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It was a REALLY GOOD Feign Death! (12/22)

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  • It was a REALLY GOOD Feign Death! (12/22)

    Please pardon me while I ramble on feeding you inane details about an event you could probably care less about.

    I would like to say up front, what you are about to read is EXACTLY the kind of thing I get emailed to me telling me what a great joke it would make. **rolls his eyes**

    I'm pretty sure it's situationally funny and no one will care.

    Welcome to my world.


    Vapid recounting as follows:

    Guildmates and I went on an LDoN adventure Friday. It was a 21 Collect in Mistemoore. And we knew we were losing the Paladin after about an hour.

    In my estimation, collect 21 in an hour is DEFINATELY doable.

    I was wrong. The comic you see is an actual discussion that happened after the Paladin had to go. **grins** Of course the other guy KNOWS I can't Feign Death. I think maybe he was trying to get me ... KILLED. **gasps dramatically**

    We still had 7 or so to collect too, and only a half hour to do it. So it wasn't going to be a cake walk.

    Well we did win. With about 5 minutes left. And it just so happened to be right when the servers started having problems Friday night. It was a full minute (maybe more) after we'd collected the 21st piece before we got the Ding! and notification that's we'd succeeded.

    We were fixing to Evac out to split when I got an urgent tell for an SOE staff member telling me not to zone. So I shouted out and the druid ducked immediately. **laughs** Was a very interesting circumstance.

    See, if we'd zoned, the game would have dumped us to desktop. So, we stayed in and got some exp, until the poor cleric, who was having to pacify pull, brought a full room.

    The guy in blue there died. So did the Cleric. One druid evacced, while the others of us booked for the zone. I hit the zone with 70%. I stood there looking at the zone line, waiting to either zone or get dumped from the game. Everything was hung up. I had no mouse control. But, I was still seeing text in the zone. The other guys were cursing because it didn't seem as though we were going to be allowed to zone.

    The game finally horked, and I bounced out to the chat room to wait.

    When I finally got back in... there I was at 30%. Apparently the mobs had been beating on me while I tried to zone. **shrugs**

    Just thought I share.


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    happens to me sometimes. | Real ID: email @ | Steam: ciarin7


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      LOL, loved it, this being my first day as a main tank/puller, you know i think they do need an actually ability that let's you Feign death, could be useful
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        Ha reminds me of a group tonight. I was in the outter cave camp in Plane of Valor with a necro in the group while on my monk. I made a bad pull and had 2. The pally tank bit the dust at which time one came after me and the other after the necro. I feigned, he died. The cleric who came to rez the pally didn't notice the necro was dead so didn't rez him before taking off. After sitting there a sec we realized that the necro hadn't been rezed. Being a smartass, I said 'Well guys, either the necro is still did or he did one hell of a FD.' Great timing for this comic for me
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          LOL, and not just IMM either!
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            I am very well aquainted with the art of, ah, 'feigning' death. It's so realistic, in fact, that a Cleric needs to be there to get me to un-'feign'...

            Makes me wonder what would happen if a warrior tried to feign-pull this way. Probably would work worse than expected.


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              Hehe Reminds me of a time in Lower Guk undead throne room when I was fighting with some guildmates. I had just gotten complete heal about five levels ago so I was still learning to time it.

              The main tank was a paladin from my guild, and I decided to CH him while fighting the lord.

              Poor Praetor actually fell unconcious on the ground and lay there for a moment before my CH kicked in and healed him to full. He had held off on Lay Hands since he trusted my timing
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                Any outing where the cleric lives can be considered a successful run of "group feign death." That's my take on these things. Of course, I always played a cleric. . . .
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                  When I used to play EQ, my guild had FD pullers and RD pullers, rd meaning real death =p We did it all the time.


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                    IFD (Improved Feign Death) is a natural rogue skill. We can train in it from level 1.


                    ... that's right isn't it? Don't tell me I've been dying for the last 65 levels? *blinkablink*



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                      Been there, done that I've had to pet pull a whole LDoN thanks to the monk going LD every 10 minutes. Thats always fun... Overpull... well you run up to where the pet is and try to nuke a few down before you die
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                        Woody the important thing is did you get to keep you XP and items from the LDON?

                        I thought it was funny if you had "been there" or not.
                        And most of us have been there.
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                          warrior FD is always funny 'specially when you hear "no problem, i can pull th-"
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                            Shortly after some of the PoP planes were opened to given levels instead of requiring a flag to enter, I decided to go give it a look with a group from my guild. We got slightly lost but found a nice place to pull critters by a stream. We killed a couple critters then found a fun one, a giant which was only partially slowable (wow! new concept!) and evidently killed our MT warrior in two hits! uh... waitaminute.. he's not dead, he's, uh, FD. A warrior. /blinkblink ... Turned out this giant procs FD, so the fight was kinda fun as agro bounced around a little.

                            So critters start repopping and we start re-killing then get back to the FD proc big ugly. We pull, start attacking, I land the partial slow -- and MT promptly goes LD. And we have no backup MT person, and we find out he summons too. Whee! I kept his attention for a little, having the slow aggro, but didn't last long; fortunately for me, at 4% health he procced FD on me, and you'd better bet I stayed down! I started yelling at the rest of the group to stay down if they got FD but no-one else managed it. About 5 minutes later, there's our MT logging back in in the middle of our pile of bodies, and I swear I saw him jump 4 feet as I said "Welcome back" from the middle of the pile, still FD.
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                              I'm reminded of the Skate Gnome feature, where he feigned death in a ticket line or something. That was awsome.

                              Everybody should read Skater Gnome!
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