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EA adopting a Blizzard-esque timeline for completion? (6/21)

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  • EA adopting a Blizzard-esque timeline for completion? (6/21)

    The June issue of Game Informer, in an article about EA / Will Wright's Spore, states that the game has been "delayed indefinitely".
    Source: Kotaku [ more info ]

    Since this information hit the wealth of gaming news sites, EA has issued statement after statement reassuring fans that the dates have not been pushed back any further. The truth of the matter is, EA's fiscal '09 extends from April 2008 to April 2009. So, if spore releases in May '08 it will still be considered a fiscal '09 release.

    Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens all the time. One slight mistep on fact checking and the whole article starts to fall into a spiral of misinformation. I know, I've done it myself more than once.

    I'd like to make a comment here reassuring you that, given EA's actual fiscal year dates, Spore will be released next year. The thing is... I don't actually believe it. I HOPE the game will be released sooner than later. But, I have this nagging feeling that the game will not hit shelves until 2009. Notice the lack of the word "fiscal".

    Consider this writeup yet another request from yours truly for companies to just say "it'll be done when it's done" unless they are 100% certain of the release date. Oh, and my apologies to Blizzard. I didn't mean to pick at them about issues with hitting initial release dates. **whistles**

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    Would rather they take a little longer and put out a good game. Getting a little tired of paying big bucks + monthly fee to do the final beta and stress testing of games


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      I'm not usualy big on EA games because they never seem to want to run right on my pc (particulary the console first, pc second titles), BUT I'm dying to play Spore. It just looks so fun and inventive with so many endless gameplay posibilities I'm going to have to pick it up.
      That being said, I wonder what is it that's taking so long? From all the videos I've seen of it it looks near finished enough, think it could possibly be the network database that we're supposed to be able to use to interact (in a non harmful way) with other users' worlds?
      This could be as big as WoW if you stop and think abou tit and EA could get blasted with server trafic.
      Heck, they might even have been contemplating monthly fees, you never know.
      I do know one thing, and Spore can't get finished fast enough.


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        awww, I want my spore now. Oh well, it will be amazing whenever it comes out I'm sure
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          I've given up on concerning myself with when a game is released. I've been waiting for Overlord and The Darkness for years now....but I just kind of forgot about them. I find out a few days ago that they're coming out next week! Yay!

          The one exception to this is Mass Effect. KOTOR 1 + 2 consumed my life for as long as it took me to beat them twice. I've found myself yelling at my computer screen when I see that the estimated release date is pushed back again and again. :-(

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            Would rather they take a little longer and put out a good game. Getting a little tired of paying big bucks + monthly fee to do the final beta and stress testing of games
            If I purchase one more video game that feels more like a Beta I am going to stop purchasing games and start DLing them and trying them out first. Not that I condone downloading video games, in fact I am very agents the whole idea.

            But with companies pushing more and more garbage at the public they might as well stick a buyer beware sticker on all games. I am just protecting myself by downloading and *testing* the game.

            I find that poor, sloppy release are more in the MMO genre then any others. In the MMO area you cant really try before you buy in most cases. Or if you can its so restricted that you can truly see the game for all its Bugs and glory!

            I commend any company for pushing back or even canceling a game then release trash! It takes a lot of guts to goto the public and say hey you know that game you have been dieing to try . . . Well your gonna have to wait another year.


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              God I can't wait for this game! Here's hoping for an '08 release...and a fully feature complete one at that (though I doubt I would skip in if it wasn't, I'm a sucker like that).

              On a side note, I'm a software engineer (in the medial software field) and one thing about programmers, it has been my experience that we are horrible at giving estimates. My rule of thumb with estimating software development work, double it. Don't even get me going on QA, they get the short end of the stick usually.

              Blah!....'08, '08, '08....pleeeeeaaase!


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                Well, to start, let me say I'm biassed. I absolutely dislike EA. Especially after having a couple of issues with their customer support.

                Anyhow, for this title, I'll give them more credit than for most. Since EA, in my eyes, usually releases titles before they are done (Example: battlefield series).

                Next to that, I havn't seen a truely good title from them in years. Not any that are on the EA development team, and neither any with them as master publisher. (Seemingly they're sub-contracted to do regional publishing also, as I found in small text on my Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom box - Which is a real good game btw)

                Next to that, their bussiness tactics are seemingly less than propper.

                All in all, I hope that this delay is actually a positive thing. Rather than most of their rushed out, 10x copied over games with slight, barely noticable changes.

                P.S. Ofcource this last statement is an over generalization, but most of them have at least one or two of these items in there.
                - SG_01


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                  I don't think it's really delayed indefinitely, that sounds a lot like a misrepresented quote.

                  I think that a lot of people are responding to this news a little more harshly because it's about a game that we're really looking forward to seeing.


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                    Awww I was really looking forward to this game too.
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                      Ive been watching the progression of this game for quite some time now (I think beg. of 06'). I think Mr. Wrights idea behind the game is ingenious and would only expect it to be delayed as complicated as it is to design a game that uses strictly algorythems (sp?). 09' is a ways away but definantly already expect good things from this one.


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                        After playing Godfather for PC (along with most other typical cross platform titles by EA) I thought their slogan should be:
                        EA, if it's in the game, it's in the game, and you'll be lucky to get a patch to fix it.
                        I'm PRAYING Will takes a stand and make sure it's good and done before Spore gets rushed out the door.


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                          I'm quite convinced this game is never going to be released. Though, I hope it is, and soon. I've been dying for it to be out since I first heard of it like... decades ago (or so it feels).
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                            I just can't wait to make my own nasty blob-thing!

                            I do agree, though, that I'd rather play a good nasty blob-thing later than a buggy nasty blob-thing later.


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                              I am not a fan of EA games. However the idea of Spore really appeals to me.

                              Even though Spore isn't a Blizzard game, I do have faith that it will be "ready when its ready". Just as long as we don't have to wait too long. I'll give them another year before I start lambasting it as another Duke Nukem: Forever....