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  • Disney Infinity (5/11)

    With sales in their toys and gaming division dropping, Disney has decided to cancel Disney Infinity and cease publishing console games entirely. The move means Avalanche Software will be shuttered and 300 jobs will be lost. [more info]

    Now, despite the timbre of the comic, this house is very pro Disney Infinity. Hell, this house is pro cool-looking toys period. The boy has a healthy supply of both Disney Infinity and Skylanders figures. We're lucky, I guess, the boy hasn't jumped aboard the LEGO Dimensions train... yet. But that's part of the problem. The market is saturated. Wait... that seems a bit dumb. How many first person shooters are there? Meh. Whatever. We're disappointed regardless.

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    Well I would suggest not investing in LEGO Dimensions they're pretty much out. Everythings on clerance and mostly gone. (I don't think they've announced they've quit.) Infinity is big in my house so its a sad day for us. Skylanders is slightly behind it and now with no more competition they have a wide open field.


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      Actually the Demensions developers said they have at least 3 years of material planned out, and with infinity going bye, this posibally opens up Dimensions for the Disney IP's that lego had the licences for, Marvel and Starwars being the big 2.


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        Question is, will we still be able to play it once they close? After all you need an online connection to play it. So does this leave us with a bunch of toys and a game we are unable to play?


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          Originally posted by Woody View Post
          The market is saturated. Wait... that seems a bit dumb. How many first person shooters are there?
          I think it would be better to compare this with the MMO market. People put a lot of investment in their game of choice, and there's a finite number of people, so either it is harder to break into the field or more competition just spreads out the user base too much since you don't have many people playing multiple games. Shooters tend to be a bit easier to jump from game to game (though a lot of them do require investment to unlock guns and upgrades and whatnot), and have a larger playerbase, so there's more room for more games.


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            I wasn't submitting commentary on player dispersal or developmental barriers though. I was commenting on genre-based market saturation claims.