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    Well, this is about gaming, so I think it goes here...

    World of Warcraft was shown at Gen Con in California, and someone was able to grab one of the devs and torture info out of them for about 5 hours. Read about it here. Gen Con Info

    Droolworthy material.
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    Kinda figured they'd miss their Q4 goal for the beta. *cries* All sounds cool, though I just skimmed it for now. I'll read more in-depth later. The mention of rituals sounds interesting....


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      This has once again turned the tide in my decision for whichc MMORPG to dream about.
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        I've been dreaming about WoW for a looooong time now. I better get in on the Beta or I'm going to be marching to Irvine with torch and pitchfork in hand.


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          Heh, yeah... I would be writhing with envy at the same time that I'm hoping to make it into the next beta wave... Still, as soon as beta arrives, those not in it will at least have a lot more info about the game.
          Brandoch - 31 Dwarven Hunter - Whisperwind
          Varaha - 14 Human Priest - Whisperwind
          Keiran - 13 Night Elf Warrior - Whisperwind


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            will from what that post saide souds like a lot of people will get to beta test at some time or another

            i really hope WOW comes out good and is worth the waite but then again most blizard games are


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              I think World of WarCraft will be the first serious EverQuest contender (ok, Dark Age of Camelot was, but let's exclude that from this little discussion).

              Why? Because it's Blizzard. The company ooze of experience and quality. The game looks totally slick. It looks like an adventure game. Imagine! An adventure game! A MMORPG that dosn't bog you down with promises of ultra-realistic economies!

              Yahoo! Adventure! The reason why I first started playing role-playing games!
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                Obi-WOW Kenobi you're my last hope.... It really is Star Wars is so close to actually being good now I am tired of waiting for the devs to pull their heads out of their butts... I tire of waiting...

                Here's to Hoping WoW is gonna be worth it cause so far all the current ones out bores me..... tho SWG is very close to not being a drudgery I seriously doubt the devs care anymore to even try.
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                  Well, I think Final Fantasy (because of it's MUCH broader market) IS EverQuest's first serious contender.

                  Now, I guess the word contender must have a bit more of a meaning to it. So, if by contender you mean a game that matches the number of players playing the game, then yeah FFXI is already there... or very close. And, WoW will likely be the 2nd.

                  But, if by contender you mean a game that is actually going to take accounts AWAY from EQ... I don't think there ever will be one. The only game that jeopardizes EQ is EQ. The decisions that are made by the higher ups will have an infinitely more devastating effect on EQ than any other game will ever have on it.

                  Not to indicate that I know any more than the rest of you, but well, I might. And where some stuff on the horizon makes me giggle with glee, other stuff on the horizon makes me want to start looking for a new game. Let's just hope THOSE things never go live.


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                    Dunno on FFXI, depends on how folks adapt. If you thought the vision made some parts of your EQ life hell, FFXI is just getting warmed up.

                    FFXI is a solid, pretty, and mostly fun game. But, you better bring friends or be adept at making new ones quickly, from a narrow pool of those within a few levels of you or your going to be bored senseless fast.
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                      Originally posted by Erling E.
                      Why? Because it's Blizzard. The company ooze of experience and quality.
                      As I've said before, it's kinda funny to read comments like this after hanging out in, say, a Diablo newsgroup for a while. There are regs there who talk as though Blizzard is run by a pack of drooling morons. However, it seems almost anywhere outside of a Blizzard game-dedicated forum, the majority thinks that Blizzard is one of the brightest companies out there.

                      To me, it just illustrates the "fad" of bashing the producers of popular games on their own "turf".


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                        i think WoW will take accounts from EQ...

                        how many is the question

                        ffxi took a small amount (50k or so) from eq,

                        wow imo could potentially take a few hundred thousand- IF it is good enough.

                        it definately will take from the other mmog's


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                          Lenardo--- where did you get that number of 50k users from EQ, just curious?


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                            Well the track record so far is that no game has taken users away from EQ in any number that hurts EQ. Plus EQ is almost always adding new users so that the levels of current users rarely fluctuate very much.
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                              Blizzard does have a decade of experience writing games of great caliber.

                              However, they have never made an MMORPG before. It is true, WoW is visually spectacular, and has great game play. The only thing I am waiting to see is if they can do the server side code to support thousands of players. I am hoping that they clear these issues up in beta.

                              WoW has the potential to take players away from EQ. Lets face it, people are reaching the proverbial "endgame" of EQ now. There are players out there that have seen it all, fought it all, and quested it all to their hearts content. These players will be looking to move on to bigger and better things. Guilds like FoH that have been a corner stone in everquest for several years are planning to move to WoW already.

                              I just hope that their beta, and release goes smoothly. If anyone can pull off a smooth release, its Blizzard.