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Questions from a rather upset Mage

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  • Questions from a rather upset Mage

    Woody Edit: This board is NOT the right place to question SOE staff in regards to class issues. That is the purpose of class boards and/or the SOE boards.

    You can talk to US about the changes and state your opinion, but you won't be using the GU Forums to assault the SOE staff in an attempt to get them to answer somewhere else.
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    How was it an assult? I know they read these boards and other people have asked thm direct questions in the past. I did not use profane language, I did not attack them, I asked why a change was made. That is all. The mage boards are in a rukus right now and all the little kiddies are posting so many profane requests its chaos. The only remotely offending thing I said was "This is not a fix, its is a nerf no matter how you put it" You constantly complain about Warriors needing changes and upgrades. I also know this is your forum and you run it how you see fit but explain to me what was so offending about asking questions regarding a change. /gu is part of the EQ community and this is an issure that has an impact on part of that community. Had I made a flaming attack on them out of frustration then yes, by all means the post should have been deleted, but I did not. What rules did I violate?

    And if this gets me banned from the boards then so be it. I caer about my class just as much as anyone playing EQ. This change reduces my affectives in group situations more then any other change SoE has ever done to my class. Changing ModRods last year was the right thing to do, that was unabalenced... They gave a very long, complete message stating why and that was good. All we got this time was "Sorry, I was just told of this going live, I will try better in the future"

    I'm sorry but with all the time I have invested into my class we deserve better...
    When it comes to you versus the world, bet on the world.


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      Easy Way #10: I am a board dictator. What I say goes. Arguing with me in regards to board policy is an unwise course of action.


      The next time you have an issue with something I've done with a post then I recommend you PM me about it. But, since you didn't, and obviously can't take a hint as to my intent, then I'm more than happy to be more blunt with you.

      I don't care what YOU feel is appropriate for this board.

      My post states quite clearly that there are two places where you should ask SOE folks questions regarding your class. Those two places are your class boards and the SOE boards where appropriate.

      I also said quite clearly that you could talk to us about your issues. But you will not use this board to try to get the attention of the SOE folks. They post here because it is a relative safe haven from the storm.

      I have never used this forum to directly ask them questions about issues I have with my class.

      I have however used this forums to talk about class issues with other GU community folk, whether it was part of a comic or not. And hey, how about that, I invited you to do the same.

      Use my boards to try to get the attention of SOE folks again in relation to your class, or question me further on this issue, and I will ban you.

      Be glad I haven't already. You know as well as I do that you've teetered on the brink more than once.


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        Woody Edit: I added in paragraph breaks as best I could.

        My revised edition

        They are effectively removing our "class" form of postitive mana regen. Enchanters have their KEI line of spells and a 100% mana regen AA once an hour. Necros get their Lich forms. Wizzards get their little pets and a Gather Mana type spell. Mages had Modrods (nerfed) and Pet Canni and a 6man/tick spell...

        (Pet Canni explained)
        Pet Canni is/was eating your pet for positive mana regen. Unfortuatnly in PoP and High End luclin zones (And LDoN) they introduced items that drastically increased our abilities to Pet Canni (HP to Mana conversion) In a nutshell The more HP your pet had, the more Mana you could reclaim. RE was a 1/10 HP to Mana conversion. Rathe's Son costs 400 Mana and has 4800 HP. Naked with no AAs it was 80/cast regen. Add in mana preservation items, spell haste, specilization, AA's, and focus items and mages could attain rates as high as 200/tick mana regen. Time mages could go as high as 340/Tick. The changes ot RE and the IRE ability reduces the HP convertion to 1/20.. So a 6k Rathe's Son (Highest possbile focus) would net 300Mana back with the lowest possible mana cost(average) of 300... 200 if you were one of the extreme few who got a Summon Efficeny4(nolonger drops) item and even then it only has a minimum effectiveness of 12% and your still SOL. IRE was mana reclaim for mana cast.. IE spell cost 400 mana, you got 400 mana. Now its 90-99% of the mana cost of YOU to the spell(Instead of the base mana cost for the spell). fully focused and AAd out mine cost about 300 per cast... so I would only get 270-297 back instead of 400 now.

        (A Mage's role as defined by SOE)
        Mages were always considered secondary DPS dealers thanks to our burst damage abilities... We have always lacked the agro management of Wizzards, the overall abilities of Necros and the Mem blurr/charm/mez/etc abilities of Chanters.

