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  • Interesting or humorous stories about your character...

    Anyone got any? I'm just curious, because I always enjoy reading stories about EQ ^_^ Seeing as how I'm getting it soon (praise the Lord, lol), I wanna know as much about it as humanly possible. And you can even ask my mentally unstable friend, Bryce, and he will gladly tell you I'm a bit too obsessed with Anyway, that's sorta beside the point. Anyone got any stories pretaining to their character?

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    As a wee young druid (level 5), I found my way to Crushbone. In this zone, I tested out my Camouflage spell. As a completely new player, I thought this zone was just the coolest thing ever, and I explored all around, feeling safe in my invisibility.

    Eventually, I had explored the outside of the zone, the tunnels, and the rivers, so I walked carefully up to the castle. I clicked on the door, and backed off a few steps as it opened. No monsters inside. I walked carefully in. Orc Legionnaires were in the passage to the throne room, but they couldn't see me. I walked in and saw what appeared to be a room of legionnaires. I was safe of course.

    Oh, wait, that's not a legionnaire, that's Lord Darish. Lord seeing-invis Darish. He jumped on me and smacked me. Invis broke as soon as he attacked of course, and the rest of the legos jumped towards me.

    Fortunately, I've got a taste for the dramatic, so thanks to that and EQ's pathing system, I got away. Through the castle window I jumped, into the courtyard, free of monsters for the moment. I ran, not knowing that the orcs wouldn't follow me the same way. Coming to the moat, I leaped across it, knowing that monsters didn't jump moats. Once on the other side, immediate casting of Gate commenced.

    Just before the spell completed, I saw the castle door open and Lord Darish and his orcs running out, but I got away safely. There weren't any other players at the castle entrance, so I'm pretty sure they just went back to their posts without killing anyone.
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      Lol, awesome story ^_^ I really enjoyed reading it. I can't wait until I get the game. I plan to be a Druid too. Thanks for the story!


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        I was competely green with these kinds of games when I entered EQ. The only on line game I had played was The Realm for a month.

        Diligently I read "EverQuest:The Offical Players Guide."

        I decided to make a Dark Elf Necromancer because a/ half elf paladin females still had a frigging thong in leather, and b/ it seemed sinisterly romantic.

        So I read the section on Dark Elves:
        The Dark Elvse are the evil brethren of the Woodland and High Elves. (ohhh evil - cool!)
        Their skin is blue-ish black, their hair white and they share the pointed ears and sharp features of their Elven Brethren (cool I get to look like an elf but not be a wishywashy elf - alright!)
        Dark Elves are twisted, evil race, created by the Prince of Hate as a mockery to Elven beauty. (wooot - take that simpering elves!)
        Dark Elves are haughy (ALRIGHT) and condescending (is this a bio of me in RL?!?!?), yet show signs of strain around the edges of their personality (ohhh I can role play psychotic!), hinting they all might not be right in their mental processes (getting better and better).
        Thankfully, Dark Elves aren't seen much beyond the forest of eternal night in Neriak. (sweet, no moving around to different zones and getting lost!)

        So I made my DE necro - Paschen. After 40 mins to find my guild leader, then another 2 hours to get out of Neriak I was finally into the dark forest of eternal night. For a few days I happily covorted in this zone, never knowing that we could actually LEAVE Nektolus Forest. Then one day I did a zone into some place called Lava Storm. Luckily I saw a mage fire pet and decided to follow it to find its master. Naturally I died a horrible death and then couldn't find the zone where I lost my body anyway. So I just remade her - ROFL.

        It was that day that I learnt that pets con differently to mobs.

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          Lol, that's awesome! I plan to make my character very similar to myself. You should have quite an easy time roleplaying your character if she's going to be very similar to you ^_^ That was a cool story, thanks for posting it!


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            I remember chasing enchanter and mage pets around G Fay for 1/2 and hour trying to kill them.
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              Lol, wow. If that were mee, I would've gotten bored and quit real quick. You're very persistant ^_^


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                My first character, Nulien, had just reached level 10. And, I decided it was time to travel to another land... specifically, I wanted to visit the halflings in Rivervale. This was before Planes of Power came out, and I didn't know anyone who could port me, so I had to take the long way.

                I travelled from Greater Faydark, through the Butcherblock Mountains, getting attacked by an ogre on the way... luckily, I survived the encounter. I then got on the boat for the first time ever. I was so excited, and was running around the boat so much, I'm surprised I didn't fall off. I got off at the first stop the boat made, then realized I wasn't supposed to, and managed to get back on the boat before it left again.

                Finally, I arrived in the city of Humans, Freeport. It took me a while, but I finally managed to find the West Gate, and headed out into the Commonlands. I went through the East Commonlands without incident. As I was running through the West Commonlands though, I walked over a hill... and almost walked right into the path of a griffin!! Luckily, it didn't see me, and I was able to go around it safely.

                It was late when I finally reached Kithicor Forest. I thought to myself, "Phew... I'm almost there, just a quick run through these woods, and I'll be in Rivervale!" I took a few steps into Kithicor, and was killed in 2 hits by a skeleton of some kind.

                Now, this was before I understood the concept of Soulbinders. I found myself back in Kelethin, and realized that my corpse, with all my equipment, was still in the center of Antonica. So... I took the long run to the docks, across the ocean, through Freeport and the Commonlands (almost got killed by an orc legionnaire on the way), and finally looted my corpse, and, afraid to go any further, headed back to Kelethin. My goal of reaching Rivervale had failed.

