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Moooortaaaal Goooo Fiiiisssshhhh! (4/25)

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  • Moooortaaaal Goooo Fiiiisssshhhh! (4/25)

    Last Friday (4/18) Midway Games announced the next game in the Mortal Kombat series Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. The game will pit heroes and villians from the Mortal Kombat and DC worlds against each other. The storyline is a collaboration between the MK creative team, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Justin Gray. Thus far the only offically announced characters are Scorpion, Sub Zero, Batman, and Superman. The game is expected to release for the PS3 and XBox 360 this Fall.
    Source: Midway Press Release [ more info ]

    Being a bit of a purist one would expect the idea of this game to annoy the crap out of me, but it doesn't. It sounds fun so I don't really care about issues with continuity or canon. What does worry me is the rumor that, Mortal Kombat co-creator and executive producer, Ed Boon stated the game will have no fatalities. [more info]

    I realize that in the comics hardly anyone ever dies, but this is a Mortal Kombat game. If you take away fatalities, what's left? They might as well be giving each other wicked purple nurples or some crap. I mean, who cares if Superman "dies" in a non-canon videogame? I want to see Scorpion shove a hunk of krytonite down Supe's gullet then choke him out with his own cape. That may just be me though.

    Now, I know I called it a rumor, but Ed Boon, in an interview with GameTrailers, said "you're not gonna tear Batman's head off. Superman's not gonna kill somebody". [more info] That, to me, is proof enough that there won't be any fatalities. But no one in the Midway or DC camps have officially said the words "there will not be fatalities". So, I feel a certain obligation to seperate myself from putting those words in their mouths. Don't fret too much though, there will be finishing moves. But, the idea seems to be that DC characters have never been in an M-rated title (game, movie, or otherwise) and Midway wants to remain true to that.

    So much for my dream of seeing Batman batarang Sub Zero's family jewels then string his freshly neutered ass up on a giant make-shift bat signal. **sighs**

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    but but...

    mk CAN'T not have fatalities! This is wrong!

    On the other hand, I don't own either console, so what do I care?


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      Bah, Batman kills people all the time. Just because that wussy Superman is afraid of a little blood they'll be turning Sub Zero into a Care Bear.
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        Without some kind of fatalities the game could've been just a card game like the comic illustrates. Crazy people not giving us blood and gore.
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          Mortal Go-Fish? lmao

          I read about this a while back, and I thought it was a joke.

          Even if there isn't fatalities....a fighting game with DC characters using what will probably be a Mortal Kombat engine? Sweeeet!

          (IMO Mortal Kombat isn't the best fighting game out there, but it's certainly enjoyable, even without the fatalities. Considering that *most* licensed fighting games suck...that Ed Boon is developing it is a great thing. :-)

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            Not to be a pain but umm my crazy just woke up mind was thinking, In Go Fish don't you ask for things in you hand? Sub Zero doesnt appear to have any 2's to begin with. Sorry but if I didnt say it my crazy mind would drive me nuts about it... OOo I feel better now, by the way I would totally buy a game if they had a Go Fish Mini Game. That would rock!!
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              MK without fatalities... That's kind of like Pac-Man without power pellets. Let's face it, for many people, fatalities were the major attraction of the MK series.
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                Originally posted by Woody
                So much for my dream of seeing Batman batarang Sub Zero's family jewels then string his freshly neutered ass up on a giant make-shift bat signal with his intestines. **sighs**
                i took the liberty of finishing the sentence properly for you in a good old fashioned mortal kombat way. i couldn't resist.
                but yeah, this game could be interesting and then again, it may not. only time will tell. lets hope for a demo on xbox live sometime this summer to find out.
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                  Prettypetalgirl, that's the point... they're fighters, not go fish players.


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                    Very subtle with the lack of twos. I like it!


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                      ROFLMAO! OH now I wish they really would make a game where you play card games like Uno, Go Fish, etc. using superheros...then have the loser throw a temper tantrum or get zapped by a superpower of the other player...

                      Awesome comic, Woody!
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                        I think it has to do with them not wanting the Comic characters to kill. It's one thing to have batman not rescue Ra's in a movie but another altogether to show him throwing a batarang at subzero to summon bats to eat him piranha style and leave a bloody skeleton (though that would be cool).

                        My biggest problem is that I love batman but don't own either 360 or ps3 and I don't want to, why is this not coming out for the Wii?


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                          i hafta admit, I find the idea of Kal-El ripping one of those puny mortals' heads off a tad bit unsettling.

                          Ultraman, maybe?
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                            Well, it worked for Marvel vs Capcom. Made a pretty awesome coin-op game (remember those?). The only problem is most gamers won't know who DC characters are besides Superman, Batman, and maybe Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. How many of the myriad of MK characters do you think they'll put in this game? I think it would be best served with the original 7.
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                              I am holding my opinon till I see more info come out. I have been looking for a good fighter this may be the one.
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