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    Hey all;

    So, after a hiatus of several years, I am moving back into online gaming. At the risk of igniting a war, I was hoping for some suggestions on where to start.

    My past experience was with Everquest (beta through to Lost Dungeons) and Anarchy Online and some Guild Wars.

    The main things I am thinking of are EQ II, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft and EVE Online. Galaxies and EVE attract me due to the more sci-fi elements, a bit tired of just hack and slash and sorcery, but WoW has a lot of friends saying I need to try it. And EQ, well, it's EQ and an old standby.

    Any suggestions?

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    Well, there's been so many changes to EQ since you left, the learning curve my be a bit severe. It might be easier to get into EQII.

    If you're going to play a Star Wars MMO, wait for Bioware's "Star Wars: The Old Republic" to come out.

    World of Warcraft is my favorite because of ease of use, more acceptable system requirements, and I personally love the graphics. But I've heard a lot of good things about EVE. It's not for me because I don't like the cutthroat nature of combat, how easily you can lose everything, and how easily the whole game can be thrown into chaos because of the actions of a mega-power... or a scam artist.


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      I saw Old Republic, and was really pumped about it, but I've lost count of the number of MMO's that I was excited about and then never materialized.

      I keep hearing good things about WoW, and reading through the stuff online, it seems a fun and casual game, that allows you to be dedicated or laid back, which I like. I don't like having to spend 20 hours a week in a game just to accomplish anything. Plus, I am really liking the Warlock class


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        Woody pretty much hit it on the head. Though it's a shame that you're a bit burnt on the fantasy scene, Warhammer Online is a lot of fun. Certainly comparable to WoW during it's opening year.

        At the end of it all though, the funnest game is the one you play with your friends. If you have people you know playing WoW, I recommend playing that.

        And really, there are a lot of fun options that don't require the MMO commitment. Valve games are a good choice for the FPS fans. Both Left 4 Dead and Team Fotress 2 are solid options. Dawn of War and Warcraft 3 are still solid RTS mainstays, and there is even a solid non-mmo rpg community in Never Winter Nights.
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          As for EvE Online ( Everyone vs. Everyone ) it is a dark unforgiveing game, if you do not pay attention you WILL lose everything, if you DO pay attention you WILL lose everything, when you get a ship you WILL lose it, and everything on it, and you WILL love it lol.

          Eve Online is a very player driven game, CCP may have created the game but it is the players that run it, that add to it, and make it what it is. Alot of MMOs out there also do that but Eve takes it to a level that scares alot of people. Or people really love it.

          But really check out the games, not only the online ads but their forums as well, it is there that you get a decent picture of what the game is like, as a general rule I would suggest stay away from the General Disscussion sections of what ever MMO you look into, that is were the ugly is lol.


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            City of Heroes/Villains is fun if you're looking to take a break from swords and sorcery, its a bit old but you can still find teams with some frequency. Be prepared to solo a bit. WoW is easilly accessable but it's mostly a solo game until 80 from my experiances. SWG, I wouldn't bother with it, I found the NGE made it very bland and boring and I recently resubed to it to see whats changed, the answer is not much.


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              well... most of the "modern" MMO's these days have a free trial... start downloading, see which ones tickle your fancy the most, then go hog-wild with it. nothing we say or do on here is going to tell you whether or not a game is "your style" nearly as quickly as a trial period will.

              its how i got wrapped up in eve enough to sport 3 accounts... everyone i know made it sound boring... i tried it out, and by the end of the first week i was addicted, hehe. but losing that first battleship is always going to be a sore spot


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                Well, thanks for the opinions everyone. I think WoW will win out in the end, as I am going to be pretty casual with it, and not have the dedication to really level and monitor everything regularly I suspect for a bit. Thanks


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                  I am as finicky as they come when it comes to MMO's.

                  I tried Gallaxies, Everquest, City of Heroes and Guild Wars and none of them ever held my attention for more than two or three months.

                  World of Warcraft is a completely different monster, in my opinion. It's as good as the genre can get, at this point. It's huge, accessible, fun, stable and still growing. Even if you're a bit burned out on the Swords and Sorcery style of RPG's, I really recommend downloading the 10 day free trial.

                  I've been playing it almost non-stop since two months after launch in 2005. (I took a 6 month break until just before the latest expansion came out).

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