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  • Monks get lull

    taken from message board:

    I've seen several posts on this topic wondering what's going on with the new abilities on test and I thought I'd clear up some confusion on the new phantom wind line.

    FYI, I'm Ryan Barker for those of you that don't know. If you've been in one of the expansion betas in the last couple years (or played on Tallon Zek summer of '01) you know me as Rytan.

    The plane for Phantom Wind is to give monks a tool to speed up pulling in group situations. To that end, the tentative line up of abilities is as follows:

    Phantom Zephyr - Level 35 - Level 50 Lull cap
    Phantom Wind - Level 50 - Level 58 Lull Cap
    Phantom Echo - Level 57 - Level 61 Lull Cap
    Phantom Call - Level 64 - Level 65 Lull Cap

    As with the provoke line the endurance cost is still up in the air, so I won't comment on that right now.

    The range is tentatively changing to 150, to address the concerns of many NPCs having a larger aggro radius then 100.

    Again, the goal of this new ability is to speed up pulling in areas with lots of low to equal level mobs that are often difficult to split using tradition FD techniques. In addition, multiple monks should be able to split larger sized rooms, so that should add a bit of stackability as well. (I know the generally it's not needed, but I thought I'd mention it all the same.)

    If anyone has any feedback on this or any other aspect of the new melee system I'd love to hear it. I posted my E-mail address on the Steel Warrior board, but I think it would be more productive if the bulk of the feedback went here in the thread where everyone can discuss it. Altough, If anyone has anything they really want to send me feel free.

    I for one don't like the looks of it because monks get FD which is a powerfull pulling tool in many situations where lull cannot be used (immune, ect) Lull has traditionaly been a tool of bard, chanters, clerics, and pallys. Druids and rangers get harmony (works better than lull) which works outdoors only. Depending on the "endurance" cost associated with this, this can make monks too powerfull of a puller by allowing them to pull in every situation.
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    Sounds useful in certain respects..

    I really don't see much of a threat, because I barely am forced to harmony things to begin with (although it makes a nice junk buff to protect vs dispel)

    It really seems more of a boost towards Monks, rather than a nerf towards the Lull-using classes.


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      If it works as well as lull did for my cleric, I don't think there is going to be any sort of huge impact made
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        Bah a couple bards > a couple of monks for pulling
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          Cool that should help monks...I think it is stupid that Bards should be so good at pulling ...hell it's not like they are being quiet with all that singing is it?


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            Bards are the best pullers. I'm not sayin everyone that plays a bard is the best puller, but if played right, bards are the way to go.

            One my of guildmates is a Paladin, lvl 65. He knows his way around almost EVERYWHERE. With the experience he has with all the raids he's been in(not zurg mindless zhombie rush either, actual SKILLED strategy raids), he is the best group member to have. He made a bard not to long ago and is now the same level as my main. Every so often we group, and we have never failed yet. I think I grouped with him about 98% of my LDoN's, and we have yet to die. He has a constand pull, then lull's, then pulls another while we kill the last one. By the time we take an enemy down, he's got another one waiting and is on his way for more pulls. I think we take about 1 med break during each adventure. It's glorious.

            That being said, I'm not worried about the monks. I'm not a fan of them, but I don't judge on the class, but on how it's played. All I know is I'd take a bard over a monk anyday, even if the monk has lull.
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              /sarcasm on

              I know, why not give every class every ability. Bingo, everyone is balanced.

              /sarcasm off

              I shall modify a famous saying; "You can please some of the people all the time. You can please all the people some of the time. But you can't please all the people all the time."

              I cringe at the majority of tweaks to classes because invariably other classes whine about that and they have to tweak their class to quiet them down.
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                I agree, but it's out of my control, so I don't worry about it much. Although it would be nice if the hybrids would just stop whining.
                Hol˙bovine - Tauren ret/prot pally
                Formo - Human Paladin
                Zraxth - Troll fury warrior
                Real ID: tenolein at Feel free to add me (and tell me who you are, too).


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                  Im not whining, In fact I think Rangers are a bit over powered, Especialy when played by someone who knows what they are doing, and I was insisting on grouping with an Teir dal SK and a human Paladin back when we all had that redicoulouse XP penalty and everyone else thought SKs and Paladins were crap (untill they saw us basicaly selecting who would get to have agro Perma lock on a pull, and even whith nuke happy Wizies Triple twisting mellee bards and Backstabing rouges who thought that Backstab agro was broken.)

                  For some strange reason everyone Else thinks that Monks were suposed to be pullers, but monks who pull = slow XP, heck I can get XP faster solo than Full grouped with a monk puller who is FD happy. But then I usualy group with a chanter and or bard and often a Druid who is actualy better at CC outside than Any chanter I have ever seen. But then they all know what they are doing.


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                    FD pulling, especially in the planes where FD doesn't really work all that great, can be very time consuming. I think lull would help with that a little bit, but I don't think it's something so earth shatteringly huge that any other lull-pulling classes should feel threatened by it.

                    Edit: FD pulling can be very effective and quick in certain areas if you have someone else to tag. The hobs in PoN is one example I can think of where that works extremely well.


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                      If you look at the levels in which they get the "skills" and the caps, it's not that bad...really.

                      And, monks are part of the "pure melee" group that are, IMO, ripe for some new "goodies". This is a monk "goodie".

                      Let them have it. Hell, I even like the idea behind it...and I don't even have a monk anymore (deleted to make cleric).
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                        Personally I like the sound of these changes, but havent been on Test yet to try em out (cant testbuff to the level I play at). To me (especially for Warriors and Monks) it sounds like we are not being Uber Buffed past folks, but being brought at least close to par with the classes we tend to compete for group slots with. And the best part of this entire deal is....

                        No one is getting nerfed.

                        Sure, it does smack a bit of a bone thrown to us to hush us up. But at least its something. And we get skills that are NOT at the expense of any other class. I for one could have used the new Provoke line today. My Enchanter and Paladin in my PoN group were hollering at me to hold aggro better......

                        While the Enchanter slowed mobs while standing right next to me, and the Pally Chain Stunned. I was tearing my hair out =D

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                          This rocks. Finally, I can sit back and be lazy and make the monk pull in dungeons.

                          But I don't see how this will have any effect on other lull classes. My bard's lull has a longer range, uses no mana (or endurance for that matter), etc.. monks are supposed to be the pure melee masters of pulling, and I think this helps. I don't see how it'd hurt anyone.
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                            I agree with Nos, the levels at which monks get these abilities is way beyond when other classes get lull so it's just an extra advantage to have when you're going up against the big boys.


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                              If this reduces the rate of multi-pulls that I have to steer away from my group, and then waste time FD splitting... then I'd be happy.

                              Too often I've died in the planes because there's just not enough room for me to work, or the corners are too close together for my tank to tag something off me... and I refuse to pull a train and just HOPE we don't wipe because stuff is just too hard to split. This might make me start playing my Monk again.
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