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Jack Thompson on the VT shootings.

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  • Jack Thompson on the VT shootings.

    First off, my heart goes out to all those who lost anyone in this massacre.

    Second off, Jack Thompson is currently commenting on Fox News Channel about how this is probably a case where someone used a video game to plan their attack. He wont shut up about video games. He keeps talking about how all these other cases where the killers liked "shooters" and planned their attacks using GTA:Vice City, Half-life, Doom, and a multiple of flash games. This man annoys me to no end.

    Ugh... when they introduced him they called him an "expert on school shootings"

    Here is a link in case you havnt turned on your TV today.

    here is a link to kotaku and people talking about the same thing.
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    Thompson on Fox

    Firstly - all our thoughts are currently with friends and family of people involved at VT

    now on JT....
    'they trained themselves on games like doom'

    How much of a moron is this guy? I can score 90%+ headshots in AA but I can miss the entire damn target when shooting a pistol. Aiming and shooting a handgun is so f**king different to using a mouse and keyboard its scarey

    I wonder what prompted the guy at Texas Uni in 1966? Watching Star Trek? Listening to Elvis?
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      Doing a search through Google News and Fox's own site, I can't find any references to Jack Thompson in relation to this news at all. Once I can see what sort of pedagoguery he's trotting out, I'll comment on it.
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        Yeah he just called into fox and made a statement. I cant wait to see his "official" statement when he is actually interviewed about this.
        "The Enrichment Center reminds you that the weighted companion cube will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak. In the event that the weighted companion cube does speak, the Enrichment Center urges you to disregard its advice."
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          I saw it as well. At the bottom of the screen something like:

          On the phone: Jack Thompson - School Shooting Expert

          Fox News will be getting an angry letter from me asking if they have given up even trying to pretend to be a legit news organization anymore. I put them in with MSNBC these days. Pure entertainment.

          Can't believe he would use something like this for self promotion.


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            I just heard this terrible news. My thoughts go out to all those involved and their families.

            As for Jack, he needs to stop using situations like this to promote his own agenda. I understand that he feels strongly about this (though I disagree with him strongly, of course), but it is frightfully wrong to draw conclusions from an event that just happened hours ago. He has nothing to base these comments on other than pure speculations, and if he does not understand that, then the journalist who talked to him should.

            The press needs to take some responsibility in these matters. Let him speak later, not now.
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              First... This a scary and sad stuff, the numbers keep going up. We have checked our friends and friends of friends.. all ok.. but this is just crazee.

              Second ... Yikes.. Fox News.. You IDIOTS!!!.....

              I don't like it when "experts" or sympathizers or anything try to milk a situation for their own agenda, when its this, or the "race card", the war card. Jumping to conclusions is horrible and usually their is no aftermath or recourse for that person, especially when they are proven wrong.
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                I saw it, 30 seconds tops and he called them. It was a rather vague attack on the media in general he mentioned he has a 14 year old son... nothing much. Mainly looked like he was just trying to get his name out there. Fox was talking to everybody that would call and if you sent anything to their e-mail address from the site they were showing it. Some of it was useful, some pointless and some really icky. I'm sure as soon as the "first report" frenzy wears off there will be sombody filtering what gets on the air.
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                  I like Fox usually, but to let this quack come on and spew lunacy about people "training" how to kill on Doom is just sickening.
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                    I am going to be straight forward and blunt. I want to punch him. I am tired of him using the tragedy and heartache of others for his own personal agenda. Its like "Hey listen to me blither on about how I think I know why people shoot other people. Wanna know how I know? Video games. Yup plain and simple. They wisper their dark and tainted words to me in my sleep. Oh yea let me also use this time to rub dirt in the face of the victims by using them as poster childs for my anti-game crusade."

                    Yea, expert my pixelante ass.
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                      Somone should just shoot him. With something non lethal. A spud for example. Rubber bullets! *BOING*
                      Then say "It wasn't video games that caused this. It was you."

                      Seriously though. I'm tired of this moron
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                        As a gamer I laugh at the references he uses. GTA to train a sniper?!??! Why does he not say Anna Kournikova played a lot of Pong?

                        As a shooter I am offended that he thinks it is that easy. There is NO link between games and the ability to shoot what so ever. Even worse, the one thing you can learn from games (i.e. team tactics, using cover etc) are not part of any game he references. If he said Rainbow 6, or Counterstirke then yes there are a few nuggets of concepts that you can learn, but GTA has as much to do with shooting as Pac-Man has to do with frying an egg (i.e. they both involve eating).
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                          Well for 1, it's fox news... That alone is a joke, the slant they put on "news" is insane to begin with...

                          Secondly, it's JT, and he is spouting off about the games and such, yeah that makes him look believable....

                          Lastly, I'm surprised he didn't come out and say Imus found his phrase from GTA or the like *lol*

                          Honestly, it's tragic what happened... Anyone trying to promote their own agenda needs a firm slapdown...



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                            I heard about this yesterday while playing on Pogo. If there's news, it will hit the chat in Pogo within minutes. So I took the time to go over some of the news reports.

                            In the afternoon, there were people at work discussing it and I made some comment that [Smacky] would be decrying the evil of video games as soon as he could put together a semi-literate press release rant about it.

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                              I'm sad for the family losses at VT. Sympathy goes out to all those affected.

                              As per violence + video games, I'm only gonna ask: Is it the video game that makes a person violent, or are they already violent and happen to like video games that reciprocate that?