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John Dvorak Loves His Wii

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  • John Dvorak Loves His Wii

    Dvorak, probably most well-known for his being cranky, put up an article title Ode to the Wii on the 6th.

    He's come to the conclusion that it's all about gameplay, not fancy graphics, and that the Wii is a lot of fun.

    He also thinks it will change the future of gaming.

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    That from some one at PC Mag.... wow.

    Nice article. I actually look forward for a real sports game for the Wii, not a Baseball or any other EA like game, I mean something like aerobics and other in house exercises. The reason many don't do them is because it is boring, adding the Wii gaming experience should make things much different. I bet in the next few years health surveys will find an inexplicable decrease in children obesity. If it happens, we all will have a good guess as to what explains it.