                It was some time after that that I learned Kithicor was perfectly safe... but only during the day.
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                  Funny story

                  Shortly after Kunark came out, I started playing EQ. I decided to play a troll warrior, and Zgal was born. He was a great character, but I could not figure out why he always felt the need to dig in his butt when he stood still for a few minutes.

                  After some deep thought on the subject, I came up with a story about how he had paid a visit to a house of ill repute in the Ogre city of Ogguk and come down with a serious case of "Da ichy bum"! I made it a personal quest to track down a cure for this particular malady, especially since it seemed that every troll and ogre in the world was afflicted! :shock:

                  Every cleric, druid or shaman that I grouped with was begged to attempt to cure my disease. Most of them got a kick out of my story and took pity on me, casting every heal and cure they could in an effort to help me.

                  Eventually, word of my plight reached the ears of the gods and a GM popped in to offer me a quest. If I would go retreive certain items from this list of NPCs that he gave me, he would intercede with Rallos Zek on my behalf to obtain a cure.

                  I set out on this quest, eager to cure the serious chafing problems caused by digging a soiled loincloth out of my backside every 5 minutes, and obtained the items. Unfortunately, there was no cure. I did receive a nice shiny weapon for my troubles.


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                    When Shamira was in her late 20s, she took part in a GM event outside Kaladim, in which a mother emerald drake was kidnapped by bandits. So, while I waited for my guild to prepare for a giant-killing event in RM, I spent the next half-hour running around Butcherblock, looking for this drake. Now, Sham is a paladin, so she can't track.....and as might be expected, she wasn't the first to reach the critter. I had a great deal of fun RPing my intentions, though, and the GMs seemed impressed.

                    By this time my guildmates had arrived, so we ported off to the Feerott to make the trip to RM. Just as we set off from the druid rings, though, the GM who had been overseeing the event started shouting my name throughout the jungle. He finally caught up with me - and for my participation I was presented with a Spider Fur Cloak.


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                      I had started a halfling rogue when I started and not only made my way through Kithicor 2x along the road at nite at 2nd lvl mind you but died on the 1st time after I made it to Freeport by a female necro which I thought was a PC and I kept sending tells to her tell her thanks for killing me. Funny thing was I never knew she was an NPC about a month. My favorite your more a newbie then me was once I emoted pickpocketing a 40ish lvl character and he petitioned me. I think the Gm never laughed so hard in his life.
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                        Well it's my 1st post here, so I figured I'll relate 2 tales!

                        The 1st was just before I dinged 30 with my main, a Barbarian Beastlord; I was romping around Everfrost and decided to bash a few grown Mammoths, beliving this would be enough to put me over. Taking 2 wasn't that hard then with my warder, -but-, just as I was dealing the killing blow to the 2nd one, a THIRD one popped literally right on top of the 2nd! This had NOT been in the gameplan, and I immidiately backed off to give myself some breathing room...fortunately, my warder held it off long enough for me to not only regroup, but kill the 3rd mammy as well!

                        The 2nd tale was just earlier this week during a LdoN romp; a Sand Elf we were bashing on started to make a run for it, and a snare attempt from a caster failed; said Elf got through a door and immidiately had 4 Summoned Protectors on us...somehow we killed the quartet, but lost track of the runner...while regrouping from the gang of 4, three MORE baddies showed up, obviously aggro-d by the original runner, we axed them as well, and took off in what we hoped was the direction that runner had the time we finally caught and killed it VERY messily for the trouble she'd put us through, it had brought no less than FIFTEEN baddies down on us, and no more than 10 minutes had passed...not only that, but not one of us died during the entire near-catastrophe!
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                          I always remember running through Kithcor at night, trading items between people. Now mind ye that this is in the before days of Luclin, hell this happened back before Velious. On Rodcet the main trading areas were Faymart and EasyCash (G-fay and EC) but mainly you had to be in zone of have a friend nearby. Well, some people would get antsy and want to trade in HH because it was convienient. Others were in EC and at night this proved to be a bit of a problem, with Kithcor in the way. I was a Dark Elf rogue who use to time his runs through Kithcor at night simply because I could. I ended up being a go between several times.

                          Used to be that running the rightmost wall and hugging the zone line would keep you safe... but only if you were 30+ or had safe fall. I neever once aggro'd anything too bad and anytime I did I was able to make it to Rivervale or WC depending on which was closer. I had a hot key for my trains, "Crazy rogue running through, watch for light trains near dawn at WC/HH/Vale zone!" I've never seen a zone clear out faster...

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                            i had just joined my first guild i was level 15 ranger at the time .
                            I had meet a very nice player named Fathersword and had joined the guild he was in COE . i had just loged in and asked if anyone needed me and Father replyed i could go to lower guk with him it wiuld be easy xp for me . so we did and it was a blast but it had gotten late i i needed to log so i told him he asked me if i needed help geting out and being the idot newb i was i saide no . i used sneck and had almost made it out when i got argoed i ran to where i thought was the zone to find out i was lost . so im running thru guk with every frog on me when bam i ran in to father head on with the train both of us died and thins is when i meet ladrill and ykroon 2 other guildmates at the time who came to rez us and i also erned the name deathranger which has followed me to this day at level 60 .


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                              Lol, I enjoyed all the stories very much. I really enjoyed Nulien and zgal's, lol. Zgal, I will never take roleplaying for granit again. Your story gives me even more initiative to roleplay. I also enjoyed Sham's story. But then again, everyone's stories were awesome ^_^