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NetDevil's 10th Year Anniversary Party

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  • NetDevil's 10th Year Anniversary Party

    Taks and I were invited to NetDevil's new offices to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and get an introduction to their upcoming projects Jumpgate Evolution, Warmonger, and Lego Universe.

    The event played host to a wealth of staff, friends, family, press, community, and so on. For we attendees, NetDevil, with assistance from the fine folks at Kohnke, provided food, the musical stylining of the company's in-house band "The Deviled Eggs", and a gaming tournament (called June Nad-ness) which spanned games on all platforms even giving a nod to tabletop and board games. After a brief message from the NetDevil execs Scott Brown, Peter Grundy, and Ryan Seabury, the press broke off to get demos of upcoming projects:

    Jumpgate Evolution is the graphical retooling of NetDevil's space-based flight simulator/MMOG. The game doesn't currently have a huge following as their publisher 3DO tanked right as the game, limiting the games publicity. But, NetDevil has remained dedicated to the title and now with "Evolution" they are making sweeping graphical improvements to the game to bring it into visual realm of the current market without greatly increasing the systems requirements. "Evolution" is currently accepting beta invites and as far as I can tell no one will be turned away. You can sign up here:

    Warmonger is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi FPS that builds on the direction of Auto Assault in that just about anything you see in the game world is destructible to the point that it must be factored into individual strategy. cover and concealment only last so long before it's destroyed by enemy fire. In essence no where is safe. It's a new level of immersize involvement that could well change how we play first person shooter games.

    And that leaves Lego Universe. Not much information is available here as it's still very early in the development process. But a few demo movies seemed to show that NetDevil is keen to maintain the family-friendly sense of humor evident in previous Lego titles. The game seems to incorporate elements from many of the Lego Themes. It was unclear if the game would include elements from the Star Wars or Batman sub-sets. For issues surrounding licensing... I doubt it.

    NetDevil gave us a wealth of assets via the press kit that I'll be posting shortly, including the Lego demo movies I mentioned above. I'd also like to encourage you guys to visit the NetDevil site. They're big on community, and like to include fans in the process.

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    Ahhh, Jumpgate. I tried that MMO, but my general dislike for piloting fightercraft and the game's complete lack of capital ships kind of left me with a 'This game is good, but not for me.' feeling.