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  • At Every Turn (1/29)

    I have never tucked myself into a neat little political group. I don't clearly fit within any of them. I just consider myself a 'Constitutionalist'. And, what this man is doing flies the face of that intrinsically American document. So, if we want to "Make America Great Again" it's time for us to be vocal about what we see as fundamentally unAmerican and woefully unConstitutional. Yes, as a country, we need a change. But, Donald Trump is NOT it.

    I can't afford to "keep quiet" and "give him a chance" anymore.
    If this comic/writeup costs me readers, so be it.

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    Definitely not costing you this reader.


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      Love the pic >.<. Im in different when it comes to politics, it doesnt matter who is in power, I dont need to stress myself out anymore than necessary.


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        while not american, I do acknowledge the effects america has on my life and the world in general

        We can't ignore what Trump is doing, Like what one of our former prime ministers said recently -

        We have to engage with Trump and when he steps out of line with the core american beliefs, we need to stand up and ensure we are heard and challenge the more stupid steps he is taking, and that's not just Americans themselves, those of various nationalities need to ensure we are heard when what trump does seriously affects our security,

        just like his current presidential order on immigration - it will be a interesting 4 years going forward

        (keep up the good work Woody)


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          GU has been my home page since 2004. I don't post often, but I'm nonetheless here every day, and that's not changing anytime soon.

          No party is perfect. No person is perfect. Patriots, however, cannot hide behind lazy silence and suspend their values by keeping quiet about Trump's blatant disregard for those American values.

          I'll see you tomorrow, Woody. Or in a few minutes. I'll probably have to open my browser again.


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            "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."


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              I feel like this comic's existence really speaks to how inexcusable Trump's actions are in this case. So far as I can recall, you NEVER get political in the comic if it doesn't relate directly to gaming somehow.

              PS: I think the RSS feed is borked, only knew you'd uploaded this comic because I caught it on Facebook. Clicking the RSS link gives this message:

              This page contains the following errors:
              error on line 2 at column 1: Extra content at the end of the document
              Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.


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                Hey, I can't help but wonder where the comic is about all Obama's executive orders (or are they only problems when Republican Presidents do them) and what the outrage would be if a black president was drawn like a piece of food. I didn't vote for Trump, but I can't help feel your bias is showing.
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                  Originally posted by Rorinthas View Post
                  I didn't vote for Trump, but I can't help feel your bias is showing.
                  He didn't say he wasn't biased. But I'd say your bias is showing just a tad as well.


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                    Love it, man!
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                      Thanks, Woody!

                      Here in my little rural mostly deep-red paradise, a group of us are moblizing. We are going to organize around issues, not around party. We're going to fight against taxpayers funding the Wall. We're going to fight against defunding of Planned Parenthood. We're going to fight against all the cruel and unConstitutional things being implemented. And we welcome people of all sizes, shapes, skin hues, religions and lacks thereof, genders and sexualities, ages, etc.etc.etc.

                      It's not about party. It's about preserving this amazing experiment called the United States of America.


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                        You definitely haven't lost me, and hopefully I tossed a few more friends your way
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                          The sad thing is a lot of people will not get who Thomas Jefferson is. Already had someone say that that quote is unconstitutional and promotes treason. Bonus points for saying he was probably some mentally ill commie. Sadly that was in a Doctoral class.

                          Cheeto in a dress suit+toupee got a epic smile from me as well.

                          Also I have not posted in Tanit knows how long. Did not get a unfollow from me.
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                            Didn't cost you this one either. I just CANNOT get behind Trump. No president is perfect (Gods know Obama wasn't either) but Trump is just giving me a bad feeling... The comic got a huge grin out of me too.
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                              Rorinthas, like most people who would read this an decry it as bias, you miss the point because your own bias blinds you to what is truly American, Constitutional, and Right. Step away from your party line and think about this from the perspective of what is civil, humane and you'll see that my only bias centers firmly around putting PEOPLE before politics... every time.

                              Beyond that, you have no idea what my political leanings are because 1) I don't post them and, 2) they're no one's business but my own. But, I'd be willing to guess about half your assumptions would be wrong. Your best bet is to take what I have to say right here and right now, apply it to right here and right now, and don't try to paint me with the broad strokes of ignorance that seem to lock political thinking into tiny little ineffective boxes.


                              Thanks for the heads up KingQyyn. I'll take a look at it when I get home from work this evening.