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    While this is my first post to the forums, I've been reading /GU for years, long before Woody took his extended vacation where we all thought the strip was cancelled.

    Is there an easy way to find out exactly what game the pic from the monthly donation contest is from? Like this month's for instance, the dragon. Is it a Horizons dragon? An EQ dragon? A DAoC dragon? Who knows? I don't play EQ or DAoC anymore, and while I agree that giving money to Woody is a worthy cause, I want the wallpaper and a shot at the original, but not if it's from a game I don't play anymore. So how do you know?

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    Well, it could just be a generic dragon. A dragon is a dragon is a dragon, no matter the game it's from. Woody doesn't seem to draw his dragons differently.. would be somewhat pointless, I suppose.
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      Last months was a generic "Adventure" drawing, with no dedication to any one game.

      I believe the dragon for this month is the same.