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PlanetSide's new deployables

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  • PlanetSide's new deployables

    after about a year of no updates, the planetside team finally decided to release some new goodies. Right now you can go to the test server and try out the many new deployables they've released.

    vid of deployables:

    Anyone tried these deployables? I'm kinda thinking of re-subbing but I'm also wondering of these will make that huge of a difference gameplay-wise...
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    I can offer comment on that, the tank traps are a tad underwhelming. However, the addition of cerberus spitfires (That give infantry some extra automated AA coverage) should improve an infantrymans survivability out in the open and theres upgrades that can be built into base/tower turrets which give them either an anti-air or anti-vehicle module (But the automated turret systems can't access them, its for manned mode only).

    Theres a playtest this very night (20th) so if you're really interested, the details are here:

    One area that some have expressed concern about is the addition of cloaked spitfires, however they largely go by the same ruleset, so for example without the Interlink radar facility benefit its rather easy to crouch walk past them. Heh. Also you can only deploy them in your own bases sphere of influence. I don't personally believe it will have that big an impact on gameplay though.

    Personally, I'm more eager to see the upgraded Sunderer that should be getting put in next, it'll have extra gun ports and I gather there'll be empire specific variants so they might actually become a viable choice of vehicle again that at least should freshen up the gameplay.