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  • Just as Dumb (5/26)

    If it wasn't obvious from the comic, Spoilers Ahead!

    My social media feeds have been flooded lately with with references to last week's Game of Thrones episode. So, it was "spoiled" for me long before I even knew what was going on. First I saw posts about a significant death on the show. Then it became obvious whom it was. Then tweets from Funko, "news" items from Geek & Sundry, items from Ikea, and an "apology" from the producers via a bit on the Jimmy Kimmel show filled in the missing info.

    I'll admit I was annoyed. Not because of the spoilers, I haven't watched the show in a few seasons. So, GoT spoilers don't matter to me. What annoyed me was how Hodor became Hodor. Hold the door? Really? Beyond being plain damn dumb, it completely cheapened the character and his journey. It's so ham-fisted and forced. I honestly think THAT's worse than killing off the character in the first place. Then again, he's been used as little more than a pawn and a mount by Bran, a character I've never liked. So, maybe it's only fitting that they wrote off the cause behind Hodor's infirmity in such a trite manner. Hodor, the series' perpetual kicked-dog.


    Seems I have some strong feelings about the scene after all. Just not "the feels" most everyone else is expressing.

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    I suspect that, if you had been watching the show, you'd possibly feel differently. The meaning of 'hold the door', although the words are trivial, is far more touching and courageous in context. Or at least I found it to be so.

    'Holding the door', in context, means bravely sacrificing his life to save his companions, holding off the enemy horde. A sad sacrifice, to be sure. And, in the context of a story where everyone is disposable, possibly ultimately meaningless. But it became touching and noble for me, especially in light of the additional background on Hodor/Wylis' (Waldor in the books, apparently) character that had so recently been revealed.


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      In context of the episode, the question was posited early on by Bran on how Wylis became Hodor. Turns out Bran looped Hodor's death into Wylis's head at a young age. This by itself would have driven anyone insane but then Bran warged him too, forcing a seizure and irreperable brain damage. Doubtful he knew what he was doing since he was trying to reach adult Hodor and control him, not the younger one present in his vision. So yea, kinda a crappy way to go and the way it was edited, cutting in Wylis's cries of "Hold the door" to Hodor getting clawed and stabbed to death holding back the undead was a huge punch in the gut. Don't think I ever felt more for a death in the show than this one, not even the titular red wedding.


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        Kelly, I'm glad you could take some meaning from it. That's great. And, without disagreeing with you AT ALL, It doesn't take that much context to get the point, and the brave sacrifice could have been handled without turning his name into the emotional equivalent a punchline. His death/sacrifice would have meant no less without it.


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          I've never seen a single episode of GoT's so I have no idea who this is talking about, I can only assume it's some poor fellow named Hodor. If the series is as utterly horrible as the book, I really don't understand why people are interested. I tried to read Game of Thrones once, and barely got 50 pages in before I discarded it in utter disgust of the poor writing. I'm a complete bibliophile and it's one of exactly four books I've ever stopped reading part-way through. Utter and complete trash. I simply can't wrap by mind around why they made a T.V. series based on it. It's like a making a T.V. series out of the contents of a tabloid news stand. Only with more incest.
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            Originally posted by Valdius View Post
            Only with more incest.
            Have you seen tabloids today?

            Not gonna argue the rest of the post as that's an opinion.
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              Honestly, I don't think it was meant to be a heroic sacrifice that added a lot of credibility to his name. I think the whole thing came about to teach Bran that not only was he very powerful, he needed to be extremely careful with that power or else he could do what he did- Essentially rewrite a person's fate so that years later, they'd die purely to sacrifice themselves for him. He was distraught as it was happening, and his mentor said that he wasn't ready yet before he saw the vision. I think you're meant to regret Hodor's loss, but you're also meant to be angry at the fact that Bran basically railroaded his existence to this point just like Bran is. It's a harsh lesson (which Game of Thrones loves) that power is easily corrupting, and Bran needed to know that in order to avoid it.

              The Hodor scene made me more sad than any other part of the series so far for that fact- This guy had no choice and could have lived a fairly normal life if not for Bran Stark, and so his life all lead up to being a sacrifice. This erstwhile companion in the end had his destiny changed to slow down the endless horde for a minute or so, and had no real choice but to carry it out. It's a sad discovery, topping off the sad loss of a fan favourite character.


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                I just waiting for the next book to come out and see if it differs there. A big reason I chose not to watch the T.V. series was a lot of the big changes and the missing story lines of other characters. I totally understand you can't have them all in there but it was too big of a difference for me to enjoy it I feel. Now I see the spoilers and am more curious of the differences. I do enjoy having friends ask me questions about the books though to link some things in the show that they don't cover. I can see this scene happening in the book though with some other events that occurred before hand.