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Mmm...Mud Cake. (12/17)

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  • Mmm...Mud Cake. (12/17)

    As soon as this joke was emailed to me, I knew it had to be drawn.

    I'm sure most of you know about the Mage fix, and how upset some mages are about it. And if you don't know, just look at some of the posts on this very board. There's a thread about it already.

    I've already commented on it, so I won't do so again here. But, I think the barbarian sums up my feelings on the matter pretty well.


    And for those of you wondering... Mud Cake (read: Mississippi Mud cake) is a delicious chocolaty treat of tastiness and unrenlenting fatty evil. **drools**

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    I'd love some mud cake.

    fatty evil is good evil.
    Penguins are evil......

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    Befuercht mich....


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      Or sucking AIR! (couldn't help it)
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        Water is tasty and delicious. Freshly summoned, natural spring. Imported, of course.

        On another note, I love the way you drew the High Elf. Neat hair.
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              Eheh. Eheh. Eheheheh.
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                Okay.....erm...what does a mage do when it's a fire element pet? (besides get burnt :? )


                P.S. *snickers* like the comic Woody....just had to ask since everyone else had interesting ideas what to do with the other pets.


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                  We call that 'cajun' where I'm from.
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                    Oh - didn't know about the nerf.... taking a week off EQ.

                    I know necros had reclaim energy years back - Does this affect them also?

                    Great little comic - totally reminded me of a mage in our guild.

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                      hehe, thats what I needed Thanks Woody.
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                        What happened? I no longer play EQ, so...


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                          Well pet canni has been in the game since beta, i think they should nerf it a bit, but not to the extent that they are nerfing it. Oh well guess bards aren't the only ones getting spanked with the nerf stick.
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                            **Gives Woody a Hot Wheels car.**
                            Sorry PJ, best I can afford on my pay.
                            Great comic today by the way, but nothing new about that.
                            And yes, mud cake is just about the most awsomest thing ever.
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                              I never really understood what this spell did, when i started i thought it got the mana back from summoning the pet but then noticed it didnt when i started my first mage. So what does it do anyways? I used to think it also gave back the stuff you gave your pet but that also didnt work.