        (SOE's view on Pets and their ramifications)
        SOE has always said our pets were the balencing factor... Truth is our pets were barely better then other class pets to begin with, it was the abilites of the caster tied in with the pet that made the difference. Mages get no root/snare line of spells that all other int casters have (Our earth pet has it...) We get no rune type spells (Damage absortion) and pre 51 4 of our spells were always Pet spells. Mages have the worst DoTs in the game, Druid nukes are as good, if not better thanks to their cold line(Our big nukes are unsable in Zones like Tower of SolRo and PoFire, and we simply cannot solo compared to the other INT based casters. Other then utility spells like Call of the Hero, Modrods, and the focus items we summoned we were always one step behind the other classes. The only thing we had going for us WAS our mana regen abilities. They have now taken that away from us. The only situation where this is not relevant now is on raids where you have Bards, Beastlords, Enchanters, Necros, etc that can help maintain mana.

        (Spell Agro since we are considered the secondary Nukin Class)
        Due to our spell agro we could never go OOM without overagroing the tanks since we also have no agro control like Wizzards (The concussion lines).

        Basically they have taken our one ability that made us able to solo/group comparitilvey to other int casters and thrown it out the door with less then a 2 days notice and ABSOLUTLEY NO EXPLAINATION!! Unfortuatnly the majority of the mage community is oblivious to this and ignorance is on full display on the mage boards now. To change something so fundamental to a class with less then two days notice and no reasoning is just absurd. Mages are already a rareity and this really does nothing to help those wanting to be mages. So many of us have spent so much time working for equipment and AAs to help better our abilities. It really is a slap in the face and proves SoE's lack of interest in our class. Every change SoE makes to our class narrows out abilities.

        (SoE's idea of Balencing us out)
        We have an elemental charm now.. usable only by a level 65 character. Outside of BoT and the Tak LDoN zone this spell is worthless unless your a farmer. They are going to give us a dire charm AA... summoned only... How many zones are there summoned mobs?? (They even changed the fire elementals in PoFire to regular mobs) We have a summoned mezz type spell.. 63 only... extremely limited due to the lack of summoned mobs and it has an extremely low level cap compared to the same Enchater based spells that work on any mob.

        (Pet Canni the equalizer)
        The great equalizer in all of this was what we could do with our pets and the benifits they provided. Pet Canni was perhaps the biggest advantage and now they are taking that away. A mage will be forced to live behind his pets even more and become a crack baby like all other caster classes that are not INT based casters. How can this ability be overbalenced compared to a Necro for example? They have far superior DoT spells, the ability to snare... FD... Pet FD... Highest mana regen in the game under normal circuimstances, can Rez people, have ungodly stong spells aginst undead (Compare the amount of undead mobs to summoned mobs).. the list goes on and on... Encahters.. My god did you see what they could do when PoP first came out? And lets be honest... you cannot raid without an Enchanter. They were Gods... Wizzards have always been the #1 DPS class. Period. SoE has said that mages were a viable alternative DPS class for Wizzards.. well guess what... The only reason we could compare was because of our mana regen abilities. In a short duration fight Wizzards are king, in extended groups, LDoN's etc... Mage's Mana Regen was the equalizer... Well not anymore. We are slaves to KEI again. We cannot evac, we cannot group buff except for a Damage Shield. Our crowd control is off tanking with pets in the vast majority of situation, etc... The list goes on and on and to be honest up until now that did not bother me. I am good at being a mage, but they just took away one of the fundamental reason I was able to maintaine my abilities as a mage. My DPS will fall by at least 50% and it was already 4th-5th on the list( no matter what I said beore) compared to Rangers, Rogues, Wizzards and Necros... Sustained DPS for long durations was my strength and they took that away from ALL mages.

        I apologize if this gets a little disorganized, but I am typing from the heart here. I have spent so much time to get to where I am in this game an now the very basis of my game play is being taken away.
        When it comes to you versus the world, bet on the world.


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          /boggle, why did i read that Realllllly long paragraph.


          So what if your charm don't work except 1 spot..

          Druids Have animal charm....hrmm....that'll let us work on all the lowest level creatures you can imagine.


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            Mordi, reclaim energy was never intended to generate posative mana flow. They're finally fixing a bug. Your class still has a form of posative mana regen, anyway. They're called "mod rods", and mages did just fine with them for a long time.


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              This is a good way to get banned from GUcomic Boards, if you have a problem /report or e-mail the Devs yourself, dont heap it on Woody this is NOT what he is here for, much less heap it on Alan2 as I read it in your original post, he is Customer Relations now and was not hired to be Joan of Arc and burned at the stake everytime someone feels their class was diserviced in some way.

