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  • Dirty (1/22)

    So I was reading about EQ Next Landmark yesterday and quickly found myself wrinkling my nose. I love the idea of laying claim to a piece of land and making it your own. I even like the idea of other players being able to tour the plot as I've made it. The wrinkled nose comes from the notion that people can walk around my claim without my permission. I can "hide" them, so that I can't see them. But I can't deny them access. It kind of flies in he face of the idea of this plot of land being "mine". I know it's just a non-existent piece of digital space, but other people, that I don't know, stomping around my piece of non-existent digital space... makes me feel dirty.

    Sure the game hasn't released, so things -will- change. There's a strong chance that there will be more filters. I may be able to hand pick who gets to come onto my virtual property. But, I can say this... it doesn't matter. I want to play it "dirty" little trespassers or not.

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    They need to put up digital "TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT" signs on hidden claims.

    I know how you feel, though -- I couldn't stand getting inspected in EQ. It felt like an gross, intimate invasion of my privacy, and I'd move out of range of people trying to inspect me. Of course, now days (in other games), there's not even a message you're being inspected, so your privacy is being invaded without your knowledge, much less consent.
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      I've always been a fan of the "We don't call 911" signs =)


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        So, what you're basically saying is: "Hey you kids, get off of my lawn" ?

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          More specifically I'm saying "Hey whomever you are, get off my claim."


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            I've been nervously wondering if and what I might be able to come up with for my claim once I'm playing with during Alpha.
            I love to create things sure, but playing around as an architect is not my forte..
            the idea of people being able to scope out my designs as they are a work in progress is a bit unnerving to say the least.

            however, on a side note I am excited, perhaps I'll run into some old friends.
            Make new ones, and have more fun and memories
            running amok with new guild mates.
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              Maybe I should fiddle with a new game, after a hiatus from WoW and FFXIV I am having trouble getting back into them...

              Also, good to see you back doing something with GU, I was beginning to wonder if it was truly the end of days. Too bad about Ted, although I assume we will see him pop up every once in a while.
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                I never spent a lot of time w/ the housing in EQ Live.

                But I *think* that all the exteriors were visible to anyone but no one could enter my house w/o permissions.

                Of course, I only ever wandered around in my own guild's neighborhood. I never tried visiting other guilds' areas. There was more than enough to see in AoH-land!


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                  Nice comic, I like the dirty undertone of the conversation.

                  Got a feeling similar to when I was reading the old EQ comics all those years ago, just then.


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                    Great to see you back to form comic wise, Woody


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                      Perfect solution, the castle defense clause. Anyone who enters your claim is flagged for pvp, and because its your home, you get a 100% stat boost. /cocks shotgun "Move along people, nothing to see here, just the last guy to wander my land without permission." In all seriousness though, If by claiming a plot they mean you can build stuff on it, first step is a wall. Then a moat. Then fill it with sharks that have laser beams attached to their fricking heads.


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                        Alpha in 8 days! I can't wait! I've been very excited for this game to come along.

                        I don't mind other people coming on to my claim, at least in thought, it might be different in practice.

                        The thing I mind is having an arbitrary depth. What if I don't want to build above ground, but below? My halfling hovel needs space!

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                        Also wanted to say, welcome back Woody! GU never left my everyday lineup. I'm excited to see the comic back again. Best of luck with the job hunt!


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                          The closest I have seen regarding something like this is back in the day of Star Wars Galaxies, and Horizons.

                          SWG of course you could have a house that got dropped pretty much anywhere there was flat terrain out in the middle of nowhere and set up your various storage units and harvesters around it if there was ample space, or you could opt to drop a house in a player made 'city' and benefit from all the perks of it depending on how big it was. I tried both, and actually ran the cantina in one of the cities as my character was a skill maxed dancer and image designer (before all the changes by SOE). I remember there you could set your house specifically to private and you could create a list of character names that were on the invitation list. Anyone who tried to enter that was not on the list was stopped at the door by what looked like a red forcefield and a message that your character did not have proper access to the building.

                          Horizons had not individual plots of land, but guild plots. You and other members of your guild would work together. The characters with the gathering skills would go out and chop wood, mine ore, etc and bring it back to the building plot. Other characters with the crafting skills would form the raw materials into usable building items. Everyone would comit 'time' to the building to further alone the progress. It took months and months of constant farming and grinding to get the necessary materials. While it was a huge feeling of accomplishment once the building was was a lot of pain and hurt feelings during the process. Especially when your character is one of the only gatherers in the guild...and you don't have time to sit on the game for 9 hours a day running wood and stone back and forth from forest to construction site. People get a bit impatient.


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                            Hero Zero... Ted isn't going anywhere. That was just me bailing on the story line.


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                              lol, nice. and yeah i can soo see that happening... and needing to scream*mod!*
                              "I suck at dying, I died twice and failed, so now you're all stuck with me forever..."