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these forums are darn confusing =\

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  • these forums are darn confusing =\

    I am a happy member of the /gu community, but these new forums are confusing! There used to be one place to go to see everthing, now there is two. You might say 'two isnt so bad, stop complaining and suck an egg', but i disagree. There are just too many post to go to. I used to be able to follow almost every thread, now I am lucky to catch the end of a conversation.

    This is partially because with the /gu forums being hosted off the /gu main site, that is blocked where I am during the day; partially because all the new members and their mother are posting stuff. On the previous forums there were random posts, and I contributed to them or even started them, but right now there are 5 polls going on main page in the 'GU forums'. None that have anything to do with the /gu comics, and all pertain to the gaming community. If only there was a place for those, oh wait there is it is called 'A Very Special Forum' the discription of which is the following:

    This is where everything not related to GU and the gaming community at large should go: like random silliness, off-topic links, and amoking, etc.

    so if there is the two forum system in place USE IT! I may find it confusing, but if people will follow the rules I think it will be less so.

    [/bitch off]
    I am going to have to disagree with your detective work there.

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    polls that have to do with the gaming community are in GU forums.

    They aren't off topic, they aren't silly.

    And if they are, then the mods will move them, like they've done with other threads. | Real ID: email @ | Steam: ciarin7


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      thanks, Ciarin. I was unaware.
      I am going to have to disagree with your detective work there.


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        I think he means the main forums are for the GU comics "and" the gaming community, and saying that the silly stuff goes into the random bin.. err i forgot what its called. sorry

        Otherwise, wouldn't he of moved all the gaming stuff before, besides Woody himself is the only one really who starts threads about the comics, there are maybe 5 or 7 others non Woody started, but what kind of forum would that be!


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          The main forums are for posts about GU, and things relating to the ENTIRE gaming community.

          So, a post about a game ABOUT say... Lord of the Rings would go here. But, a post about the movie itself should go in the special forums.

          A news article about a game company would go here, but a post about a regular news article would go in the special forums.

          There is currently a requet to make a forum SPECIFICALLY for polls, and I'm debating that one. But, I have to remind myself that I HATE polls, and that I have to be careful regarding how I handle them BECAUSE of my bias against them.

          I understand the confusion, just try to keep it organizd like so: If your post is game related, it goes here. f it's not, it goes in the special forums.