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An interesting SWG story!

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  • An interesting SWG story!

    Okay, before I start my story, there's two concepts I need y'all to understand, to get the story.

    First, in SWG, each and any weapon has a base speed of how fast it fires, in seconds. 7.7 = fires once every 7.7 seconds. 2.5 = fires once every 2.5 seconds, etc. As you gain skills with weapons, you'll gain modifiers that drop the speeds of these weapons... but no matter what, the speed will always be capped at 1.0. So if you have a Pistol Speed -70 modifier, it won't matter if you have a 5.0 speed pistol, or a 3.0, they're both going to fire at the same rate.

    Second, in the game, smugglers can 'slice' a weapon. This has a chance of doing one of two things : decreasing the speed of a gun by a percentage, or increasing the damage of a gun. It's random which is picked, and a gun can only be sliced once. Period. Finito.

    Anyways, on with my story!


    Tonight I worked hard to become a Novice Bounty Hunter in SWG. I was grinding through EXP to become a master marksman, and in turn, a novice Bounty Hunter, because Bounty Hunters gain awesome pistol skills, and I like using pistols! I finally achieved Novice BH (As seen here : ) and went to buy a gun. I ended up buying a 114-182 damage pistol, with a speed of 2.5. Since my pistol skill is high enough, I'm almost at the speed cap of 1.0 (One or two more levels and I'll hit it). My pistol cost 20,000 credits.

    I went to get it sliced, and met another BH. He had bought a pistol just like mine, only made with extremely rare, difficult-to-get components. His cost 300,000 credits. IT had 114-230 damage, and 1.5 speed.

    We both went to a smuggler to get it sliced. He went first, and was waiting and waiting and waiting... and eventually got a 33% speed reduction. On a fast pistol like his, with the damage cap in place, the reduction in speed is useless.

    I went up and got mine sliced. I waited and prayed, until Mister Smuggler said... "31% damage"! I cheered. My pistol was now 146-238 damage. With the speed cap in place, my little 20k pistol was just as good (A bit moreso actually, since it has a higher minimum damage) as that 300k credit pistol.

    I was soooooooooo happy! Tonight was a great night in the world of SWG

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    You just got to love "RPGs" thats all about numbers. There is basically a language in Star Wars Galaxies where they use numbers after every second word. The game is a mathmatician's dream.

    And yes I understood it, but for people that does not play Star Wars Galaxies, that is going to look like hebrew khyron :-)

    Unless they understand hebrew that is. Then it would be like mandarin. Unless they knew mandarin too that is...

    *stack overflow*
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      It would look like martian. *nods*

      That's pretty cool. I usually always get speed slices.. then the smuggler mysteriously disappears. Forever.
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        Actually you explained it well enough that even I understood it!
        Even though I played SWG, I never really got all the numbers.

        I am math phobic. Just saying that made my heart skip. :?
        If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.


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          Sounds like the other guy had a krayt FWG5.
          Edit: found a teesny bit of info on krayt enhanced weapons.

          This is for pre-patch stats. As you can see, they were horrible nerfed with the last major patch.

          Note: I actually had to look up the spelling of krayt. I knew if I mispelled it that Kaylen would freak out. :-)[/url]
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            LOL - Tras you made me think of something my oldest son did once. We've played almost every SW game there is, this time we were playing Star Wars: The Phantom Menace game for the PC. In one part you are playing Qui-gon and there is a creature in a large, cage-like box. As you approach the box shakes and the creature roars. My son was a little afraid of this unknow monster in a box and he said,

            "Don't go over there mama, I think it's a crate dragon."
            If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.


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              Crate dragon. heh Too cute!
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                Trastero : No, we both had Scatter Pistols. His was Krayt-enhanced, though

                Trust me, there's no possible way to mistake a Scatter Pistol for an FWG5... Since the scatter pistol looks like a hair dryer :P

                Proof that the scatter pistol looks like a hair dryer!



                And SWG isn't about numbers, really any more than EQ is

                The only real difference, is that so few weapons have procs, it's all about the DPS.

                Consider the speed mods to be equivalent to haste, and you'll see what I mean - some people who play EQ can calculate out the exact DPS of any weapon (without procs) and including any haste mod.

                I can calculate the DPS of any weapon in SWG, including their weapon speed mod

                All RPG's, from D&D to EQ to SWG to anything else... they're all numbers games. You know the bow is better because it has a damage of 20 instead of 10. You know the sword is faster because it has a delay of 20 instead of 40. That sort of thing


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                  (Oh, and just for those math-inclined... the DPS equation for SWG)

                  ( ( Weapon Max + Weapon Min ) / 2 * 1.5 * 1.25^AP value ) / Firing Rate

                  Firing Rate = (Base Weapon Speed) * [1 - (Weapon Speed Skill/100)]

                  My pistol is 146-238 damage, 1 AP, 2.5 speed. I have 50 skill in Pistol Speed Anyone out there care to guess what my DPS with that pistol is?


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                    Here I thought I was the only one waving her hair dryer menacingly at Rebels.

                    But now I'm a Dancer / Carbineer / Combat Medic with half of my Scout skills too.
                    If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.


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                      I liked my sliced laser rifle that I put a tuning muzzle on and got the damage up to 600, with headshot 2 I got around 2k damage.
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