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Warhammer Online Closed Beta Beginning

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  • Warhammer Online Closed Beta Beginning

    I'm sure many of you have been watching this game for quite some time and where waiting for when they'd open up the floodgates and begin to welcome to outside beta testers. Well I opened up my e-mail this morning and found a link to create a beta account to be thrown into the virtual hat. You have a better chance at being allowed into the beta if you've subscribed to the newsletter.

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    Just a note, you have to be 18. Which is a shame....for younger folks, like myself.

    I could say "Oh, I'll just wait two years so then I can beta test it,'ll be out by then, right??" Heh
    Ahhh yes, my little pus spores, come to father Nurgle!


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      I was considering weither or not to post the beginning of the Tabula Rasa closed beta as well, but since im on it (actually been testing Tabula Rasa since the 'friends and family' beta phase), I opted not to.