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    One of our guild mates used to have his 9year old daughter farm for him. One time he was running late and she played his character better than he did during the Lurker fight.


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      Kids playing EQ? Haha, eq was long enough ago that I was a kid playing eq. That was when I was 12 and one of my first forays into online gaming, above casual internet use, and forum communities.
      I am going to have to disagree with your detective work there.


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        My daughter is 8. She has a 85 WoW hunter. She even killed Deathwing on LFR. She hasn't started leveling up in Pandaria yet only because she got distracted by a panda monk on which she heals dungeons. She mostly groups with at least one parent and we had to make a rule that she's not allowed to tell dungeon groups her age until we've successfully cleared the dungeon. People seem to take the news that their healer is only 8 better once all the mobs are dead and no one who didn't deserve it died.

        She started playing around 5 1/2 with a free to play account. Back then she mostly rode the tram between Stormwind and Ironforge and mailed random rocks to my guildies (who were very understanding and sometimes mailed her back stuff).

        Playing WoW has improved her reading a lot but we keep trade chat turned off on her machine.


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          My daughter was 5 when I started playing EQ. Her favorite thing was to run around that tree city and jump off the highest places...she had her own alt for that. Anyway, she grew up on EQ, DAoC and we moved to WoW when it first came out when she was 9. By the time we got that, she knew all her game ettiquette and how not to piss off other players. I never left her alone in EQ and DAoC....except once.

          She's 16 now so this happened quite a while ago. On DAoC, she liked to explore with my characters, just run around the cities and stuff. One day I signed in to find my main toon was now married to some guy named Richard (who was another kid around 7, yeah, it was obvious). You could get married by the NPCs in that game, but there wasn't any divorce. If I remember though, you could get married as much as you wanted. Suffice to say, she had her own account by the next day.

          When we got WoW, she got her own account as soon as I got mine. Turned out to be a good thing, because to this day she still loves jumping off the highest places she can find. She also went through the phase of mailing things to my guildies including rotting fish, animal parts, and various nasty stuff fished up in Undercity. Sometimes wrapping it up as a present. ....who am I kidding, she still does that too.


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            My RL friends and I play Dungeons and Dragons Online together, and one of their sons wants to play, but isn't quite ready. I became his favorite person in the world by sitting down with him and talking about my characters with him.

            On a semi-related note, make your kid a free-to-play account now, before he plays much more. Tell him that he has to make a new character so that you two can play at the same time. I don't play WOW, but if it is like other games, you should be able to delete the character on your account and then immediately recreate it on his account with the same name, they usually free up the names in the database rather quickly. You could even create a low-level alt to help him sometimes.


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              I let my 2 1/2 yr old "play" my CoH characters. Not a lot of damage he can do selling or destroying things, but he only wants to do one thing when he "plays". He will sit and hit my costume change macros and my "alakazamreact" emote macro (which changes you temporarily into an object in the area you're in). All of them have some sort of spiffy effect with them-- getting struck by lightning, a puff of smoke, etc. He's been doing this since he was about a year old. The chat channels I frequent always say "Hey Goblin!" when they start getting random strings of text from one of my characters

              Since the news CoH is going under, I've been looking for another game he might have fun in. Vanguard has an old vet award wand that gives you an illusion of a random mob in the game for an hour. Once it turned me into a bat, so now when I turn that game on, he starts shouting "BAT! BAT!" So I keep hitting the wand until it turns me into a bat.


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                I've done this with my niece, which is why I have a lvl 5 female worgen hunter named Puppykisses that I can never delete.


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                  This is backwards for me.
                  Originally, I begged my dad to let me play EQ. Eventually took over the account (he quit). Years later, I randomly try out WoW. He sees me playing it, I get this idea that we need something in common to talk about again. "Hey, you should try this out.."

                  Thus begins a period of time in which I was locked out of my own WoW account any time he was home. Eventually I started over on a second account and we played together a bit, though.


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                    I started playing UO a very long time ago, when it was still free World PVP, i know of one group of kids who use to play all american and none older then 12, i would always run when i saw them, they where seriusly nasty.
                    Over the years i found manny kids playing MORPGS, the one i remember the most was in EQ, he was about 7/8 years old, had very good english and was a scam artist, he would be on chat telling people how awome some of the items where that he had for sale, and talked people into buying stuf for 300% and more of the market value and selling thing for almost nothing to him, he had more money then all of the guild combined)
                    The other was a girl, we where in WoW and she almost never chated but was always with us on quests and raids, and was good at her class (healer) we didn't find out she was 6 untill she wasnt online for a wile and we asked her friend (turned out to be her mother) where she was, we where told that: no mater what she sayed to her, the daughter wanted to play outside, so her mother "let" her do it and told us that she would grow out of it and return to wow later =)

                    some of the other kids are the scream in the mic for no reason, rage attacks, ect, ect, if a guild contains these kind of kids then i'm out.


