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  • Horizons Launch

    From what I've been reading on the forum, it sounds like this went down even smoother than I expected. I expected a rocky start, but nowhere near as bad as, say, SWG. It turns out that, while there are people having problems, overall it seems to be one of the smoother MMORPG launches. Sure, it's no DAoC launch, but it's not bad. Biggest concern is so far content still seems a little thin, but no one's advanced beyond the newbie levels yet, so they can't say for sure if higher up content is there or not. They may be mirroring DAoC's launch in the "low content, but lots of content coming later" factor.

    *shrug* We'll see. I'm still watching from the sidelines while I pray for a job to fill my wallet enough to try it out, but I still think that's a few months down the road. *sigh*

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    LOL EQ launched with the same logic and still does that on expantions--we all know Furor rants (rightly I think) when they find underpowered/cloth caps on the then uberest mobs in the game.
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      Egh, Furor. Whether or not there are legitimate reasons behind his rants is one thing. If he voiced his complaints in a semi-mature manner, I wouldn't have a problem with him.


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        I think I crashed once, and the patch didn't take verry long at all. I'm playing on the Twilight server


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          I do have to ask, did they ever get Dragons working a bit better? At end of beta they had consolidated all the Dragon classes into 1 fighting and 1 trade class (so basically Dragons don't *have* a class) but several of the required NPCs weren't working, and lairbuilding and dragon growth wasn't in.

          Being a Dragon is basically the only thing pulling me towards Horizons.


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            Ive been looking forward to Horizons for a while now, but couldnt participate in the Beta becuase of reasons (you know life and all... pshhh), but how is it in the most general of ways? Is it fun to play? does it seem like the level treadmill is excruciating? and most importantly is it worth my time? My guild in Shadowbane just got dismembered so ive given that up, so im looking for something to move on to that isnt EQ, im gonna hold off on the Norrath crack till its succesor comes along.
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              I think it has a slightly different target audience than most MMORPGs. Tradeskills are far more important in Horizons than any other game I've played. The crafting system is also, IMO, superior to any other as well. Combat-wise, it struck me as slightly better than average. Nothing outstanding, nothing really bad (except combat lag, but that was, I believe, a factor of being in beta). There is no PvP. If you require PvP to enjoy a MMORPG, this definately isn't the game for you.


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                Your dragon strikes a good mix between cute and impressive, Golden. Nice!
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                  As far as I can tell, dragons get melee, or magic, and get Dragon Crafting to make gems and scales(Dragon armor).

                  It seems they don't want much downtime, each lvl so far I get more HP, but I regen more HP/tick to, so low-full health is like 30-60 sec.

                  Now, saying crafting is important to this game is an understatement, I've only found a couple merchants, and they mainly sell the formulas to make stuff, I haven't found a equipment vendor yet.

                  Also, you get exp for crafting and as you lvl up your crafting skill, you get a higher skill. dragon armor is going to take a bit though, starting skill is 13, and the beginner scale recipe is a starting skill of 200 to even try it.

                  So far, I like this game, and melee combat does allow different skills to be used with a timer. Like EQ's disciplins with each having there own reset times. At lvl 8 so far with dragon and have gotten a new skill with each lvl to use.

                  There is no exp loss on death, you can either get resed if someone has Life magic, or respawn and get a death point. So far I haven't recieved any death points, so maybe none untill you hit a certain lvl. the tutorial said you get a stat loss with points, but they disipate with time, or other things. Sounded like grief points in PS.


                  Thanks Keiran hehe, most of my character's have the red/blue coloring.
                  Name's Drakkon Swiftclaw if anyone wants to group up.

                  Oh, and if anyone sees an explanation on the hord, lemme know. all I know is 10 coins=1 hord point, but the hord points count down slowly.


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                    you start getting death points after lvl 10. 1 DP takes 4 hours to wear off, but i think you are supposed to be able to donate money at the shrines to lose some. You can also eat stuff made by the confectioners which will lower the DP time by a certain amount of time (10 mins for the basic food). There are NO equipment vendors ingame. Everything is player made.

                    When you respawn from lvl 10 and on you get a respawn effect (similar to Eq's ressurection effect) where you lose 5% of your attributes and skills. The duration of this effect is related to the number of death points you have. It starts at 2 mins i think, then 5 and it goes on. Also over 10dp you lose 10% of your attribs & skills, and i think you climb at 15% over 20. At 25dps the res effect lasts over 2 hours i think. Pretty good death penalty system if you ask me.
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                      Golden, it's unlikely this has changed since beta: ALL gear comes from tradeskills in the game. There are no equipment drops or vendors. The consigners are where you buy crafted gear that people put up for sale, and there should be one of those in every city.


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                        And of course we have a ton of this info over at Or you could just ask here. Hoard value decrease is 12points per hour. You can use finished resources to take the edge of the decrease. Right click the next bronze bar or sandstone brick you get you'll be surprised.


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                          i got it a noon today est and sarted up fine my problem was lag and i do mean major lag but after i turned verything off im doing good and enjoying the game . it reminds me of shadowbane only better release. hopefully once i boost my ram to to 512 which ive been meaning to do forever i can start tuning things up / i dont like it more than eq but it like comparing appels and corn :twisted:


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                            My horizon exp

                            My launch day was stressful. I bought the game at 11 eastern. Installed it by noon and started the process to register an account. Well the cd key didnt work. Played email tag with a rep at artifact which led to her telling me it wasnt her problem but ataris....called atari to have them tell me it wasnt their problem but artifacts. At which point I wrote an email explaining how I was upset and swapped my copy. The game is fun so far. Just hope i dont have to deal with them again. I got level 9 woot. Anyone here playing on LIFE?