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  • Nerd Shamed (1/23)

    It's true; I have flustered Taks and some of my friends because my response to Rogue One wasn't exactly positive. But, I also saw some room in this comic to break the ice after having disappeared for nearly a month. This durn schedule of mine really doesn't leave a lot of time for comicking.

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    you kidding. that movie was so terrible it would force choke itself.


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      I didn't care for it either. I felt it was too slow and most of it was overdone. Husband and I ranked it at about a 3/10 for us and made us feel like we wasted money to see it. And I was SO excited about it... I was severely disappointed in the movie. /sigh
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        It had potential to be something awesome, and there were awesome moments in it, but like so many 'grand adventure movies' it got lost in its own gravitas. It started off on the wrong foot and spent the rest of the movie trying to regain that lost footing. I didn't dislike the movie (the prequel trilogy), but I didn't love it either (the original trilogy+Awakens). I'd put it somewhere in the middle. But props should be given for going where few movies dare to tread -- they had the stones to kill off the entire cast to get the job done. Nobody's coming back for a sequel.

        I'd wager, with some additional editing and fine tuning, Rogue One could be turned into something truly spectacular though. The story is there, and I'm sure the material is as well. It's just not presented in the best or most coherent fashion.


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          I loved it. I thought it was much better than VII... The main criticisms that I heard were a lack of character development but I didn't see that as much of an issue for disposable characters. I will agree that there was some over acting, but that's not exactly new to the Star Wars universe. I thought it was a fun movie and will see it again.


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            I a with Pacifus.

            I think it tied up lots of "how come that was the situation?" questions from Ep. IV. LOVED the ending....


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              I described my response to Rogue One as "profoundly disappointed". Here's why...

              Not only was I excited to see a new Star Wars movie, I was excited to see a Star Wars movie with a female lead that wasn't Mary Sue'd all to hell and back. But, time and time again the movie seemed to establish Jyn's value ONLY as it related to her having been mentored by Saw. I mean, they even had her hide in a hole until she was saved by Saw. Talk about declawing your tiger. And short of a very brief talk to the Rogue One crew, I saw no real effort to paint her as an honest to goodness leader.

              From a plot perspective, the movie was a slow burn that left me aching for something to happen. When it finally did it was glorious. But, even in that my thrill ended in frustration as none of the specialized stormtroopers (except maybe the death troopers MAYBE) showed any actual specialization. They were just more cannon fodder.

              The rubber faced, CG Tarkin ripped me out of the film every time they put him on screen. I wasn't impressed by the technology, I was thrown head long into the gummy depths of the uncanny valley. At no point in any of his scenes did I mistake him for a real person. His mouth was particularly egregious. And when we got to the end of the film and I saw Princess Leia, I literally chanted "no no please don't" and they did. And, it was worse than Tarkin. That might have a bit to do with Carrie Fisher's passing, but not everything to do with it. For my money, Guy Henry looked enough like a young Tarkin that they could have easily used prosthetics and got a much better result. The same would have been true of Ingvild Deila. And if it hadn't looked exactly like Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia... WHO CARES? We're smart enough as a fan base to have been able to process, understand, and accept the change. Or just show us her back and not have her turn around. That also would have been acceptable. Again, as a fan base, we would have understood.

              Rogue One's saving grave for me was K-2SO. The Alan Tudyk voiced droid was perfect. I was also quite fond of Riz Ahmed's "Bodhi Rook", the defector pilot.


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                Rogue One... I wasn't to.....

                To be honest. It sucked.


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                  ***Slight Spoilers Also***

                  I enjoyed the movie over all, but then I'm not extremely picky about them. The thing that had me wondering "When will this movie end?" was the needlessly over the top and lengthy battle at the end, as well as the over dramatic ending to the battle. I understand that it's supposed to be intense, but after you've sat watching people talk for an hour and some change, then get to all of the flashy stuff, people are ready to go home shortly into it.

                  I mean, if you've seen the original trilogy, you know what happens in this movie. You know the final results. It didn't come as a surprise to anyone as to what the ending would be and I think they tried a bit too hard to make your heart jump at any sign of danger.

                  ...however, it's still better than the 2nd trilogy, by far.


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                    Huh. I actually liked it, and I utterly despised Force Awakens, to the point that it nearly killed a lifelong passion for Star Wars. While I feel Rouge One was weaker than the originals, and possibly even a slight bit weaker than the Prequels, it was such a massive improvement over Force Awakens that I couldn't help but feel positive about it.

                    I was fairly annoyed by the plot holes it generated, and some core problems it causes with the Star Wars technology base(I.E. Previously you couldn't jump to hyperspace from in-atmosphere. If that was possible, the escapes from Hoth and Naboo should have been majorly different). Of course, some of the issues that you apparently had with it just didn't occur for me. I, for example, found Tarkin extremely convincing. Though, on that subject, there may be a major different between 2d and 3d. 3d doesn't work properly for me, so I watched the 2d version of the movie.
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                      I also watched it in 2D.


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                        **Spoilers ahead!** (is there still a /spoiler type command? That was useful )

                        The movie annoyed me from the start, honestly, the Mom's actions annoyed the heck out of me. The bits that lead up to New Hope honestly disappointed me more than excited me....doubly so the very ending. Everyone dying was almost a given, but the 'escape' made the start of New Hope unbelievable in the Princesses's response to being captured. (trying to say it in the least spoilerly way, hopefully it's understandable )
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