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  • Stolen Joke (12/7)

    With the advent of capture and pokestop streaks, I've found that I actually remember to log in to the game. It's silly, pointless, but... it doesn't cost me anything. But, yesterday, on my day off, I realized it was getting late and I was about to lose my streak. So I decided to leave the house for my nearest pokestop. Initially I intended to walk. It's not that far. Then I realized exactly how cold it was. So, I drove less than a quarter of a mile to catch one pokemon and visit one pokestop.

    Not necessarily my proudest gamer moment.

    - The stolen joke (my outfit and text bubble) was shamelessly lifted from A Christmas Story.

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    I *may* have taken my Wife out to dinner to keep my streak going....*looks innocent*
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      Originally posted by Woody View Post
      - The stolen joke (my outfit and text bubble) was shamelessly lifted from A Christmas Story.
      Recognized that classic moment immediately.

      Gamers do strange things to feed their addictions. I remember standing outside a Gamestop in sub-freezing weather waiting for the midnight Burning Crusade release. heh
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        It's not really related to gaming, but it IS related to cold. I'm from a cold, snowy place. Like, the third snowiest place in the US according to the Weather channel. So, when I moved south, I was like "Psh. whatever. Winters down here are nothing." Once upon a time, the day after New Year's day I believe, I'm sitting at home and I realized that, uh-oh, I don't have any dog food. My dogs are gonna starve! So, I think to myself, "I'll just pop out and go up to Pet Supplies Plus. It's no biggie." So, I hooked the dogs up and off I went. I shan't go into detail regarding the adventures I had with other dogs and people as they are not related to the cold. I was new to the area and it turns out that the pet store seemed MUCH closer when I was driving. So I walked about 1.7 miles to the pet store in what turned out to be MUCH colder weather than I was expected. The sidewalks had about 1 1/2 feet of snow on them and it was still snowy and blowy. I finally get to the store. My legs are numb, my face is numb, the dogs look like their paws hurt to stand on and the place is closed because it closed early on that day. So, after a few minutes leaning against the building where the wind and snow were less, we had to walk another 1.7 miles BACK, emptyhanded. I think my burning rage was the only thing that kept me from freezing to death.


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          I'm an Ingress player. Ingress has a badge if you keep a hacking streak going for 180 days. (I'm currently almost 2 years into mine I think).

          Thankfully, there's a portal about a block away from my home. So I've gone out in blizzards and rain storms to make sure the streak keeps going.

          Over the year I was working on the badge, I had a trip to Scotland where I nearly lost the streak. I'd hacked around midnight while at a local Casino. The next day we were driving through the Highlands, where I couldn't find any wifi all day, (nor would the hotspot give me a signal). The one time I did find wifi I could use... there wasn't a portal. Finally, around 10PM (22 hours after the last hack), I was walking around Inverness, trying to find a Free WiFi I could use to get online and hack a portal. (I succeeded. )
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            Lost my streak once or twice but yeah I make detours just to keep it going.