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  • Binging (4/13)

    When I'm working or playing WoW, I like to put Netflix up on the other screen. I am a fan of a LOT of the Netflix Originals. And the new Dare Devil show is no different. I'm not really binge watching it as the comic implies. I've only watched one episode thus far. Episode two is streaming while I write this. But, have no doubt. I will binge it at some point. It's good. The fight scenes are phenomenal! I don't know what Matt Murdock's fighting style is, but it's incredibly fun to watch.

    Now, the thing with Ted. He's plenty old enough to make his own food. Hell, I think I've even drawn him cooking in the comic. But, I bet that "poor puppy" begging thing is entirely relatable. I know I'm not the only one that looks up and it's 6 hours later. You've burned through a good portion of X-Files season 2; you've still got hours of work to do on this business plan that should have been finished three days ago. And, the tiny little handsome face is there reminding you that you promised to play a game before bed time.

    It's the nature of the beast sometimes. That work has to get done. And no matter how many 3am writing shifts we pull, there's always more work to do. I think that's what I like most about tabletop gaming though. The minute you start opening the box, all of that delay is forgotten. You roll three claws in King of Tokyo, take the city from Mom, score two Victory points, and having to wait while dad begs for just a few more minutes "I've got one more email to send" disa-damn-ppears.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I've been working on this comic since before theBoy got home. And there some unfinished work to do on his new outdoor playset.

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    Wow, I misread that as "Bing-ing", (as in Googling with Bing, if that's even a thing) for a good 45 seconds or so. Made a lot more sense when my brain discounted anyone actually using Bing and reparsed the sentence.


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      Yeah, I was going to spell it "binge-ing". But "binging" is the actual spelling. And, my word obsessiveness won out.


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        I am huge marvel fan, and so far this series is great! Was really looking forward to episode #7 with Stick. So when I am finished with this season, really hoping "Heroes for Hire" is just as good. Have always loved Iron Fist.


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          As has been the case with all of the seasons of Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, I started watching Daredevil on Friday night...and the only reason I wasn't done by Sunday night was that I actually left my house for a bit on Saturday and Sunday. As it stands, I still finished it on Monday night. Absolutely fantastic show. Honestly....I know absolutely nothing about Jessica Jones, but I'm now excited for this show that I know nothing about.

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