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And that would just be scratching the surface. (4/2)

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  • And that would just be scratching the surface. (4/2)

    You folks know me, I have no qualms about tossing my my opinion about like so many seeds, sowing my angst and ire that it might bloom amid fields of apathy. And around this time every year my inner disgruntled Johnny Appleseed storms forth, seed-bag in hand, tossing indignation about with wild abandon.

    That is to say I loathe April Fools Day. This was not always so; up until a few years ago I at least bore the "holiday" a grudging tolerance. But, after I started getting more into gaming news, the weight of its pointlessness started to press on me more heavily. Then this weekend, as I looked for gaming news on which to base a comic (since Vanguards wouldn't let me log in), all I seemed to find were april fools articles or articles about what sites were running april fools articles. After what seemed like hours of digging through immature rubbish to find anything of value, I gave up on the endeavor entirely and decided to rebel instead.

    Though I prefer not to partake in the custom myself, I don't shun people or certain websites for their personal little april fools jokes. But, when sites and magazines that are considered to be "trusted gaming news sources" run april fools articles, I quickly become incensed. There has to be a disconnect somewhere, a spot where we can escape the immaturity and not accidentally accept it as truth.

    In the end I guess my point here is to ask, no beg, ANY news sites not to post april fools articles. But if not... The Irascible Mr.Ted and His Angry Monkey are watching.

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    April Fools should stick to random pranks played on buddies, not nationally known news sources upon which people rely for trustworthy news.
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      Awesome comic today. I completely agree.
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        April Fools has always been my grandmother's (Dad's qwerky side of the family) favorite holiday. Don't know if she's lost interest much over the years since I'm not usually in the neighborhood for it these days, but her idea of a funny April Fools joke when I was around usually involved something related to a sharp poke in the ribs...not overly funny in my opinion, but to each his own I guess.
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          On one of the other forum sites I frequent, they used the forum software's word filter to swap out commonly-used words for more "humorous" words. That's all well and good in theory, but one of the word replacements actually broke the site (replacing strings that are in the site's URL is bad!), and one of the others was such a common letter sequence that it garbled many other common words that contained the replaced word.

          I don't mind April Fool's jokes with gaming sites; as long as it's so over-the-top that it couldn't possibly be mistaken for fact by anyone with half a brain, there's no harm, no foul (like one game that I'm playing announced that, after several years of more-or-less successful operation, they were going to institute a total reset at the end of the month).

          But I agree that news sites should be above this sort of nonsense.
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            You mean there is no "Tinfoil Hat" In WoW? /cry


            [I agree with you for the most part Woody, but I still give a little leeway to people, I guess I'm not as jaded as most people.]


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              If your post disappeared... April Fools.


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                I find it amusing that a comic artist dislike any sort of holiday dedicated to having fun. ;-)
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                  Think you for finally saying it!

                  Yesterday was a wasteland for news on so many sites. Slashdot was entirely worthless for 24 hours. Every online company felt the need to make some bad joke as they do every year, even the mothership Google. Now I love a good joke, but certain sites not only hurt their credibility, they also waste time and space instead of being creatively productive.


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                    I've never really seen "making asses out of your readership" as having fun.


                    Please Note: I don't mind stuff like what Blizzard does, or the models in EQ2 becomming more "streamlined". It's news sites in particular posting april fools articles that I take exception to.


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                      I'm glad April Fools was on a Sunday this year so I didn't have to be anywhere near the internet. The sites that have extended their jokes through Monday simply because of this fact TRULY deserve to be hated


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                        I personally enjoy them. Although its not a news site thinkgeek has some nice ones.


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                          Logging into EQ2 last night to a world full of bobbleheads- funny

                          Checking a news site to discover an article about filling in Death Valley with water since it's below sea level anyway- not funny


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                            Hmmm, I think it's strange that ppl is so opposed the april fool... I think it's great... I have all my life been used to the media in everyway trying to play april fools on everyone... As Erling E. mentioned.. It has been that way for as long as I can remember. I hope they never stop... One in awhile the news companies comes right out and say it, "One of our news today is a hoax, if you can tell us what it is, you win a prize." As I said... Goody!!! I love things like this.... But lately the companies have gone right out and told us which news and what the joke was... No more competitions.. No more fun.... *SIGH*... Awww, well... Have fun y'all...
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                              I agree about this actually. The in game pranks of EQ2 or WoW (Though, I guess it wasnt exactly "In game") are incredibly funny to me. But browsing Fark to see whats going on, was annoying as hell. They had real articles mixed in with the fake ones and after a while I just gave up. They were all really stupid.

                              Although, the Gmail "Paper Mail" really threw me off... I was like, who the heck would want this... Then I started thinking about it and the more I thought, the more I realized people would want that...

                              Of course, if I would have read the customer testimonies, I would have realized the joke a lot sooner. But eh.

                              News should not be faked. Thats all there is to it.
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