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  • Jab Jab Jab (3/15)

    I browsed a news article this morning about how David Bautista, former WWE wrestler Batista, would be playing Drax the Destroyer in an upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. [more info] Now, despite not watching wrestling, I know who Batista is. I've seen his ridiculous physique. And where I'm unwilling to slap him with a claim that he's a steroid user, it's an accusation that has followed him his entire career. Due, in no small part, to his frequent muscle tears, which is a sign of steroid use but it's also a sign of chronic body building. So yeah, I dunno.

    I also know exceptionally little about the Guardians of the Galaxy. I see that it's a Marvel comic. But I don't know the characters or the point. I could google it (and I did for the sake of the comic) but that's not going to make me less ignorant. Not really. Someone want to fill us all in? Is this something we should be remotely excited for?


    So, there are a handful of you that have multiple contributions to the GU Ad Free project on IndieGoGo . This has confused IndieGoGo and they want to know if this was your intention. They've sent you emails. But, they also said if they don't receive a response by the 20th to the email they sent, they will refund the double payment. So please be on the lookout for an email from IndieGoGo.

    Beyond that, I'm hoping to have the Fullfillment emails out tomorrow! There will be login information for you to check your contribution information (shipping address, forum account, how you want to be listed on the thank you page, etc.) So be on the lookout for that as well. Thanks!

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    All I know is, I have been using the nickname Drax since I was 12, that's 26 hears ago. The nickname has nothing to do with Marvel, and this is the first I have even heard of it. Hmm... May have to check it out. He was an ok bad guy in Iron Fists. And even an Ok bad guy in an awesome movie earns you some cred.

    BTW, anyone else think he kinda looks like a zombie Kratos in this comic?
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      Put as succinctly as possible, the Guardians of the Galaxy are to the entire Marvel universe what the Avengers are to Earth.

      It has the potential to be great, but as far as Marvel comics go, it's not exactly what one might consider "central," and I'm wary of getting my hopes up over it. Most of what happens in Marvel takes place on Earth, specifically in New York, and at this point they've made up to half a dozen movies about the most important characters and teams. However, the Marvel universe has numerous extraterrestrial species and beings (like Galactus) that interact with the Earthbound heroes from time to time. Most notably are:
      - the Shi-Ar, a humanoid race descended from bird-like creatures that often deal with the X-Men over the destructive threat of the Phoenix (see: Jean Grey)
      - the Kree, a bunch of militaristic blue-skinned folks who are directly involved in the creation of Captain Marvel and who are normally at war with...
      - the Skrull, which are shape-shifting imperalists with funny chins that have repeatedly tried to kill the Fantastic Four and take over Earth and such

      There's several others as well, but as time passed, these aliens went from being occasional story motivators to a legitimate (if infrequent) part of the Marvel Universe. As a result, Marvel created a team whose job it was to (you guessed it) guard the galaxy against threats posed by these races, or by the insanely powerful beings that seem to just float around space waiting to mess stuff up for Earth.

      Unfortunately, the team contains exactly ZERO central characters to the Marvel universe, so they're facing a real challenge enticing people to come see it. Although I'd still go watch it to see Cosmo the dog.
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        I'm not sure I agree with Omrikon in his general assessment of the Guardians. Peter Quill (Starlord) was a low-scale but high power hero back in the day, who suffered some serious personal trauma in the course of being a hero that led to the usual self-doubt and abandonment of identity. A couple of years ago during and in the aftermath of the Annihilus Wave (when the Negative Zone invaded the normal universe through a place called the Crunch, where the two meet...the reason for this being that the ever expanding universe has to expand into something, and that's what the negative zone is, and thus the negative zone inhabitants got pissed off and followed their king Annihilus into the most devastating invasion of the normal universe that it had ever seen, even going so far as to weaponise Galactus) he was convinced by Nova and Quasar and his own inner need to do so to help. Inevitably, the return of the Starlord (which everyone insists on calling him, despite him not wanting to be called that) garnered him a bit of respect and some followers, the Kree lent him a crew of super-class prisoners who turned into the Guardians of the Galaxy, including Groot, a massive tree-entity of awesomeness, Rocket Raccoon, a talking raccoon with a penchant for high explosives and big guns, Drax the Destroyer whose sole purpose in existence is to kill Thanos the Mad Titan, Gamora who's an intergalactic assassin with an amazing ass, and a couple of others, one who I don't think survives and the other whose name I've forgotten but is an nth level pre-cog and a prima-donna to boot.

        They're a motly crew of second-stringers and anti-teamers who come together to whoop some ass where ass needs whoopin.

        And, Omrikon in addressing Cosmo you're assuming they reach the Celestial's Head...
        Watch this!
        Meh, I can take it.


