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Sorry if that's a little hard to see. (1/9)

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  • Sorry if that's a little hard to see. (1/9)

    Taks played some WoW this weekend for the first time in forever. And during one of the breaks she took, theKid asked "what are we having for dinner". Her response was "Basilisk". The rest was my doing. Oddly enough, the kiddo just laughed with us instead of asking "daddy, what does stoned mean" like he usually does.

    Thanks to the barely-used, hand-me-down parts I mentioned previously both Taks and I upgraded our computers this weekend. The result? World of Warcraft handling graphics set on ultra. I'm not sure but I think it may have laughed at me before moving on.

    Well, as part of the upgrade, I moved to Windows 7 and have been jumping through some pretty ridiculous hoops for days. I wrestled all day with getting Photoshop to accept the permissions I'd already granted myself, before Stormy reminded me of a conversation we had nearly a year ago about Admin accounts in Windows 7. (Thanks Stormy.)

    After that problem a much more insidious one stumped me, leaving me in the lurch for an inked final product. That's why the comic today is just a blueline sketch. Seems there's some issue between Windows 7, Photoshop CS, and my Cintiq. Even though I can see the pressure sensitivity levels in the Cintiq's control panel Photoshop isn't letting me control line width via pressure setting like I've been doing the last few months. It's very frustrating because I can see Tantalusian fruit on a branch just out of my reach.

    I'm still working on it and am hoping to have a full color comic tomorrow. And then maybe I'll do a live feed of finishing today's comic.

    How was your weekend?

    ----- Update -----

    The full color version is posted now.

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    LOL! I love puns


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      Hooo boy ao I'm not the only one who's had a weekend of head-bang-desk inducing software experiences. (my video editing software decided to fail on thursday, I finally got it working again on saturday)

      *shrug* I've have Windows 7 for the better part of a year, now.. and Vista before that, so I'm pretty well used to how it behaves.

      And the comic looks great even as a sketch, plus got a good laugh out of me. Sort of reminds me of the RPGs Working Designs would... "translate" for the US, adding in interesting things in the info. Yes, there were quite a few odd choices of words for the manual's description of what being "stoned" by an enemy entails.


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        I gotta ask which version of Photoshop you use.
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          I don't have a tablet, but I don't have many win 7 related issues to Photoshop CS5.
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            Hmm...I do have a tablet and it sort of decides not to work out of stubborness if I start my drawing/painting program without using the pen and tablet to actually click the program icon.
            It wants to be there from the start. But it might just be me and my Win7...and as I use GIMP as a drawing never knows. It might just be my computer that is .."special".


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              I use MS Paint when I do mess with images. So I doubt I will be any help.


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                Daemos, why do you "have to ask"? Reading the writeup will give you answer.


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                  Basilisk. Can't say I've tried that, always heard they were poisonous. Ah well, find any good recipes?

                  I've been on windows 7 for a while now, but just moved to 64 bit on new years.
                  Massive improvement in a lot of things. Might just be because it can now access the full 8gm ram installed.
                  (Supposedly W7-32 can address 4gb, but mine only showed 3. However, as W7-64, all 8 are listed.)

                  So, you planning Kraken-burgers for lunch later ?
                  I have a wandering mind, but that's ok, it brings back presents. >^_^<


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                    Ah, the joys of a new operating system. The exciting moment when you install it, hold your breath and pray that all your old programmes still work....the stream of curses that you emit when you discover your programme ALMOST works but not quite.

                    My weekend was a good one - had Friday off and my Razer Naga mouse arrived (first time I have ever indulged in a mouse more expensive than £5). It's been a rocky ride trying to get the hang of it while trying to main tank in Rift, but has also led to funny moments (instead of interupting a mob's spell I mounted my horse which confused my group a little)


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                      My weekend comprised clean out and donations. It was good. Needed to be done. I like the line drawings, Woody. I find them equally interesting with your inked stuff.

                      I am also working on a new comp build... something that I haven't done for years. I am finally moving away from the MacPro I have had. The problem is that I am not a content creator... which it would handle with aplomb. I am a gamer and it was killing how old the hardware was but it was not something I could upgrade too much due to lack of drivers. Besides, I have been bootcamping Win7 since it came out and found myself less and less booting to Mac. So, that was my weekend. Anyone interested in a much loved Mac Pro from 2008? Dual quadcore CPU's... :P
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                        I actually like the sketch version. I'm sure the final will look great, but I like the sketch too.


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                          Some more basilisk on your pizza?
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                            After failing more last night to get everything playing nice together, and this morning starting no better, I decided on the ham-fisted, brute force approach.

                            I uninstalled everything associated with Wacom and Adobe. Installed a Cintiq driver that had previously failed me, but was reported the most widely for dealing with pressure sensitivity issues. Then reinstalled Photoshop clean. The beautiful thing about Adobe not supporting CS anymore is that they don't seem to care how many activation attempts you make any more.

                            The sun shown through a small crack in the blinds at that moment, bathing my 21UX in the soft glow of our own personal universal candle. A chorus of angels began singing somewhere in the neighborhood, wafting to my ears as a gentle whisper tickling the cilia contained therein. And the little alert icon beside Control: Pen Pressure was no more.


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                              /cheer Woody

                              I'll be honest, I didn't know wtf you were saying until you said, "chorus of angels began singing".
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