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Does the game really have a time line?

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  • Does the game really have a time line?

    Do the major things ever change, like NPC kings and leaders, do big drastic events ever take place? Or will every place always stay the same, only changing in what the NPC's say and new locations?

    It seems like these games have no "history making" involved, nations never win or lose vs each other and everything just stays the same.

    It would be cool somtimes to see nations move up the technology tree and maybe invent new things or change political powers.

    Any suggestions/comments are greatly appricated, Thanks

    EDIT: "I don't know much about EQ, or its history-in-progress, if it does, thats great"

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    The Frogs kicked Trolls out of Grobb...
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      periodically there have been some events that did change the game. the battle of Bloody Kithicor is one that comes to mind, which changed the Kithicor forest from a fairly benign lowish level zone to hellish undead-warrior-ridden death trap. at night, at least.

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        There was also the plague of Karana. The whole Lanys storyline.
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          The plague that lasted, what, 6 months? And even after it had been running that long, people zoned in and said "Hey, why's the sky green here?" oO


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            fironia vie story line for kunark release.


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              The whole thing with Morden Rasp and the Wayfarer's seems to be pretty dynamic and changes with time.


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                Erudites exodus of Tunaria for Odus in Frontiers.
                Deathfists invasion of Freeport. (Lots of LORE for that quest)


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                  then theres the billions of texts in libraries and such that tell about stories


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                    I think thats one of the biggest things most mmorpgs are missing is the fact that players dont have a hand in the history or their world. I havent played Doac or galaxies but I was a EQ vet and thats something i always wished i could do.

                    Like the frog invasion of grobb most guilds where there to try and fight off the army of frogs that came. There were too many for most people but some people were succesful in holding the frogs back. For those servers the frog cities should have stayed in guk maybe a side passageway into upperguk. But i guess that means extra work for the developers etc.

                    Also Cabilis was always a city in ruins even though, with the release of Kunark and the masses of Iksar players (mainly rich monks,sk's etc) It would have been kewl to see the city slowly improve over time.

                    I remember way way back in the Day when there was a wood elf Druid called Eldrad. He used to set up open raids for people to join that were pretty popular. The Gm's even changed his name to Eldrad the General. His biggest raid was on against Neriak where they cut through the main gate then snuck through the various tunnels toward the Necromancers guild. Actually killing one or two of the lesser guild masters before pulling one of the top honcho's that quickly wiped them out .But Gm's took part in the that event (set up by players) and took to being merchents yelling insults at the invading army or running in terror. I remember there was a large troll shadow knight with us who kept getting called a traitor for being there. Was alot of fun.

                    If we could do things like that maybe causing some destruction in Neriak for example and having various houses or districts represent maybe battle damage or something with a few npc's retelling recent events. It would be neat imo.

                    But i guess youd get uber guilds that might ruin it for people by banding together to wipe out entire cities because of the fact "they can". Instead of actually roleplaying an evil guild invaded Felwithe or a light guild invading Ogguk. etc.


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                      good job Tear, I guess that was what I was getting at, us making history, not the lore in books.
                      one step at a time I guess... I wouldn't doubt it if Blizzard tried to incorporate this though, would be interesting. They could have rules against wiping out cities for dumb reasons.

                      It would be pretty cool if you could get voted into special offices for the cities, like Mayor or Sherif.


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                        You can be a Mayor or a part of the town Militia in player cities on SWG.
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                          Solusek Ro's raping of Takish`hiz, burning it into the sand and forcing the Elves into an Exodus to Faydwer, where over the Millenia they split into Wood Elves and Highelves (and WEs were eventually corrupted by Innoruuk)

                          Sure none of this happened in a GM event but it is a story line i'm familiar with.

                          There is also the origin of the Vah Shir, Kerrans whom were sent from Odus by the Erudites, well more like blown up, evicted onto Luclin (hence the giant Crater) where the Kerrans over many Centuries harvested Acrylia from the Mountains to create their Kingdom under the leadership of Vah Kerrath, the ancient King of the Kerrans.

                          Then there is the Iksar, whom were Slaves to the Shissar and those that used Magic to breed Iksar and Dragons into the Sarnak (i'm sketching but there is alot of data about Rile and Venril Sathir i'm missing) untill the Iksar finally revolted and the Shissar were forced to Luclin as well, where they shielded their Pyramid ruins in a shield of an absolute Vacuum.


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                            "Your eyes begin to itch"
                            I am going to have to disagree with your detective work there.


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                              Yowza, Tear, that sounds like it would've been *fun*. In fact, it sounds like what I think of when I say 'raid' instead of the rather mundane experiences they usually tend to be...

                              But, I'm suddenly curious about Grobb... When I first learned of the change, I'd assumed there was a period of down-time, and then all the trolls who logged in found themselves bound in Neriak (and moved there if they were in Grobb or Inothule)... But there was an actual invasion, huh?

                              While that does sound fun and entertaining, er, what about the low-levels? Suppose you're a level 15 troll shaman who'se finally got some decent gear, and suddenly your town is swarmed with kermits, you die, re-spawn in Neriak, and have to do a corpse-run into what is now a hostile town? o.O
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