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Dear 2016 (1/1)

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  • Dear 2016 (1/1)

    I'll rest on no formality here, no false pretenses. I only apologize for my use of strong language in the comic itself. I try to avoid that when I can. But, I don't think there are many people reading this comic that would disagree with the sentiment. The reasons for it are vast and varied. And, losing people we cherished is only a part of it. So, for all of that, it pains me not at all to see 2016 go.

    I would like to tell you I have higher hopes for the coming year. But, I am cynical to my core, and telling blatant lies is not something I do frivolously. But I'll mark this day, as one year slips into the next, shaking my fist in a show of solidarity. Clench my teeth and vow to do everything I can to help force it to be so.

    All my best in the new year people. If you find no solace out there, no peace, no compassion, know that you will find it here.

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    Happy Gnoll Ears to you as well Woody.
    Normality is in the eye of reality...
    Reality is in the eye of the beholder...
    The Beholder is in the eye of what is normal...


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      Its a shame that kicking it out does not banish the bad memories or even put things right for 2017, every thing gonna start off on a sour note any way


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        Originally posted by Woody View Post
        If you find no solace out there, no peace, no compassion, know that you will find it here.
        I started reciting the sith code in my head when I read this.

        "Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
        Through passion, I gain strength.
        Through strength, I gain power.
        Through power, I gain victory.
        Through victory, my chains are broken.
        The Force shall free me."


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          Amen to that dude!


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            As much as I had a horrid year, this comic actually makes me feel a little sad for 2016. Surely, there were good things it brought as well. The Rio Olympics went fairly well, despite fear they wouldn't. A few animals are off the endangered species list for the first time in decades, New Alzheimer's and Cancer treatments are actually promising major improvements, heart disease has dropped by 70% in Americans, perhaps 2016 was simply playing a long game on our behalf and we suffered in the interim for it. Maybe we will thank it later.
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              As a devoted cubs fan of more than 35 years (I'm 45) I have to say, 2016 could have been worse ;o)