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          I hate it when ever anyone brings up steroids. Like it's this one acme style bottle with steroids written on its side and that makes you really muscular and crazy. And it's this duality with muscle building agents that makes it so easy to just lob the word around and diminish guys like David Bautista. "Steroids" don't make you muscular. They allow you to work beyond your limits. They allow you to recover faster so you can work even harder. That's what Bautista has done, he's worked his ass off to be the biggest, meanest and strongest wrestler the world has ever seen. And I despise anyone who just throws out the word "steroids" at him as if to diminish his worth.


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            Pretty much what Omikron and Endilbriach said. Basically, they're 2nd and 3rd string super powerful 2 dimmensional characters who couldn't carry their own books and were yawned at when introduced into other books gathered together to be the Universal Avengers, handling the problems that no single super powerful 2nd or 3rd string superhero that most people didn't care about could handle alone. Having said that, they've had some fine writers and artists over the last few years and there have been a number of good story archs. Marvel has been nice enough to digitalize their comics (they add more every week) and for a small fee you can get unlimited access to their digitalized data base of past issues. Which is the only reason I know about the Guardians; even when I was an avid comic collector I wouldn't have bought the title. But that's just my opinion; others will vary.


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              Yeah.. Batista is an animal.
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                If it helps any, I happen not to be ignorant when it comes to understanding how steroids function. Maybe it's because my mother was prescribed to take steroids to cope with certain illnesses she was dealing with (so I do not use the term steroids as a blanket term that's associated only with performance enhancement) or maybe it's because of this crazy thing I tend to do called "read". So, skipping past my not caring if he did or did not. It is a simple truth that steroid use allows body builders, especially those who are already known for chronic weight training, to exceed the limitations of their own body causing muscles to tear. I can give you a full break down of why if you like: muscle outgrowing tendon capacity, muscle inflexibility, etc. But, it's just as easy to not be readily dismissive and know that some of us aren't knuckle dragging idiots.

                The comic may be a bit on the nose (which is the point) because it doesn't have room to carry any context. But, the write-up didn't make any accusations or assumptions. The intent was to be equal parts jabbing at Batista, steroid use, and people who make silly steroid use assumption, hence "Jab Jab Jab".


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                  It's funny, the article got me woundering about "Guardians of the Galaxy", I recognized the name but couldn't figure out where. I searched on the internet and came up with three results, the original comic, the new re-imagined comic and the movie. When I saw the picture on the internet of the original "Guardians of the Galaxy" I knew I had seen that somewhere and so I went digging through my comics that were handed down to me through my family. I have issue 1 of the original "Guardians of the Galaxy" and it had been years since I read it, so I decided to read it again. If the movie gets based on the principles of the comic, I beleive that this could be a very action oriented movie with potential and it doesn't have as much stress put on it as the more main-stream marvel comics do. HOPE THAT HELPS WOODY.


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                    Note: I watched 'The Man with the Iron Fists' last night specifically because it had Bautista in it. I imagine he'll do a perfectly reasonable job of acting in a Super Hero movie. I like to think I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt here.


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                      Ah, the Guardians of the Galaxy.

                      I'm going to preface this by saying I've no idea about their current incarnation, but originally they were a product of 70s sci-fi.

                      Several centuries in the future, the Earth had been conquered by the evil Badoon, who held humanity as well as the rest of the galaxy in their tyrannical grip. A small resistance had formed to fight back against the Badoon, free men and women who would stand and fight! Of these were a band of elite fighters, survivors of worlds conquered by the Badoon. Lead by Major Vance Astro, last survivor of the 20th Century, they were... THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

                      That iteration persisted at least into the early 90s, though the motivations changed (War won, etc). They'd always been a bit of a side Marvel set, really. They were too far in the future to really interact with most of the Marvel Universe, but they did do better than most of the other 70s style sci-fi series that they had running which didn't last all that long. They were also able to cross-over with the more space-set characters such as Firelord and the Silver Surfer, so that helped. I really had no idea they were still around until I saw they were planning on making a film of them. I get the feeling they're trying to gather enough characters together to try The Infinity Gauntlet, but given that they're missing quite a few of the main players (due to Marvel's film rights being so spread out) I'm not sure how that will work.

                      It's a lesser known ensemble comic, which work for them and against them. They'll have less of an ardent following, and will have more freedom on how to handle the characters. Conversely, they'll be less of a draw than a more mainstream series. See how it goes, I suppose.


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                        Originally posted by Woody View Post
                        Note: I watched 'The Man with the Iron Fists' last night specifically because it had Bautista in it. I imagine he'll do a perfectly reasonable job of acting in a Super Hero movie. I like to think I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt here.
                        Bautista was in that movie? :O
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                          Yeah, he's the gold Colossus-knock-off dude.


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                            I also thought Batista was pretty good in Man in the Iron Fists. People sort of forget the Professional Wrestlers *are* actors. Obviously some of them aren't all that great...but others (like Dwayne Johnson) are *really* good.

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