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Accomplishments (3/11)

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  • Accomplishments (3/11)

    Some days being a dad that works from home can be... challenging. Where none of my days have been quite so busy as the comic indicates, the kiddo is not in school right now so I have to split my work day between tending to his needs and doing all that stuff for the website that I've mentioned before. But after Taks had to pull a double shift I can kinda halfway relate to the comic. Whew.


    The IndieGoGo campaign is done and we fell just a bit short. But we brought in well over twice what I expected. So that's a super win in my book. Right now I'm assembling the survey to get all the relevant data to start fulfilling perks. Everyone that contributed should receive contact from me soon about your specific perk level. From there I will move as quickly as possible to get everyone their goodies.

    I'm also in the middle stages of creating a login here at GU that will let contributors in to manage the info associated with their perk level.

    Thanks again to all of you!

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      I think my favorite part is the Kid's response


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        As soon as I get home, I'm logging in to EQ and creating a female char named Mestic! And once she hits 20, you guessed it, surname: Dogdress.

        Everyone around is already saying this Woody, but I'll chip in too: thanks for all you do. You have been a part of my daily routine for almost 13 years now. I read 11 webcomics and if I had to give up 10 of them, GU would be the last one standing.

        PS. This comic inspired me to start playing EQ again....4 months later and got a lvl 95....certainly isn't like the old days, but it's tons of fun, and the wife is playing too (also 95), so thanks for that man, we're having a great time!


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          Stay-at-home / work-from-home dads GO!
          - Zoloph
          What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!


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            the 'goddess' part...


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              I laughed a lot at the "goddess" part. Working from home or just being a homemaker is often busier than most people imagine. What I like best about this comic and its forums (besides the actual comic) is knowing that there are others who enjoy playing video games (responsibly)with their spouses and families.


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                I wish I were so lucky. If I take eyes off my two little hellions for ten seconds, property damage ensues, so I get nothing done around here that isn't immediately undone. I look forward to a nice, relaxing vacation in Afghanistan later this year where I can de-stress, get sleep, and actually be able to write when not on shift