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  • Song: Dragon Killer

    A few months back, I heard an EQ song called "Another Day In EverQuest", based on a Phil Collins song.
    That gave me an obsession, and I began to write my own song.
    My original was based on a Madonna song, which I called "Like A Newbie". After 2 verses, however, the idea's ran out.
    I then found myself making up words to another song, and when I tried to write it, the idea's just flooded out.
    After singing it over the phone to Vimes and Tria, I've managed to polish it up a little.

    This song is based on "Faith" by George Michael.
    If you have the song on CD, play it while you try to sing along.
    I tried recording it, but my voice sounded terrible, so I destroyed the file totally, so it is now completely irretreivable. I wouldn't inflict my singing voice on anyone. (total lie, as I sing all the time, much to the annoyence of my workmates :lol: )

    I'd appreciate any posts on this, positive or negative. Just tell me what you think.

    That's the post I originally made. I have since rerecorded the song. It still sounds bad, but that's fine. I really can't sing, but I really don't care.
    If you wanna hear my wonderful voice *cough* singing the song, I've uploaded it.

    Think I'll pre-empt the bandwith problems with this download...

    *EDIT* Looks like you'll have to right-click the link and choose "Save As...". You won't be able to get it otherwise.


    Well I guess it would be nice
    If I could solo Nagafen
    Or Vox or any dragon
    Would probably do.

    But I gotta think twice
    Before I head to EverFrost
    I know my path has never crossed
    Such a creaure like Vox.

    Oh, but I need some time off
    To work out a plan.
    Time to get my butt up off the floor.
    And when that head comes down, with fire blazing
    Well it takes a brave man Naggy but I'm running for the door.

    Now I'm gonna need a res.
    I'm gonna need a res.
    I'm Gonna need a res a res a res,
    I'm gonna need a res a res a res.

    Naggy - I know you don't want me to stay,
    Say please please please just go away,
    you say I'm making you laugh
    maybe - you don't mean every word you say
    Don't think I'll wait another day
    Cos I'm gonna take you down by exploiting a path.

    Before I reach you, you're gonna strike me,
    Before I cast my spells right at your chest
    Oh Naggy I'lI reconsider, my battle plans
    Well I need to meditate first,
    So I'm gonna have a rest.

    Don't think I'll need a res.
    Don't think I'll need a res.
    Don't think I'll need a res a res a res,
    Don't think I'll need a res a res a res.

    Before you reach me I'm gonna nuke you,
    before you throw my body on the floor
    Oh Naggy you'lI reconsider, your foolish notion
    Well you need someone to save you
    but you'll wait for evermore

    Now Naggy needs a res.
    He's gonna need a res.
    Naggy's gonna need a res a res a res,
    Naggy's gonna need a res a res a res.

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    rehosted it at for when those geocities get overloaded.
    now lurking in a thread near you: The Answer Panda


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      Thanks Raven.
      I keep meaning to record a better version, but it's so difficult with my voice. Maybe one day.


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        thats really good! i like it =)
        You\'re not my BRO!!


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          ok THAT was hillarious!

          Very impressive work with the instruments. It didn't look like it had the right flow to it, but I'm extremely impressed with the way it scans. Nice songwriting.

          You should consider letting Kocho from see and hear this, she has a hosting for a few other parody songs on her site.

          Oh, and dude, your voice really isn't that bad.

          Nice work.
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            This is actually the first of 3 songs I wrote for EQ. The other 2 were "C3 in the Nexus" (Genie In A Bottle - Christina Aguilaria) and "I Believe In A Spell Called Heal" (I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness).

            I haven't recorded the other 2, but I can post the lyrics when I dig them out.

            EQDiva ? I might have to check that out, let them know. Thanks for that.


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              thats was great good job man