild.

                  Originally posted by Arcfire
                  Great send in comic, Gnomes are NOT cute =D

                  /casts polymorph (Rank 7) at Arcfire

                  /blinks sweetly

                  /Quotes Sandra Boynton: "How can you resist such cuteness and talent?"

                  /grins sheepishly

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                    Very good!
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                      Can't.... resist...

                      All the Fel Orcs in the Outlands are actually artificially produced by Illidan to FIGHT the Burning Legion. Where the Pit Lord Mannoroth offered his blood as a dark gift to corrupt and empower Grom Hellscream and his followers, Illidan has the previous ruler of the Outlands, Magtheridon, locked up in Hellfire Citadel, where Illidan is forcibly siphoning his blood and supplying it to Kargath and his clan in return for their fealty.
                      [/lore lawyer]

                      Sorry 'bout that. Good comic


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                        I frightened one of the ladies in my office b/c I was laughing so hard. I definitely think this was an awesome insight into the "evil" side! WTG!!!
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                          I love that gnome reporter.
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                            Haha, very nice comic!
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                              Originally posted by Katuyah
                              The little gnome holding up the mic is SO cute!
                              I think you are confusing cute with tasty...