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  • EQ changes?

    I tried EQ several times, including it's launch. However, I never stuck with it mainly because I simply didn't have the amount of time that EQ demanded. Yeah, I could play a few horus a week... but then any friends I had would be way past my level.

    Now, alot of people are saying recent changes in EQ make it a bit easier to get going from the start. I'd like to hear about any basic changes to the game recently? Are the classes working well? Do they have any servers now where I don't have to listen to l33t speak?

    By the way, I apologize in advance if this is asking a question that everyoen is tired of hearing. I did try to research my answers on other forums, but found little information among the heaping load of complaints and whines.

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    Well I just recently quit FFXI. ONLY reason is I couldn't find a decent group and groupings are a must... Tried to go back into EQ but something is missing .. is it easier? yes is it any better I heard from the LDoN it sure is but really? I think simply cause my char is more advanced and still have all his gear I am stinking to that Junky yet soloable SWG... soloability about the only thing going for it tho LOL
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      Well, newbies get bags, tons of food, don't have to get bodies till 10, and level up a whole lot quicker. Also, most class/race combos if not all have a quest to get them newbie armour during the first 10 levels.

      If you don't want to listen to l33t speak then you would prolly like the RP server. Its fun and all, but don't expect to be able to quest as easily. Due to the rule-set of the server, if you don't get exp you don't get the loot that is lore that the mob drops.

      This makes for some tense times. My iksar monk only by the grace of God was able to finish his first 3-4 shackle quests just because I was leveling up faster than I was able to find the pieces I needed.

      If you get Planes of Power and Luclin (if you don't have them) then you're pretty much set. You can instantly go anywhere and have access to nice loot at cheap prices in the Bazaar.

      This is doubly so on the RP server, since a lot of the nice NO DROP items on the regular servers are tradeable on the RP server due to there being next to no NO DROP items.
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        two words Paladial Caverns (sp?)

        i got 15 days for free from sony and i got 2 lvl's in 2 hours, god bless them mud diggers


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          Paludal Caverns