              Argueing this situation is not wrong, argueing it with Alan or Woody IS, you need to learn the proper medium for the frustration. not doing so will mean a great many ignoring you then hearing you out.


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                Wait, am I the only one who sees a problem with a 200-340 a tick mana regen? I never made it up that high so I donno, but as a Professional Noob that seems pretty high.

                Is that normal or what? @.@


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                  I stopped reading that after a few sentences, but it seems like you're talking about Reclaim Energy. Correct me if I'm wrong.

                  Reclaim Energy is only supposed to give back a percentage of the mana you used to get your pet - not help you regen mana. The devs don't need to give a long explanation to ease the suffering when they're fixing an obvious bug.

                  Making fear unable to be cast on PCs is a nerf. Changing Reclaim Energy to do what it says it does is a fix. If there was a bug that allowed Shadow Knights or Paladins to dual weild, and they fixed it - it'd be a fix, no matter how unfair the classes thought it was.

                  Don't get me wrong, I can see your position - I'm rather upset about the bard lull "fix." But, if it's truly a fix, they're going to fix it.. so there's not much that can be done, though if you don't have a class mana regen and everyone else does, maybe you should /feedback with suggestions about that.
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                    I told Mord that he should post about his class. Thanks for your support Jish, but it's a bit inflamatory and unnecessary. Mord is trying to speak his peace here, so we're going to let that play out now, okay?


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                      Sorry, I get caried away sometimes :lol:


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                        Wow, I'm sorry Mord, I'm way out of the loop when it comes to class-balance in EQ (But you wanna talk mochies? I methere).

                        Could you, er, put a couple paragraph breaks in there, so I can try and digest it? :-(
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                          Well I did as I was asked as a result of my original post but it was a rather long winded rant to some. Here are the Key points...

                          A Necro just sitting there in Skelly Form on a horse/lizzard can get up to 100/mana tick. This happens no matter what... be it spell casting, kiting whatever. They have the best Mana regen for doing nothing

                          Enchanters just sitting there by themselves get over 50mana/tick. They get the abilities to charm, Mezz, Memblur, cast KEI type spells, etc... once every 60 minutes they can Gather Mana for 100% mana regen

                          Wizzards just nuke.. Plain and simple. They are the best at it. Their mana regen is roughly 40+mana a tic sitting on a lizzard. Keep in mind their DPS and Mana efficeny and low resist spells are the best in the game.

                          A Mage just sitting there in Water form can generate 30+Mana a tick. ModRods now have a 5minute delay between use and return 990Mana over 15 minutes for the cost of Mana and HP per rod/click

                          For a mage to Pet Canni they had to completely stop what they were doing and Canni for 1-2 minutes straight to regain mana. With out the Suspend Minion line of AA, Quick Summoning AA, Spell Casting Mastery AA, Improved Relcaim Focus, etc... It was very low regen until you invested considerable time and gear into it.

                          Combine that with our lack of abilities compared to the rest of the INT class and you will understand. SoE has trivialized content as the game progresses and has made our Canni abilities better as a result. This was not a bug, this was not an exploit. Reclaim Energy has worked the same since day 1 of Everquest. They knew about this ever since Velious, they saw it in the Luclin and PoP Betas, getting a focus in Luclin+ requires access to Vex Thal and Plane of Time, getting the LDoN is 761 points in Takish. My point is that in order to be a Canni Mage you had to work for it. It was not handed to us on a silver platter. That is what they re taking away.
                          When it comes to you versus the world, bet on the world.


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                            Well, being that I formatted that post, I read exactly what it said. And, after doing so... **shakes his head** I can't see any reason why they WOULDN'T "fix it".

                            I'm positive that THAT kind of mana return was NEVER the intention of that line of spells. The fact that it became so borders on exploitation.

                            As a warrior, I'm sympathetic to any class whose abilities are lessened in any way, but this action on SOE's part does NOT stir me into a realm where I feel I need to rant, rave, and draw a comic to support it.

                            Sorry for your loss Mord, but based on my understanding of how this game works... that was a "fix" not a "nerf".


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                              Hmm... Okay, I read you, it's harder to get back mana... Not being used to games where regen is particularly difficult (not as I understand it is in EQ), I still have to ask- Is that so bad?

                              I was under the impression that mages were chiefly pet-casters, as such their main line of work is creating pets, buffing pets, sometimes buffing their allies, and then pointing at what they want their pet to kill... This doesn't seem like it absolutely requires a constant flow of mana to me.
                              If you were me, and I were you, I\'d put your gerbil in the microwave.