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    Our Sunday night D&D campaign is shifting a bit. The DM needs a break. One of our members is bowing out to spend more time with his lady. And we're introducing another female player to the table. So, we've decided to shift gears and play a new campaign. We were each challenged with trying something new. I've been playing for 20+ years now, "something new" isn't easy for me. But they wanted to see me play a Striker. So... I made a lovable Bugbear Fighter (Slayer).

    I've spent a lot of time creating the character, picking abilities and gear that fit the character rather than minmaxing. Okay okay, so there's some minmaxing, but it's all character driven I swear. His name is Thunk. He's not very bright. He's a bugbear that was raised by humans. He likes colorful ribbons tied in his fur. He loves animals. And, he carries around a stuffed owlbear given to him by his best pal Cassi (Taks). Don't get Thunk wrong here, he also carries around a massive axe and doesn't stop fighting until his friends are safe. It's going to be a fun character to play.

    PS. Ted's not real.


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    Welcome back from the hack... looks like things are picking up nicely around here. I like the new styling. Just dropped by to say HI, and I'm still around, since I read through RSS mostly...
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      Mildly reminds me of my Weemic (sp?). Thanks to a mildly sadistic DM taking full advantage of the fact my character was both completely ignorant of magic, and highly gullible...He was carrying around a lightstone that he was totally convinced was a holy artifact...With a set of rules on how to properly pay homage to it...daily...Was some fun RPing!
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        The picture link to the indiegogo site works, but the word link (GU Ad Free @ IndieGoGo ) doesn't... it goes to a dead page.

        Thought you'd want to know...

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          The text link works for me.


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            Originally posted by Tigernach View Post
            The picture link to the indiegogo site works, but the word link (GU Ad Free @ IndieGoGo ) doesn't... it goes to a dead page.
            Works fine for me. ::shurg::

            Great to see the forums are back even though I don't visit them much. I assume we still have Taks to thank for this, so a huge: WAY TO GO TAKS!
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              Ted's not real? Say its not so! Glad to have you back.


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                Taks did the initial import, Tapatalk and Facebook integration, and re-populated the fancast subscription table by hand.

                Ryan got the Avatars table from the old forum database to play nice with the new database, saving most of our avatars.

                I've been tweaking forum settings, scrambling to re-introduce old content pages, and trying to get the new site design completed.

                Aaaaannnnnd... Ted's not real.


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                  Ted?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo ooooooooo..................

                  On a side note The title "I have no Idea" reminds of a bit in the movie Brave.
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                    Woody, I would love to see a drawing of this new character Thunk, he sounds interesting!


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                      It's not minmaxing if you can explain it via roleplay!

                      I spend hours upon hours with my characters. If its not got a good backstory and an interesting characteristic i start again. Having character builders really helps with that, but i know a lot of people prefer to scour the books and do it by hand.

                      Currently playing with the concept of an actor who has had a cursed mask (shaped as the comedy/tragedy masks) placed upon his face, making him unrecognisable and forcing him to steal for a living, using his acting skills to impersonate, distract, and generally mislead people. A masked gentleman versed in performance fighting (a la final fantasy 9's intro). Not focused on combat, but also skills and interpersonal stuff.


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                        Glad to see GU forums back up. I'm one of those people that think P&P RPGs blows away online MMO's. This comic has me itching to gather a few people and force them to play. Two of the drawbacks to P&P RPGs is the time syncing and finding an adequate location. Sometimes you got to say "screw it" and make things work.....with the aid of a giant axe.
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                          We're playing Pathfinder, and I just switched to a caster from a thief. I am now playing a Sylph Witch with a Parrot familiar. This works out well since my Witch can be all mysterious and talk in a wispy voice and my own inner snark can come out via the parrot. In fact the GM has also gotten into the act, so the parrot is already driving the dwarf mad in a good way. I can't wait to use my Prehensile Hair Hex to strangle someone from 10 feet away. That is going to rock.


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                            Man, seeing all these tabletop comics reminds me of my days playin/DMin. My favorite character to use was a Cursed Cleric.

                            He was my first character, ended up being a class/race/level combo that could not exist in normal games (my DM was kinda new to the game too) After a fateful encounter with a lost temple of his deity (his friends were taking everythign that was not nailed down while he was trying to figure out what the place was) he ended up cursed with immortality. First off he has his right leg and left arm ripped off. He could not grow as all being wish to and everyone close (spatially) to starts to have nasty things happening to them (his friend from his first campaign were all killed at the end by the deity) the last part was that there were no rewards if something was killed while he was too close.

                            I loved using him, after his first encounter he drank worse than a dwarf and often hired young adventurers to escort him to new locations when the local populous began to connect him to the bad things that happen around, he was kinda conspicuous.
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                              Okay, I feel a little weird saying this, but Ted feels way real to me. When I first read the comic, I was like, "Huhm, I don't get the joke." and it took me about 10 or 15 minutes to actually realize, "Oh.. wait. Ted isn't a real person." Then I realized that to me, Ted sort of is real. I mean, this was my first webcomic and Woody/Ted are two parts of the same person(The real Woody). Maybe that's just me, though.