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    Calling it a travel ban is word play designed to mask the true intent. Given that Christians from those same countries receive deferential treatment, strips the mask away... and (as per the First Amendment's Establishment Clause) makes it unconstitutional. This EO is designed to block refugees. Unfortunately, it also bolsters "us vs. them" terrorist recruitment efforts rather than reducing our danger from terrorist activity (if you believe military, intelligence, and diplomatic officials). The simple fact is, of the more than 3 million refugees the US has allowed into the country since 1975, 20 have been terrorists. Of those 20, only 3 have managed to kill Americans (3 total). The vast majority of terrorist attacks in the US have been conducted by US-born citizens. So what of 9/11? Tourist visas. Which are not vetted to the extent that refugees are. Before this EO, the refugee vetting process took 18-24 months.

    This is, at its heart, fear mongering as policy. It's pointless, misinformed, and preys on ignorance.

    Unfortunately, you're absolutely right about varying viewpoints as to what constitutes what is and isn't "American". It shouldn't be. Our core values are outlined in our Declaration of Independence.


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      As another Brit all I can do is offer my sympathies - you've got Trump, we had Blair (hell we even re-elected the b'stard). Politics is always going to be messy, as everyone has their own views.. I'm a terrible mix of left and right wing concepts so I guess that makes me center ^_-

      The sad thing is it seems a general problem around the democratic countries that soundbites and quick-fix schemes have replaced reasoned argument and common sense. If you've ever watched parliament on TV then you'll be aware the occupants don't generally give a rats about anything but their own fwang. Too many people earning a fat living without having the weight of responsibility, too many manipulators and not enough motivators, too many rights, not enough duties.

      Tarring a group bears worrying throwbacks to the late '30's and we all know how that ended. Best way I can sum it up is it's like most Companies these days - they have a no-blame culture..... right up to the point where something goes wrong.

      Hang in there America, you can vote him out in 4 years !
      Infamy, Infamy, they've all got it in for me !


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        I am not planning on going anywhere, and for all intensive purposes I would say I fall on the other side of the political spectrum. It doesn't matter this is part of my recreation for humour and gaming news. In other gaming issues some followers of Pantheon have their knickers in a twist because currently Paladins are not a playable class for elves.



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          Originally posted by Tahoenite View Post
          for all intensive purposes


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            Hey woody. There was an intellegence squared debate the other day on "give trump a chance". You would like it if you have the time. The side won that I expected to win, spoiler, the answer was no.
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              There are two big problems here though regarding the ban. One effect that it has is even though the executive order wasn't worded specifically towards Muslims, Trump himself has said he will prioritize allowing Christian refugees back into the country, which in turn makes it a religious ban. <<<~~~~ Proof link, his own words in the video.

              The second and more important one, in my opinion, is that there are U.S. citizens as well as green card and visa holders being stopped and detained in airports and having their social media profiles checked, their phones confiscated, and not being released until they give up the PIN/Password to those accounts as well as being questioned about their religious and political beliefs, which is unconstitutional.

              As far as I know PINs and Passwords are protected by the 5th Amendment because surrendering them is potentially testifying against yourself if they were to find anything incriminating against you on your phone. Fingerprints aren't testimonial forms of authentication, however, and you can be required to unlock them with a fingerprint.

              A perfect example of this is a few days ago a NASA Engineer, who is a US-Born Citizen, was detained at the airport and had the exact situation above happen to him. His name is Sidd Bikkannavar for those who want to look him up (He made a post about it on his Facebook page, but the media hasn't covered this). If you search for him, you'll find records dating back years that support the story of his employment status.

              This type of treatment is unacceptable.

              Woody, I've been reading your comics since my friend showed me them during the Velious era of EQ (So 2001/2002?) and you're definitely not losing me as a reader over this.
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                Been here for many years, since my times on EQ, won't go anywere.... keep up the good and entertaining work.


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                  I am generally not a fan of politics in comics like gu is, especially when it isnt witty. This is just a statement of affiliation, i kind of expected more.

                  Regardless, i think the real shame here is that obama broke the constitution a ton and these anti trump people were no were. If the majority actually cared about following the constitution instead of just pouting or raging at their precieved enemy i would take them more seariously. There is a lot of opertunity here, for people to recognize that there is no winning or lossing because of an election but in how we act as a country and if we actually follow the laws we have without cherry picking them.


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                    I've heard you. I just don't know that you've actually heard me.


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                      I've been reading since you called me a lush Probably not going anywhere.

                      And I personally think drawing with a really bad spray on tan as a Cheeto is really witty, if not down right funny.

                      To quote another funny person "I don't care who you are, that's funny."
                      all typos are intentional
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                        I have the shakes! I need my fix! I need GUComics!


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                          I agree! I checked today and hoped I might see something new as an unintended birthday present.

                          That being said, no rush. Hope things are good and your busy because life's handing you positive things that are taking up your time.