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                      Our now 9 year old daughter started playing wow when she was 2. We took a lot of jibes about letting such a young person play the game. But, she really had fun. At the time we where Horde and she often played alliance. She loved to hug the cows. And she loved BG's.

                      One night in guild one of our guild mates was complaining about getting ganked over and over and corpse camped. He use to consider himself an Elite PvP'r. When he learnt that he was getting face stomped by a 2 year old.. well the laughter on vent...

                      She is still very active in BG's and at least now she can type and read no more.. Daddy come read this for me. (I miss that)

                      She still dress's to look pretty for her BG's instead of worrying about stat's and despite often wearing poor gear always ends up in the top 5 for kill's.

                      She loves collecting pet's and taming new mob's for her hunter. She has much more patience then we do when it comes to camping for rare's


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                        I am a kid-MMO story!

                        I started back during Everquest, it being one of the few games that I began playing around then. I think I was around 3 or 4, I can't exactly remember my age but I do remember the fun!

                        My character was Bibble, a halfling warrior. Yes, I thought he was awesome, and clearly my opinion still holds since I cannot remember the names of any other of the countless alts I made back then. I remember my parents going so far as to give me my own account, unfortunately the picture of us all playing together has been lost to the ages.

                        Though I can't seem to remember much about the game I do remember how to find the orcs near Freeport and getting to nuke a bunch of giants on my father's mage, which always made my day since I accomplished it on my own. My parents were rather good teachers, they taught me not to die and to not bite off more than I could chew (meaning pulling more than two mobs at a time)-- even when I was playing on my own. I ran around hitting things until they died, when I got killed instead I got annoyed and ran all the way back to my corpse shortly before claiming my revenge against my murderers and laughing like a little maniac.

                        Ah yes, Bibble the Halfling, no gnome or dwarf can compare. Unfortunately it seems that with those years of playing my parents ended up cursing me. They got me hooked on gaming because they were always lacking a tank. Imagine, if you will, a toddler tanking for his parents. It went surprisingly well, then again they also sat right next to me and hit the right buttons whenever I was clueless, though mostly they seemed to be pleased with my button-mashing. I still play tanks to this day, but have never found a race suitable for being the new Bibble.


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                          Long time reader, but first time posting here.

                          My son, who is 3 years old, has taken an interest in playing WoW. This first started with him wanting to sit on my lap and move my characters around. This went on for about a week and I found that I couldn't play myself as he was constantly wanting to play too.

                          Enter the free trial account. Now he can play and move his own character around and I can get back to playing.

                          I do have to occassionaly stop what I'm doing to get his character unstuck, but after 2 weeks or so of playing, he has improved his movement skills a lot... to the point where his lvl 1 character has escaped Orgrimmar on numerous occasions with the expected results since he only understands how to use the arrow keys to move.

                          He even got on the zepplin a handful of times this weekend and made it to Borean Tundra. I can only imagine how much he'll progress over the next year.


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                            I can't wait to teach my niece and nephews to play something!
                            Plethora- Bloodelf paladin, member of 'We Have a Tabard'

                            Lots of alts (kaerbaer, ingratitude, Miedo, Estrellita, Kaerin)


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                              Not sure if this counts, but I remember, back when I was beta testing EQOA (and yes, Woody, the graphics were, to use your words "Liquid Monkey Ass" even by EQ's standards), my brother had just moved in with us, and was watching.

                              He thinks the game's amazing, and asks if he can play when I'm at work, I shrug and say okay. Note that by this time I'm a 'veteran' of EQ classic and have had at least a couple years of it under my belt.

                              2 days later, I'm coming home from work, and he's pulling crazy tactics I'd have never thought of to effortlessly kill red con mobs solo.

                              Long story made longer, when the game launched I had to buy myself a second PS2...

                              Then there's FFXI, I had just gotten it halloween of 03, and my then-best friend now-fiancee was over and watching. "hey, that's cool, can I play?". I shrug and say fine. Well, I end up going to bed after a late night game fest, wake up 8 hours later,, she's STILL playing. She ended up being given the acct and last I heard had multiple jobs at level cap

                              Long story made longer: I don't show anybody MMORPGs anymore.


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                                Originally posted by quebmb View Post
                                Now the fun story time. We were raiding ZG (back in vanilla when it was still a raid). Right before Hakkar we decided to take 10 minutes so people could do their bios and smoke before we initiated the fight. I was afk, the boy got on my laptop and ran my rogue up to Hakkar and started button smashing until I was dead.

                                Same thing happened in Lich King raid, against Saragosa, My husband was afk smoking still when most of the raid was back waiting (my computer was in another room). We saw his paladin start moving back and forth. He started getting a little too close to the boss. People in vent were yelling for him to cut it out. Of course he didn't respond back because it was the child playing with daddy's character. Then everyone saw the Paladin dead on sprint towards the boss with child yelling "Pretty Dragon!" from the other room.

                                needless to say, it was a wipe both times.
                                This sounds super familiar, except the second part for my former guildmate was a Rogue Husband in MC back in the day.