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    The Kiddo asked to play World of Warcraft yesterday (not the first time). So we loaded up his character and let him run free. He somehow managed, at level 2, to make his way to Ratchet and hop the boat to Booty Bay. He got out and ran around, but ultimately, got back on the boat and made it his home for at least an hour.

    You remember that sense of wonder? That first MMO world that felt far bigger than you could ever imagine? Over time it all shrinks or, at least, seems to. Everything irises in, narrowing our focus. We zip from place to place never inching our way into those nooks and crannies we actively sought out when we started.

    I do still explore. But not like I used to. I allow myself to sink into the relative sameness of day-to-day MMO activity. Sometimes I wonder if there will ever be a game that speaks to me the way Everquest did back in the day. How about you guys?

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    Yes! And in fact, my experience involved boats. I had just spent 10 levels (about 5 too many!) in Blackburrow, and finally made my way into Qeynos. It was night, and as I approached the docks, the sails slowly clipping into view was a jaw-dropping moment for me.

    Also, running from Qeynos to Freeport the first time - before there were ports/books/etc - was an epic journey. The bridge to North Karana (?) I think it was, literally had be speechless.


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      My step father and I were talking about that this weekend, I remember killing rats and being terrified when I had a much higher /con mob after me or lord for bid if I had DIED clear out in the middle of the swamp and had to do a corpse run. Ah... discovering the large cities and grouping up to farm monsters for the first time, being amazed by a clerics skill level and the fact that he could heal. I agree I totally miss those days.


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        /shout Sand Giant to Zone!!
        Ah I sure miss those days especially OOT (Ocean of Tears in EverQuest), spending hours on end traveling from one location to another. Especially the travel from Freeport to the other city (i forgot the name) in the west, going through 5 large zones, especially North Karana and East Karana without horses or SoW.

        I believe, despite that EverQuest is so outdated, if it became truly free to play or micropay model like RoM (and not like EQII micropay model), people would actually make an effort to go back and fool around again in EQ. Who knows...

        I think since pokemon (Pet Battle) has been added to WoW, some people actually go out and explore the world to find the next mysterious pet and most times they would say "wow, never seen this place before".


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          I really do miss that sense of adventure I had in EQ...I remember sitting on the boat for 20-30 minutes going across...seeing the islands before you hit Qeynos...sharing languages with people on the boat as you travelled. A sense of mystery whenever you went to a new place, and the scare of getting deep in some dungeon and knowing if you screwed up, you had a couple hours to waste getting your corpse back. Ahhh..the enjoyment before I have no time to play due to kiddos.


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            I remember being stuck on boats in EQ because of zone loading problems. By the time the zone loaded, the boat had zoned again.


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              From a design standpoint, I completely understand the almost instantaneous boat travel these days.
              From a gamer standpoint, I loved just sitting on the boat watching the islands go by in the Timorous Deep, or the Ocean of Tears, waiting to get to my destination.

              Except when I fell off/clipped through the boat. Then it wasn't so great.


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                Like so many others, nostalgia drags me back to EQ. I've tried more than once to recapture the initial sense of grandness the game inspired, but it's not the same anymore.

                Anyone remember creeping from Steamfont to GFay and PRAYING a brownie wouldn't come running along and eat you alive? Or smacking a pixie? heh

                Or the first time you stood at the docks in BB and the boat appeared? Or (for those of you from servers where people gathered near the bank in FP) turning "lag corner" and waiting for your system to stutter its way into loading the dozens of people packed into that little square?

                EQ opened new worlds for many of us. It had its drawback, but in that time and place, few of us saw them. We were captured by a sense of wonder that no other MMO since has quite managed to inspire in us.

                I played WoW (for years, and loved it), Lineage II and a few other MMOs. All have their pros and cons, but none will ever inspire my imagination the way that that first glimpse of Norrath did.

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                  I honestly wish/desire they would bring back games like Everquest. todays MMO's are jsut to simple and easy for me to even play anymore. you max out lvl's in less than 2 weeks and then you spend the rest of your time being bored out of your mind doing rinse and repeat quests. I miss the Challange that Everquest had and even Everquest 2 before they started dumbing it down to WoW lvl's.


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                    First time playing wow and doing all of the quests in Teldrassil I couldn't figure out what to do where to go next. Get around to asking the friend who had given me a trial disc for wow, and he tells me you take the boat. Boat? what boat? I don't see any boats in Darnassus. Proceeds to tell me about the teleporter thing down to the docks... Coolest thing I had ever seen up to that point (except maybe seeing FFVII cutscenes for the first time). Realizing I had been playing the game in the tiniest corner of the world so far was definitely a shock.
                    PROTECT ME CONE!!!


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                      Damn you Woody! All this EQ nostalgia has sucked me back in again....I'm digging out my old discs tonight and reinstalling EQ.

                      It'll be a change going back to the old style of playing for FOREVER withotu levelling...but I think the memories it brings back will make it worth it.

                      I'll have to start up a ROG or RNG and get me the SSoY for old times sake!


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                        *sigh* memories.

                        I think to reproduce that you would really have to make what would now be considered a really really HARSH world. EQ wasn't forgiving. Anyone else kill that royal fish and have a sense of dread when you got the message, "you feel the hatred of an entire race upon your shoulders!" It was the permanency of it all.

                        It actually mattered. I don't know if you can reproduce that feeling of awe without making a game that can regularly terrify the player.


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                          Definitely agree. I remember the first time I went into dagnor's cauldron (think that what it was called) playing my Dwarf. Killed a Goblin and a lucky coin dropped! I was like kick-ass!

                          Great memories...


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                            Yeah, Everquest is still one of my favorite MMOs, its just a shame how much they changed it.
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                              It's the number one reason I LOVE no flying till max level. It puts you down on the ground, experiencing the content. Many of my friends were max level when I was still 86 in jade forest, they couldn't understand why I was exploring and experiencing the content and taking my time the way I was.

                              I just told em they didn't get it.